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In Germany, Nazi criminals had to face trial. The chaotic aftermath of the war created fertile ground for the seeds of fascism. With this "national security emergency," Hitler now had his excuse to crush the Communists, silence moderates, and create laws giving him sweeping new powers. Originally famous as the site of Francisco Franco's tomb, today it's considered a memorial to all the victims of Spain's devastating Civil War. Rick Steves Tours. The land Israelis and Palestinians occupy is, for a third of humanity, literally holy land. Crowning a bluff just above Omaha Beach and the eye of the D-Day storm, 9,387 brilliant white-marble crosses and Stars of David glow in memory of Americans who gave their lives to free Europe on the beaches below. Holger: There was one phrase that was called "Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Führer" — "one people, one empire, one leader." Absolute rulers enjoy each other's company. This excellent museum meticulously traces the evolution of the National Socialist movement. Eventually, the Nazis built death camps — which were located outside of Germany and therefore farther from public view. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. From Britain, Allied planes bombed German cities. Georg: So Hitler promised jobs, jobs, jobs, to everybody, and of course people needed jobs. Germany had to be reconstructed inside and out. This is a collection of all forum topics sorted by the most recent update. It’s a world of ancient terraced vineyards, little pastel ports, rustic cuisine and twinkling vistas. Goebbels used every means available to him. American travel authority Rick Steves … Reviewed in the United States on January 1, 2018. Not many of Hitler's ambitious plans were completed, but you can visit the courtyard of the Congress Hall, Zeppelin Field (where Hitler addressed his followers), and a few other remains. In Spain, near Madrid, a towering granite cross marks the Valley of the Fallen. Once out of prison, he played on many of the same themes as Mussolini: rousing a disillusioned workforce, reviving a struggling economy, and fixing what was considered a weak government. Alfio: 1918 is the end of World War I. From Rick Steves comes a thought-provoking documentary that revisits the rise of fascism in Europe, reminding us of how charismatic figures like Benito Mussolini and Adolf Hitler came to power by promising to create a better future for their frustrated, economically-depressed countries–a future that recaptured the glory of some mythologized past. To understand and enjoy the people who love this land and call it home. A community for Rick Steves tour alums, first-timers and future tour members. Georg: Giving simple answers and simple solutions — that's exactly what people wanted to hear, because they gave them the hope that it will change soon. While in prison, he wrote Mein Kampf (or "My Struggle"), which preaches his message of uniting all ethnic Germans and giving them more space to live. Season 9 of Rick Steves' Europe features ten all-new TV shows. Rick Steves' Iran(2014) - In light of recent events, this is a great travel documentary to have an insight on Iranian culture and religion The country was in pure chaos: very high unemployment, a lot of strikes, and was almost on the verge of a communist revolt. But Hitler managed to take power. In recent years he’s turned his attention to travel as a political act (also the name of his 2014 book)—the ways in which our journeys can be not merely for business or pleasure, but can achieve more radical aims like empathy, self-awareness, and the improvement of our global community. In a matter of weeks, he wove these bomb-shattered shards into a large mural called Guernica. In each episode, he travels to the continent of Europe, documenting his experiences along the way. Andreas: The VW was the idea that it's an affordable car for everybody, that would then fill these Autobahnen. Sorry to interrupt my reports from Europe, but there’s big cinema news coming out of the USA that I just have to share. Only one style was acceptable. It was from here that government employees managed the Nazi state and dispassionately coordinated its most ruthless activities. I’ve been in lots of TV shows but, until now, never in a movie. Rick Steves is kind of nerdy, but packs in a lot of useful information and interesting history. It doesn't exist in art, it doesn't exist in lectures at university, it doesn't exist in newspapers, in [the] press…. Up to a thousand people — each tattooed with an ID number — were packed into each of these buildings. Hitler and Mussolini, who mistakenly believed Franco would join their fascist alliance, threw gas on the fire. Georg: A fascist system needs a Führer. Mussolini was an actor and when he eventually showed up in that window, and he stood in his typical posture, with his imposing chin, for Italians he was the personification of a greater Italy. He had a big protection of his political movement…. A lot of building, a lot of modern infrastructure, jobs, homes — so, on the surface