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This is particularly important after rainstorms because they tend to blow a lot of mess and debris onto the deck. Pressure washing can actually damage your deck if done too much. Just as importantly, it sticks extremely well and won’t fall off in a few days like other tapes. Traction on slippery surfaces is a plus and a huge safety factor but the sand grit will grind into the decking and . Pressure washing your decking, the use of wood cleaners, gritted paint or tape offer only a short-term solution to the problem, and need to be repeated at regular intervals. I am thinking sand, but not sure if that will harm the paint that is on the stairs. Having an anti-slip deck installed means long-term peace of mind and an easy life; ideal if you don’t have time to scrape and scrub your decking every time it rains or snows. Moreover, they’re built to withstand many years of adverse weather conditions and won’t get damaged by sun, rain, or wind. Abrasive, non-slip decking strips are the more permanent solution, as they need to be screwed into the surface of your decking (this works best in decking with grooved boards, but check the dimensions and widths of all strips before you buy). Arnold Laver Co Ltd , Registered in England. Mix it together. No deck is safe from the perils of moisture and ice. To make your deck safe for walking again, you’ll need to remove that algae and mold. On my stairs, I added strips of non-slip tape to make sure that no one would slip on their way down the stairs and off the deck. Brush Away Fungus and Leaves The first port of call for stopping your decking from being (or becoming) slippery is to remove the most common substances that cause the surface to become slick. This will turn it into a hazardous mess, so it’s best to tackle this issue before it happens. One of my favorite mold, mildew, algae, and moss removers, is the Wet&Forget solution. Long wear, appearance and low maintenance are among the reasons … If your deck is built with pressure treated wood impregnated with a high-quality water-resistant stabilizer, that will help protect it from the harsh winter weather. Bear in mind, however, that you’ll need to wait for a clear, dry day to apply decking tape for best results, and you’ll need to remove any fungal growth and other debris before you apply it.Whichever you choose, anti slip decking tape and strips both create a safer, more grippable surface for you to walk on. Well, there are two approaches to preventing a slippery deck. Just make sure you get an even coating everywhere. It’s got a five-year warranty that guarantees your deck will stay waterproof for at least five years between coats. If this sounds like you and you don’t want to wait 30 minutes for the solution to take effect or you don’t want to sweep the algae off the deck with a broom, then you might try a power washer instead. This is an especially good option for those with existing decking that’s on its last legs, or those looking to install a brand new deck from scratch. Pressure washing will remove any protective coating currently keeping your deck protected, so it’s important to replace it if you want your deck to retain maximum longevity. While this might look great, it’s not the best choice when it comes to providing traction and grip. First, the debris of all kinds starts to fall onto your porch, blown by the wind from nearby trees, plants, and more. You’ll just pull off the amount you need and stick it onto the deck. 2. Whether your deck... 【Get Price】 ### Reduce Slip, Trip & Falls on and Synthetic Wood Decks. After applying your sealer or stain, you’ll simply add sand to it. Mats just lay on top of your decking and provide plenty of traction. Ice forms underneath the snow, so if you remove the snow, it’s much more difficult for ice to form in the first place. Next, you’re going to apply an additional coat of paint to your deck, but this time with no sand in it. Yes, the biggest problem of winter, heavy snow. Winter conditions, like snow and ice, also have the potential to damage decks. Even decks made of Western Red Cedar, one of the best performing wood species for outdoor applications, need occasional maintenance to keep them in top shape. These mats are a great temporary solution to get you safely through the winter months and, though they’re not the prettiest of options, they’re ideal for the colder seasons when you’re spending less time in the garden. Simply lay yourself a narrow walkway using the mats, which are designed to withstand all weather conditions, and then store them away for next year once the weather dries up again in the spring. When this happens, you’ll get water pooling and excess moisture that can lead to a slick deck surface in the near future. It’s extremely effective at killing and removing all algae, mold, and more. From the east coast to the Midwest, decks have accumulated much more than average snowfall. Protecting your Decking in the Slippery Winter Months Typically, over the winter months, temperatures are lower and a lack of sunlight allows algae to form on the surface of your decking. Well, the same works for your deck as well. Maybe you like the idea of making your own non-slip paint with sand, but you don’t want to paint your deck. I prefer the EdenProducts Heavy-Duty Anti-Slip Traction Tape. Share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter social channels and we’ll add them to this blog with a credit. Sign up for all the latest news, products and special offers : Garden Improvements: How to Add Value to Your Home. Painting or staining your deck can be a lot of work and it can completely change the looks of your deck. Painting your wooden deck with anti-slip coating will prevent water from penetrating into the wood and makes your cleaning more comfortable in the winter season. You can even add detergent or other cleaning solutions to your pressure washer to get even more out of it. When you see leaves and dirt building up, it’s a good idea to remove them and prevent the moisture buildup from occurring. Cuprinol 2.5 Litre Garden Shades. Once you move them, your deck is the same as it was before. This is best left for the major once or twice a year cleanings that will restore your deck to its former glory. Non-slip tape is a cheaper and much faster way to stop decking being slippery, but isn’t necessarily a long-term solution. The best decking paints. But no matter which solution you choose, they’re all going to make a big difference. So, let’s get started: The first port of call for stopping your decking from being (or becoming) slippery is to remove the most common substances that cause the surface to become slick. Your first instinct might be to hack at the ice with a metal shovel or lay down grit salt to melt it all away, but these will not be openly welcomed by your timber decking. Anti-slip decking is made with pre-treated timber that is resistant to fungal growth and insect attacks, and features built-in