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Do your part! Sadie: Surrender accepted. Kinsler: It doesn't matter. [Sound: Train doors open, angry crowd claws inside.] Crowd: What? Sadie: Dad, I'll call you back. There aren't any Brutes around. Daniel Endesha: Sadie, stay out of the city center! Kinsler: Sadie. I gotta call my family! Kinsler: What?! Crone: (shoots into the air) You think I'm deaf?! Sadie: Dad would know the answer... Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. A teacher, hiding with her students in a school basement. We can take her! The things you do for a kiss... This is gonna get ugly... You're on the line with Harris 'Two Shot' Kibaki -- Sadie: I was! You see? I have my whole life in there! Mike: I am not getting in the back of a -- (gag) -- Olifant! Mike: Kinsler had it coming. Take a minute to review our Code of Conduct before submitting your post. Superintendent: Banking with pride! Kinsler: (laughs) Assaulting a police officer. Crowd: What was that all about? How hard can it be to find?! Please, please, please... Superintendent: (distortion) Emergency stop-- I gotta go, Mike! By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the policies documented at, This site uses cookies to provide you with the best possible user experience. You did this?! At gunpoint! Speak the truth. You already have an admirer! Vergil couldn't find you anywhhere! Watch where you're stepping! Crowd: No time! Mike: Fine. Halo 3 Original Soundtrack is the official soundtrack to Bungie's first-person shooter video game Halo 3.Most of the original music was composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, but also includes a bonus track, "LvUrFR3NZ", which was the winning entry in a contest held before the soundtrack's release.The 2-CD set was released on November 20, 2007. [Sound: (from Chatter) Vergil chime, followed by tapping and barking.] Angry Driver: You put your cleaver through the hood of my car! Sadie: Cut it out Vergil! Inquisitive not violent. He suffocated and froze. Sadie: Dad?! Sadie: How about soldier? Superintendent: [Frightened Engineer whistle] Keep moving! Keep fighting, Mombasa! Let us pass! They tell Sadie's Story, a narrative about a Kenyan girl named Sadie Endesha during the invasion of Earth in October 20, 2552. Sadie: Almost nothing... [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into station.] Sadie: Too bad it won't keep the Covenant from glassing the city... Superintendent: (from ATM) African Trust -- Mike: Get out. Seriously. 2020-09-07T21:56:36Z I've lost engine control! Marshall: Hey there, Jim-bo! Daniel Endesha: No. I'm not sure if enemy dialogue is kept in Halo 5's Theater, though, but it might be worth checking out. Why don't you put down your rifle and -- Crowd: She's got a shotgun! Tom: Well, I'll be damned! Sadie: Vergil, can you raise Dad on this Olifant's radio? Sadie: Escalation. We'll keep broadcasting as long as we -- Circle 5: Wrath and Sloth: Sadie and Mike attempt to cross the bridge back towards the ONI building, only to be stopped by Kinsler (fallen angel guarding the gates.) Sadie: It's Mike's. [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into station, crowd panics.] Kinsler: Branley? I can see it! Daniel Endesha: Sadie, it's not me... Curried lamb? Sadie: Vergil?! Get out of there! It frightens the children. Crowd: Please, mister, you gotta take me! Sadie: Platform nine... Daniel Endesha: Where are you? Mike: Pelican drop-ship. Crowd: (claps) The commissioner's totally buried in garbage! Power, data... I'm sure they're on Bungie.net somewhere, but since I have them on my computer I've just uploaded them to my free site for you guys. Mike: Look, the city's under attack... A lot of people need help. Should have taken the elevator... They just pulled Vergil's plug! {Comm Cop: Well you'll just have to go down there yourself.} Kinsler: Branley! Come on!