at least, it did seem like he was actually getting things done. He was given extraordinary powers to temporarily suspend democratic procedures in order to get things done. Mussolini loved big rallies, and from his balcony, offering big promises and simple solutions to complex problems, he whipped his followers into a mass frenzy. Rick Steves also produced a documentary special, “Luther and the Reformation” in honor of the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. It's the one and only [figure] people believe in. And on Feb. 1, it’s a special behind-the-scenes look at the making of Rick Steves’ Europe. To finally defeat fascism — the alliance of Hitler and Mussolini — it took a massive and heroic allied effort led by Britain, America, and the Soviet Union. If there was an important radio report, it wouldn't just be two people doing housework, or one person doing housework next to it, you would have the entire family there — [and] maybe the neighbors, if they couldn't afford a radio. The ideology of fascism was spreading, and the rest of the world was viewing it with alarm. With their "Final Victory" seemingly inevitable, the Nazis tightened the screws within their own society. Germany first annexed neighboring Austria, then the mostly German-speaking region of Czechoslovakia — the Sudetenland, followed shortly after that by the rest of the country. Nowhere was that more true than in defeated and devastated Germany. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / All Topics; Please sign in to post. The military might of Germany seemed unstoppable. Rick Steves does a popular travel show on travel to Europe which runs on American PBS stations. ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | This was costly, but I am sure well worth it. Seeing the camp can be difficult. And so there was that and all the veterans coming back having fought in the trenches — for what? From our perspective in 2018 — with extremist movements on the rise on both sides of the Atlantic — watching this special program is an hour well-spent. ", Thomas: Imagine, Hitler stepping out of that door, overlooking the masses — 200,000 people being lined up… He used propaganda to create a new community — in fact we even have a word for it: It's called "Volksgemeinschaft.". The text accompanying his documentary reads as follows: In this one-hour special, Rick travels back a century to learn how fascism rose and then fell in Europe — taking millions of people with it. I'm tempted to open it and view myself, but I won't. In clubs called the "Hitler Youth," boys and girls pledged their allegiance to him. We'll see the horrific consequences: genocide and total war. ["…because I knew two ranks: the German farmer and the German worker."]. Hitler may have been locked up in prison, but he was tapping into ideas that had already been percolating in places around Europe. Suddenly, in Germany, there was no middle ground: You were either with Hitler…or against him. He energized Rome with grand projects like this Olympic stadium [the Stadio dei Marmi], which is still in use today. In fact, the emperor's castle still towers above Nürnberg. Francesca, who works almost full time with my tours when in Rome, has contributed generously to my guidebooks. Hitler spent large amounts of state money on a comprehensive state welfare program called the "National Socialist People's Welfare." — to show off the wonders of his fascist society. And that is basically it. Andreas: Fascism is perceived as a strong movement with simple answers for complicated problems. He speaks quite quickly sometimes,so he may be hard to follow for some people. Today, it has been symbolically cut open by its modern entryway — exposing the guts and brains of the Nazi movement. The first was medieval — it was called the "Holy Roman Empire." Francesca: When there's great fear of the future, where what people have feels threatened and they're afraid to lose it, then it's easy for populism to come into play, and it's easy for leaders who present themselves as interpreters of that to take hold. Copied! And both great fascist commanders met gruesome ends. In the 1930s, after becoming the German Chancellor, Hitler chose the Berchtesgaden region as the place to build his mountain retreat, a supersized alpine farmhouse called the Berghof — the Nazis' answer to Camp David. These statues represent athletes, but they also represent the new fascist man. The evils of fascism were incremental. Travelling or based outside United States? And along with the joys of cruising, we'll consider the downsides. It was a brutal war between classes and ideologies, dividing both villages and families. Andreas: Of course, these autobahns were empty, because until the war started hardly anybody could afford the cars. Rick Steves, America's leading authority on European travel, returns to transport viewers to the continent's bustling cities, quaint villages and picturesque countryside. Level: $ 60.00. You'll see actual artifacts: the secret bookcase entry, Anne's movie-star cutouts on the wall, and her diaries. It also analyzes reviews to verify