abrasive strip inserts that blend in with an attractive, natural look. Make sure this fits by entering your model number. Arnold Laver Co Ltd , Registered in England. Is Composite Decking Slippery in the Winter? Not everyone is up for the DIY approach of my first suggestion, so instead, you can opt for the store-bought solution that kills algae, mildew, and mold. And you can’t use salt to get rid of the ice because the salt will destroy your decking. With decks, it's best to shovel early and often to prevent ice buildup. It can dry up your deck, causing it to crack and split if the snow is heavy, then the cold water from the melted snow can cause the wood of your deck to shrink. These are similar to the mats used in restaurants to provide the non-slip surface they need in the kitchen where things can get very slick and slippery. To do the job, you’ll need to do a thorough cleaning of your entire deck once or twice each year. You can use any standard deck sealer or waterproof deck stain. Now we know exactly why the deck gets so slick. Once finished, allow it plenty of time to dry completely. Avoid using metal implements or anything sharp to scrape away the debris, as this can scratch and damage your timber further, which can lead to rotting. If you’ve been struggling with a slippery deck, trying to figure out how to make decking non slip, then I’ve got some excellent slippery deck solutions for you. Make sure to confirm that these self-adhesive strips are compatible with your decking material before use. Just apply it, let it work, then rinse it off and your deck will be free of the algae and mold that was making it slippery! Your deck will now have traction in all weather conditions. Is Trex decking slippery in winter? Make Less Slippery - Click Here. But you’ll have a pretty difficult time trying to cover an entire deck with an even coating of sand, especially when it’s wet and you can’t walk on it! If you have any extra tips on how to make decking non slip, we’d love to see. This will allow you to get an even spread. However, you won’t want to power wash your deck every time you sweep it. It was cost-effective, easy to install, and the results were great. Ask Your Own Home Improvement Question. However, I wouldn’t recommend jumping to this solution first all the time. Is Composite Decking Slippery in the Winter? Mould can make the deck slimy and slippery, which is a safety hazard. Just take the mold and mildew killer and spray or mop it onto your deck surface. Clean your Deck Annually This is perhaps the most important step in preventing a slippery deck surface. It’s also an inexpensive solution that does a lot of the work for you. I need something that is dog-safe to put on them to hopefully make them not so slippery. Mold, mildew, moss, pollen or algae growing on a wooden deck in the shade or in a moist climate can become slippery, posing a special risk to elderly homeowners or guests. Slippery Deck? Material: Other: Item Weight: 1.88 Pounds: Brand: ICE CARPET MAT: About this item This fits your . I like the Envelor Home and Garden Anti-Fatigue Commercial Rubber Mats. flakesmeangreen: What’s the safest ice control to use on wooden decks? After letting it sit, take a stiff-bristled broom and scrub down your deck, removing all of the algae and moss. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Click to see full answer. I’ve had good luck with several of these methods, but my favorite was adding sand to a deck paint. The INSL-X Sure Step is specifically meant for high-traffic areas like decks, porches, and stairs. Winter weather is typically wet, and wet timber is a breeding ground … To protect your decking and ensure it doesn’t get more damage from the elements, you’ll want to seal your deck once you’re finished removing the algae. Instead, it’s generally the stairs that are making the most issue, causing people to slip and fall. However, there’s still no 100% anti-slip composite decking. And I’ll try to respond to any comments or questions in the comments box below as quickly as I can. This will provide you with plenty of traction, even when your deck gets slick. Is composite decking anti-slip? What is the best anti slip decking paint? From non-slip coatings and paints to effective methods to clean algae off a wood deck, one of these methods is sure to be your slippery decking cure. We’ve also added a bonus option at the end for long-term slippery deck prevention. Don’t worry, I’ve got 11 solutions for you that will help to fix your slippery decking problems today. It’s dead-simple. Preventing & Treating a Slippery Deck | Installing a specially-designed anti-slip deck will eliminate the need for all of the above preventative measures. Some people prefer instant gratification. And this is a compounding problem. The process is essentially the same, minus the steps that involve mixing your solution. In the winter, however, this may no longer be the case. Slips and falls can be expensive! Once mixed, simply paint it onto your deck like you would apply any other paint. Slippery deck surfaces are sometimes caused by algae growth on wood and other organic surfaces. There are quite a few of these anti-skid strips on the market, but my favorites are the Grip Strip Black Treads They’re durable and will hold up for season after season of inclement weather conditions. Often the stairs leading up to a deck provide an emergency entrance and exit to the … But they all provide tons of traction that doesn’t diminish when they’re wet. As a result the decking can become slippery. Or maybe buying it from a store seems too expensive. Wooden steps descending from elevated decks to the ground level present the most significant slip risk. You can use a roller or brush and apply it to your deck the way you’d apply any other type of paint. All types of decking will get slippery when icy, but composite decking seems to worsen in winter than natural wood. One great way to prevent this from happening is by using a waterproof coating to cover your entire deck. All of that debris holds moisture, which it traps against the wood of your deck. When the weather gets really cold and the snow and ice set in, your decking can become a miniature ice rink overnight. If you prefer the look of stain or even just a natural wood finish, there’s still a way to create your own non-stick surface using sand and either a deck stain or sealer. That’s a lot of bang for your buck! Eugene has been a DIY enthusiast for most of his life and loves being creative while inspiring creativity in others. This includes dirt, pollen, leaves, and anything else that tends to build up on your deck. As mentioned, when the leaves and debris pile up, it holds moisture to the deck, which creates a breeding ground for the mold and algae that can make your deck so slick. If you have a little more time on your hands, you can apply various treatments to your decking timber to help prevent the surface from becoming slippery.
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