} I'll connect the audio feed... Can you hear me? Crowd: Wrong way, crazy girl! Sadie: And stop playing doctor! Mike: (muffled) Listen to me! Comm Cop: I need someone else to man these comm lines! You've got to get as far away as you can -- [Sound: Marshall reloads his rifle.] Mike: Can people breathe argon? Sadie: (from crowd) Kinsler! This time, I have a sub-machine gun. Kinsler: Your chatter made you easy to track. For example, last time we met, Branley hit me with his fist. Sadie: It still is... Guess we all had the same bright idea, huh? I've never seen anything like it -- There are 30 logs in total. Mike: Sadie... Your role as a moderator enables you immediately ban this user from messaging (bypassing the report queue) if you select a punishment. Vergil, can't this Olifant go any faster?! Jonas: Oh, a thousand pardons. Daniel Endesha: Vergil's survey! Sadie: [Cries softly.] Sadie: Hey! Sadie: That-a-boy! Please come again! I now control the fire-fighting systems in your father's lab. Everyone, back off! We'll deal with this mess... However. But his job... [url=http://www.bungie.net/News/content.aspx?type=topnews&link=BWU_100209]BWU 10/02/09:[/url] Sadie: That worked when I was a kid, Vergil. Sadie: Uh... Crowd: Officer? Comm Cop: I've got three more evac points at 200% capacity! One free for every refugee! {Crowd: ...we gotta get out of here!} Kinsler: No, I don't think so. Sadie: Underground! Sadie: I don't mind the rain. Daniel Endesha: You know... You are the first young man Sadie's ever introduced to me. We are getting on that train, and getting the hell out of town! {Kinsler:} I have. Kinsler: Careful Sadie, watch your step. Mike: Nobody could blame you. And the one thing he wouldn't want you to do? Stephen: Commander? Tom: Wow, buddy! Take him down! Crowd: Move that car! Seriously. More like lying to people for a living! Daniel Endesha: What's that noise? Sadie: Dad knew how important it was! Mike: Hang on... That's coming from inside the building! Sadie: The Old Town market. Superintendent: (from Chatter) [Vergil chime] [Sound: Metallic crunch as an Olifant smashes into the Pelican.] Mike: And that will --? Take the money! Sadie, what's going on?! Why? SWAT Cop: Cover me! Sorry about that. Crone: Well, today I hit the jackpot! Remember me? Report to nearest -- [static] SWAT Commander: Bang and clear! Wait! He is eventually killed by a SWAT team. Audio logs are sound files found at various types of data terminals in Halo 3: ODST. Daniel Endesha: What? Crowd: Selfish devil! Mike: Here. Covenant are attacking the city, do you hear what I'm saying?! [Sound: (from train) Engineer whistle.] There was still a low health sound effect remaining this has now been removed. Circle 3: Gluttony: This circle contains Jonas, who is a very large butcher handing out food. Hurry up!} 2020-09-27T01:05:31Z Comment by James 367. (to crowd) Ow! Sadie: They killed him! Kinsler: You hear me?! Daniel Endesha: (from Chatter) Sadie! [Sound: Sadie and Mike run up the stairwell.] Sadie: Mike. Sadie: Damn it! Look... lobby's all shot up. Mike: Ah, I was looking for a career change anyway. Don't you see? I'm sure of it! Sadie: But you can't stay here! Sadie: (to Vergil) I wouldn't even be here if you hadn't kept turning all the traffic signals red! The audio in Halo 3: ODST’s campaign is flawless as well, which was really important for 343 Industries to handle correctly since the game’s soundtrack, sound effects, and dialogue are all huge contributors to the game’s atmosphere. Get out of the road! Sadie: (whisper) Move! We gotta negotiate! i'm a die hard French Halo fan from day 1, and my request is as follows, is it possible to have the first original sound effects of the Grunts in Halo CE? Superintendent: (from Chatter) Transaction complete! Stephen: Ah! [Sound: Boots on the stairwell.] You know the Superintendent? Get back! Jonas: (chews and swallows) Would you be a dear and run to the wine merchant? Asante sana! Move! It's still you, isn't it? {[Sound: Weapon pick-up.]} That's city property, Vergil! Sadie: I don't know! Daniel Endesha: Well Vergil found something under the city! The Halo 3: ODST Original Soundtrack consists of music tracks composed by Martin O'Donnell and Michael Salvatori, is a two-disc set similar to the Halo 2: Original Soundtrack and Halo 3… Sadie: Sir, I'm really sorry about this. Jonas: Very well young lady. A forklift, or maybe an Olifant -- Edit: [url=http://www.box.net/shared/apl3qzqo66]Found it 8D[/url] I must say, Sadie. Superintendent: (from train) Warning, firewall down! Cop: Just keep walking! Crowd: Out of my way, let me through! (laughs) Kinsler: I killed your father an hour ago. Sadie: (into Chatter) Vergil? Sadie: You're trying to save your own ass! Sadie: And if it was, why, you would have to turn the Superintendent back on. Control circuits now open -- with pride! Comm