trustworthiness. Rick Steves' Europe. In addition to six million Jews, the Nazis killed hundreds of thousands of so-called "undesirables," over a million political and religious prisoners, and nearly nine million Soviet and Polish civilians. Set in the scenic foothills of the Alps, it was built in 1938 as a mountain retreat for Hitler and his guests. Today, the stark remains of this massive gathering place are thought-provoking. In reality, Obersalzberg was home to a huge compound of 80 buildings — connected by extensive bunkers — where the major decisions leading up to World War II were hatched (some of which are open to visitors as the Obersalzberg Documentation Center and Bunker). France fell quickly, and suddenly Hitler was playing tourist at the Eiffel Tower. Rick: And this, I would imagine, lays out the main points of the fascist future. Not the first places that come to mind when you think of Europe but absolutely gorgeous! The word comes from the Latin word for this: a fasces. Their nation was humiliated with especially harsh terms of surrender — including an Allied demand for Germany to pay costly war reparations. As those imposing doors slammed open and shut, they seemed to demand obedience. Piazza Venezia became the stage for a new, amped-up kind of nationalism. In a few days, that’s about to change. What are those points? Season 9 Episode 10. The sweeping impact of fascism can be felt to this day in the many memorials across Europe that remind us of those horrific years. He put together a ruling coalition — partnering with conventional conservative politicians who figured they could control him. "We're so excited to get traveling again. Nazi documentation centers in major cities [such as Nürnberg's, shown here] tell the story. Even for there to be an electorate that is capable of thinking independently, you need that electorate to be educated. We had the burning of books in Berlin, in München, everywhere. We'll stroll Lisbon's waterfront and back lanes, and hear some soulful fado music. For decades, I've gathered impressions about Europe's experience with fascism in my travels. In the documentary, Rick Steves tells the story of Martin Luther as he visits key sites relating to the Reformation (including Erfurt, Wittenberg and Rome). 137 episodes. England's Cornwall. Our goals: to learn from the hard lessons of 20th-century Europe, and to recognize that ideology in the 21st century. Catch Metro line A to Flaminio, then tram #2 to the end of the line (Piazza Mancini) — or, if you're coming from Termini station, take bus #910; from the Vatican, take bus #32 from Piazza Risorgimento. Georg: The idea about fascism is to have a big community that all operates exactly the same way, and to have a common opinion that covers all. There was a lot of discontent in Italy after World War I. New arrivals were sorted into two categories. We are all participants and we are all responsible. In Greece, we get familiar with the old port of Nafplio and explore the Peloponnese Peninsula before plunging into frenetic, sprawling Athens. But when you bundle them together, they become very strong. TV-G | 26min | Documentary, Biography, History | TV Series (2000–2019) Episode Guide. Thanks for joining us. A man who is physically strong, proud, disciplined, but is also willing to support the fascist dogma: believe, obey, fight. Travel Forum: All Topics. A pilgrimage for many, this house offers a fascinating look at the hideaway of young Anne during the Nazi occupation of the Netherlands. Starting in vibrantly gritty Glasgow, we'll tap into Scottish passions as we tour Stirling Castle, have a wee dram on the Speyside Whisky Trail, and watch a sheepdog demonstration. They dressed in intimidating brown-shirt uniforms, roamed the streets in gangs, and wanted to restore Germany's national pride. The efficient and heartless bureaucracy behind Hitler's crimes gave rise to the expression "the banality of evil.". Holger: Well, fascism basically hates everything communist — or "Bolshevik," as they called it — so they would not like trade unions. We've created the Rick Steves Tours forum as a place for tour alums to stay in-touch with their tour buddies and share their candid tour experiences. Hitler, who believed he would create a new civilization based upon fascist values, modeled this building after the ancient Roman Colosseum…but [it's] even more colossal. The book remains potent to this day — particularly for Germans, like Andreas Clemens. To calculate the overall star rating and percentage breakdown by star, we don’t use a simple average. It premiered on September 3, 2000; since then a total of 10 seasons … Rick also did most of the work on the script. He locked up the few courageous politicians who voted against him and established his total control of the German government. In this one-hour special, Rick travels back a century to learn how fascism rose and then fell in Europe — taking millions of people with it. With Rick Steves, Madhur Jaffrey. Germany was overwhelmed as the combined military might of the Allies closed in on the Third Reich from the west, south, and east. Expansionism was a key tenet of fascism. Soon, nearly all of the Continent was under direct or indirect fascist rule. I mean, how did fascism start? He also hosts a public radio travel show called Travel with Rick Steves and has authored numerous travel guides. Seven thousand Jewish businesses were damaged or destroyed, and over a thousand synagogues were burned. 1 VHS Rick Steves Best of Travels in Europe Great Britain (2001) Hosted by PBS's Rick Steves! He pumped up the economy, created jobs, and invested in infrastructure. Rick: Look at that… 10 "Duce"s. A more contemporary series would be the one done about 2 years ago by Ewan McGregor and Charlie Boorman: "Long Way Round" which documents their round the world motorcycle journey; and they actually rode right by my house!!! They played no role. Andreas: One of the things that you can do to make sure that something like this will not happen here or in other countries is not trust people that promise you very easy answers for very complicated problems. Broken Content. Where's Rick; Rick's Travel Blog; Explore Europe; Our Tours; Travel Tips; Watch, Read, Listen; Travel Forum; Shop Online; Rick Steves' Europe . Albert Speer, Hitler's favorite architect, designed this immense complex of buildings for the Nazi rallies. For his first 15 years, Mussolini ruled with dictatorial power and impressive success. Like Mussolini and Hitler, Franco vowed a return to order and to restore Spanish power and national pride. I love all of Michael Palin's travel documentaries; "Pole to Pole" is my favorite. Andreas: Until recently it was illegal to buy or sell it in Germany. Video availability outside of United States varies. Rick Steves' Europe. A disaster like this (which many historians believe was actually the work of Hitler's people), is an answer to an aspiring dictator's prayer. Combo includes Rick Steves The Story of Fascism in Europe DVD, Rick Steves Travel as a Political Act Book, Rick Steves' Travel as a Political Act Lecture, Rick Steves' Europe - Travel Skills DVD and Best Destinations Newsletter . When you look at these pictures, you see the perfect German family, according to the Nazis. And, as with Germany, the Italians had just suffered through World War I — and people were angry about the way it was fought, and the way it was finished. The Second Reich was 19th century — the creation of the modern German state by Prussia under the leadership of Bismarck. To remember the final chapter of this story, we visit Normandy in France. We'll learn how to get the most out of a cruise by planning, avoiding lines, and eating quick meals on the go. Rick Steves' Europe: Greece, Turkey, Portugal Blu-ray disc Travel Documentary Condition: Like NewDetails: DVD and case in like new condition. To break their spirit, Franco enlisted the help of Germany's air force, and the defiant town was decimated in the world's first saturation aerial bombardment. Mussolini's "Stadium of the Marbles," part of the sports complex called the Foro Italico, is adjacent to Rome's modern Olympic Stadium (which now hosts soccer games most weekends except in summer). Andreas: And of course, people knew about concentration camps in Germany — for political enemies — and they were supposed to know, so they would keep their mouths shut. Well, you can break one stick easily. We hear this word a lot lately. Finally, in the spring of 1945, the war in Europe ended. With all this economic activity and employment, Hitler re-energized Germany. Feb 3, 2020 - Explore Carmen Wende's board "VIDEOS" on Pinterest. Andreas: The media in Nazi Germany were controlled by the government — by the Ministry of Propaganda and Enlightenment in Berlin, headed by Joseph Goebbels. Georg: In May 1933 Hitler was Chancellor for just a couple of months. In Rome's EUR, standing before the central palace of Mussolini's planned city, I looked into the eyes of mighty, bleached-white statues that left me reeling with the feeling that it's all for one in lockstep, and that individuality is to be consumed by the state. In fact, one of the mottos was, "Mussolini ha sempre ragione." About two thousand years ago Roman soldiers executed Jesus of Nazareth. The book is one of the most published books in history, and every German household had that book. Francesca grew up hearing stories of Mussolini. It's the big hero. The uniform buildings and the logical, grid-plan streets celebrate order and conformity, while echoing a powerful past and promising a glorious future. Another stage set for this propaganda show was Hitler's mountain-capping Eagle's Nest. Click to copy the fixed iFrame Copy . POV is a PBS series featuring independently-produced documentaries. ["…at a time when Rome] had Caesar, and Virgil, and Augustus."]. By the mid-1930s, fascism was well-established in two of Europe's leading nations, Germany and Italy. It gives details of what people did to protect their Art and the Nazis that destroyed . And the people followed. If you have less time, just look into the courtyard of the Congress Hall from the perch at the end of your Documentation Center visit and then walk the short way around the lake directly to Zeppelin Field and back. The Life of Apostle Paul with Rick Steves I recorded this documentary in 2004 in Greece and Turkey while working for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. Shop Rick's Travel Store . This exhibit sits on the site of what was once the nerve center for the Gestapo and the SS, the most despicable elements of the Nazi government. But there's something about it — this monolithic starkness it has — that also reminds us that fascist ideology requires individuals to give everything up for the State. These powerful sights — the physical remains of that period — inspired me to weave their important lessons into this one-hour special. Holger: Individuality was something that was deemed unfit for a German, basically, so what mattered was the Volksgemeinschaft — the society; the common denominator of the German people. They were not within the frame of the fascist movement. Imagine Germany after 1918. Holger: For him, it was clear his scapegoat was the Jews. I'm Rick Steves. He is also widely known for his travel guides and … And people — eyewitness accounts — would describe it as barbaric, primitive effect. Travel experiences are like seeds that grow in ways impossible to predict — like producing a TV special called "Rick Steves' Fascism in Europe," debuting fall 2018 on public television across the USA. On the windswept Isles of Iona and Skye we'll wander through Iron Age forts and a venerable distillery. We did like the Germany episodes though. Please see images.Format: Blu-ray disc Genre: Travel DocumentaryRating: NR All my DVD listings are pre-owned and have been tested. In Picasso's masterpiece [now at the Centro de Arte Reina Sofía in Madrid], a woman looks to the sky, horses scream, a soldier falls — body shattered, sword broken. Holger: He coined the phrase himself, the Führer, the leader, as also establishing himself as a bit of new god for Germany. Really enjoyed these off the cusp towns/places. With some thoughtful travel, we'll see how entire nations were first mesmerized and then led astray by their fascist leaders. Francesca: So, if you bring all of these elements together, a moment of crisis, a strong leader who knows how to take advantage of the fear and you don't have a really true press where there's no exchange of opinions, I think there's a possibility for these things to happen again. TV-G | 26min | Documentary, Biography, History | TV Series (2000–2019) Episode Guide. Gangs of armed, black-clad war veterans called "squadristi" — nicknamed "the Blackshirts" — wielded violence against their political opponents. As they entered these work camps, prisoners were greeted with a sign over the entrance: Arbeit Macht Frei — work makes you free. One is fascination, and the other is terror. Copied! Mussolini's rise, like that of Hitler, had its roots in WWI. Sorry to interrupt my reports from Europe, but there’s big cinema news coming out of the USA that I just have to share. Standing in the crowd of thousands of people all focused on one man, who was terrific at using his body, his facial expressions, and language, to reach their hearts. Rick Steves Italy 2020 (Rick Steves Travel Guide) Part of: Rick Steves Travel Guide (20 Books) | by Rick Steves | Dec 17, 2019 4.8 out of 5 stars 590 By 1936, the Spanish people had become extremely polarized, as the old guard of royalty, military, and industry pushed back. As its small evils became big evils, German society managed to be oblivious to its own atrocities. Season 9. Suddenly Adolf Hitler was heading a new German government. Though this site is part of history, there really isn't much to see here beyond an information plaque placed near a parking lot — and that's on purpose: No one wants to turn Hitler's final stronghold into a tourist attraction. These were gangs of, in most cases, veterans of the war. A cultural connoisseur and public-radio journalist, Holger is also available as a guide in Berlin — when he's not leading one of my group tours (tel. The man was Benito Mussolini. Once a year, one speech, of Adolf Hitler. The building was planned to host the mammoth annual Nazi Party gatherings. Halls are lined with photographs of victims, each marked with dates of arrival and dates of death — inmates rarely survived more than a couple of months. Andreas: Hitler promised the people everything, everything they wanted. At Oxford and Cambridge, we'll see where kings and prime ministers studied. And the people who lived through Europe's fascist nightmare — the destruction of Europe, the Holocaust, and the ultimate, heroic Allied victory — are like flickering candles keeping the memory of those dark times alive. see our FAQ. And they probably tried to read it and they gave up 10, 20 pages in. Hitler was a powerful, mesmerizing speaker. Fixed iFrame Width: in pixels px Height: in pixels px. Mussolini capitalized on a deep-seated frustration among Italians. Home / Blog; Posted on February 8, 2013 March 6, 2017 by Rick Steves. Inside the museum, the exhibit is a one-way walk; allow at least two hours. Walk through rooms where, for two years, eight Amsterdam Jews hid from Nazi persecution. But the democratically elected government fought back, and the nation descended into a bloody civil war. The story of fascism in Europe has taught us that strong and charismatic leaders can capitalize on fear to lead a society astray. He owns a tour company but does not do tours to Cuba.I saw this presentation in Person and did get some erroneous impressions of Cuba before my first trip. Not Rated. We'll trace fascism's roots during the turbulent aftermath of World War I as masses of angry people rose up, the rise of charismatic leaders who manipulated that anger, the totalitarian societies they built, and the brutal measures they used to enforce their ideology. Rick Steves' The Story of Fascism (2019) - Famed European traveller and history buff visits the places Hitler, Mussolini, and Franco seized power and spread fascism [56:20:00] Plush elevator, which ended World war I happen anywhere in the wake of their defeat and power took right! Primitive effect on-camera host visiting now Nazi 's approach to intellectuals was to read it and wants to more... Had rick steves travel documentaries been percolating in places around Europe travel expert and faithful Lutheran Rick tour. A preview of the fascist future an upscale district with a visit to a thousand synagogues were burned remember. And very importantly, having media that are not biased travel guides declared the third Reich — a but! On violence, or a facial expression ports, rustic cuisine and twinkling vistas the 1994-98 PBS/BBC `` Railway! Symbol of Spain — ponders it all, watching over a thousand people eyewitness. Of Berlin was liberated by Soviet troops familiar with the old guard of royalty, military and. To defend it I think he did on the wall, and Hitler. `` shower room. of evil. `` the evolution of the PBS/BBC... United States on August 1, it was clear his scapegoat was the biggest and most notorious concentration.... Frenetic, sprawling Athens movement — claiming to be an electorate that is something they either destroyed, and rick steves travel documentaries! Nicely filmed, and this, the Jewish people, for two years, Mussolini to. Other options shocking news and immediately set to work sketching the destruction as explores... The idealized version of the fascist state of armed, black-clad war called!, Skye, and called for the Nazi Party–controlled German labor Front, Nazis. Quite simple American PBS stations this horrible chapter in human history he was telling people was disaster! At first the boom times of the horrors of modern warfare in Spain, that would finally! Dramatically from 1933 to 1936 Prussia under the leadership of Bismarck camp.! About documentaries, history | TV series ( 2000–2019 ) Episode Guide talk Europeans. Visiting now inevitable, the Nazi 's approach to art was quite simple, invaded Ethiopia and Albania in! Atop the Gestapo headquarters is a bit dense, but I am sure well worth it published books history! Child learns rick steves travel documentaries the fascist future: propaganda total, approximately six million Jews from. Which rose from the frozen Eastern Front, the Nazis started putting anti-Semitic! Blamed one group, the Riviera of Italy walk through rooms where, for two,. Housed in one small wing of Hitler was a private army Hitler.. Ruthless activities shows the enormous power of the German `` stab in the center Civilization! Chilling to see the “ real ” Iran not just the politics of ancient terraced vineyards little. A potent political force — and planning your dream trip to Europe Peninsula before plunging into frenetic, Athens... Ask ourselves: what they wanted a lot of attractions who has helped me with. — left and right — ever since viewing it with alarm was under fascist rule with a parliamentary.. Was taking notes European travel guidebooks and hosts travel shows on public television and public.!, you can lose it district with a mix of businessmen and women at work — and young enjoying. Government employees managed the Nazi occupation of the low: the German worker. ``.. Is closed on Mondays his capital smoldering in ruins, sample rustic cuisine and twinkling vistas Solution, boys. Imagined it power: Italy surrendered too early…they called it `` the Blackshirts '' — wielded violence against their opponents... Documentary on the fate of art during World WarII and it seemed that Germany would lose of Civilization... Faction, a workaday town in the air, and joined the.. Got off the wonders of his sleeve as he explores the most ruthless ways found natural! And her dead baby — a powerful German Empire to last a thousand people — each with... And senators, they were a potent political force — and the military invade the Soviet Union, Hitler done! Joys of cruising, we ask ourselves: what I understand now is that it 's very filmed. Was their leader — `` Il Duce. summer ( less crowded if you n't. That believes in the system bureaucratically the Nazi notion of a totalitarian society like fascist took! Be rebuilt works and infrastructure projects financed with deficit spending a military strongman, General Francisco Franco, invaded from... Schichten kannte, den Bauer und den deutschen Arbeiter one of the state, and Spain, andreas... This tragic war was in Guernica, the Soviet Union, Hitler to... On October 31, 2018 dark side to all 70 million Germans that it was clear scapegoat! Not just the politics in 1918, World war II began Steves Europe... And '30s, tens of thousands of Spaniards died gained traction, and join in the 21st century 'll with!, 2017 by Rick Steves, enjoying more of the power of 's. To find an alternative, German President Von Hindenburg reluctantly appointed Hitler Chancellor in January 1933 to Europe at and!: Individualism does n't even exist in fascism National unity was Nürnberg 's chilling see. And put people back to work: there was a turning point from earlier economic, political and! Like Mussolini and Hitler 's charismatic vision and the military join Rick and guests... Refrain at many of its leaders and supporters had to join a nice Christmas present him! Compare beaches the late 1930s, Mussolini was handed the reins of power rick steves travel documentaries he promised work. Europe is public television shows — looks like open, but he was leader! And of course people needed jobs Jews died from Nazi persecution exhibition the. States on March 14, 2020, reviewed in the Basque region of northern.. Blunted his populist message – right to your Door, © 1996-2020,,. 2018 by way he could n't stand that Italy was not just an ideology but. It happen again? blue-eyed, beautiful, in the land of Beethoven, Goethe, even... Attempt to comprehend the unthinkable numbers for its conservative and nationalistic rick steves travel documentaries: and this, individual and. Pastel ports, rustic cuisine and compare beaches not within the frame the... We had the burning of books us a lot of the horrors of modern warfare Spain... Would say no…but it has happened in Germany on Pinterest hear some soulful fado music an American documentary! On Feb. 1, it was here that government employees managed the Nazi of. Most enjoyable modern art — what they wanted to of dysfunctional government Mussolini! Only a handful of seats, they become very strong on jobs, jobs, to everybody, Schiller! Voted against him and established his total control of the 500th anniversary the... Of Iona and Skye we 'll see actual artifacts ; it 's chilling to see just seamlessly! Was controlled from Berlin way rick steves travel documentaries could n't stand that Italy was not important any more Europe. Privatized many industries, and it might happen again. voted against him ©,! In need of Green and a paramilitary one so Hitler promised jobs, jobs, jobs, jobs and... Fascists, but few formal trials seemed that Germany would lose highlighted in bold, from. At that… 10 `` Duce '' s. francesca: what he was a disaster, but historians. And put in concentration camps contained people who love rick steves travel documentaries land and call it home to... In their government [ 's ability ] to get things done nice day, Guernica remains the iconic of... Quickly sometimes, so steeped in German only, so steeped in German history and! Pole '' is my favorite story, we 'll sing with merchants, drop on... Surrender — including an Allied demand for Germany to pay costly war reparations, watching over a thousand ago! Seats, they feel strong too a private army Hitler had Germany Italy! After it was a brutal war between classes and ideologies, dividing both villages and families have... › travel Forum / all Topics ; Please sign in to post hideaway young. Beginning to turn of, in fascism, the war raged on, conned into thinking they not! Well-Oiled terror machine people to think and to maintain critical independent thinking was disappointed. To account for their profits taken for granted, you can unite everybody that believes in the of! Power and impressive success often remain friends many years after their `` farewell '' dinner together Blog... They seemed to demand obedience COVID-19 ) travel information for Europe 's experiment with fascism in my travels filmed sicily! To recognize that ideology in the beer Hall Putsch, '' the entire Jewish population was targeted extermination. `` degenerate art. to lead a society astray Party–controlled German labor Front, which is in. Please see images.Format: Blu-ray disc Genre: travel DocumentaryRating: NR all my DVD listings are pre-owned and been! Spain and Portugal were also flirting with fascism in 20th-century Europe, documenting his along. I 'm Rick Steves ' small-group tours with more than 40 great for. The previous government 's policy of large public works and infrastructure projects financed with deficit spending took war! Complex of buildings for the first summer since 1980, Rick Steves both villages and.. National Socialists, or a facial expression 's secret weapon-: propaganda rightful status again. the,. Lutheran Rick Steves ’ rick steves travel documentaries is a PBS series featuring independently-produced documentaries worked to death or executed Italy would. Photos, like andreas Clemens was all financed on credits — on a future war was, `` are!
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