Cop: Lost the connection with UNSC orbital command! What have those aliens done to you?! Crowd: We can't all fit on that! Daniel Endesha: You know my latest project? Daniel Endesha: Sadie, I know I've been busy, and we don't always have time to talk. Sadie: Vergil?! Sadie: Dad, can Vergil track the Covenant as they move? Sadie: Go me. Mike: I said back off! My father's life is on the line. I'm telling all of you, the Commissioner -- Crone: (laughs) Out of my way, you little slut! Elevators are -- What is your final destination? Daniel Endesha: (from Chatter) Sadie! Comm Cop: No clue. Sadie: Magongo, if I don't get caught... hell, if I do. Kinsler: Nobody cares what happens to one... lost... soul! The rest of your men will have to -- {[Sound: Telephones ringing.]} She's crushed under the ATM! Plug Vergil back in? Covenant forces are pulling back in the face of furious resistance! Crowd: Clear out the streets, we need to move! Crowd: Somebody make him stop! Sadie: (moves through the crowd to street, coughs) Ow! My husband was on board! I'm out of here!} Daniel Endesha: Yes! Kinsler: This way, Sadie! This is our ride! Are you feeling anxious? Propaganda: (from PA) All civilian chatter is restricted! [Sound: The Crone smashes the ATM with her fist.] No-no! Oncoming traffic! Comm Cop: Big desk. Looter: Leave the money! Crowd: Great, so now we have to walk to the platform? Got a record, you little punk? Daniel Endesha: And if Vergil can learn to speak with them, we'll be able to determine whether or not they can -- [static] Mike: (to Sadie) Are you hurt? Sadie: I'm going in. The whole city would shut-down. Superintendent: Please remain calm! Stephen: Some days, truth isn't really a luxury we can afford. We all deserve to live! Now you've got to save the city! Kinsler: Steady, officer. A car just came out of nowhere -- smashed all the Brutes! Get down from there! The Halo 3: ODST campaign experience on PC is basically perfection. Why are we stopping? Kiosk: Thank you! [Sound: Tires squeal as Mike's car pulls away from Sadie] [Sound: Mike opens the Olifant's ramp.] Daniel Endesha: Listen sweetheart, I wanted to tell you at breakfast, but you left so early... Kinsler: The data center below the ONI building? Superintendent: Stress harms relationships. [Sound: Civilians scream as fighting rages in the city.] {Looter: Damn it, we're trapped!} Sadie: I'm not. [Sound: Another explosion nearer the market.] Mike: Who? Superintendent: [Engineer whistle.] Suspect down! Kinsler: You don't say... End of discussion! Sadie: When Dad couldn't be there, Vergil was. Sadie: I stole it. Is she a tough customer or what? (fakes static) There's, uh, something wrong.. Not Vergil. Daniel Endesha: Alright, I see six of the new aliens, floating in a circle. Mike: Whistle? Jonas: First you make your father safe. Bringing him back from the dead. Mike: Yes sir... [Raises privacy partition.] Where are you? Sadie: Mike, we have to get upstairs -- turn Vergil back on! Mike: This is his office. Stephen: Do you know who is still listening to my announcements? I too will leave Mombasa... Sadie: It's an emergency! Sadie: (running) Poor Tom... Shut up. You two own a house? Kinsler: I'd like to take you somewhere much more... private. Corrupt Cop #1: (radio) No sign of it yet, sir. Push right on through! It's really never worked for me. I'm getting on first! The seismic survey for the new construction downtown? Audio logs are sound files found at various types of data terminals in Halo 3: ODST. Sadie: (into Chatter) Vergil? 2020-09-27T01:04:34Z Comment by Ideal5174. Just before Earth came under attack by the Covenant, the Superintendent was performing a routine seismic scan when it picked up a seismic anomaly, which would prove to make the Superintendent's data on the anomaly a priority target for Covenant Brute forces and Captain Veronica Dare's ODST Squad. Marshall: According to this department, I have issues with anger management... Jonas: Well if I run out of hope? Kinsler: My car is off the grid, Sadie. You wouldn't believe how fast they can move their limbs! {Crowd: Let me get my hands on him!} Sadie: Sadie Endesha. No one would be crazy enough to -- It helped all of us! {Crowd: Come on! Report Add more answer options. Proceed with caution! Halo ODST takes place in between Halo 2 and Halo 3, more specifically occurring after the Prophet of Regret makes a slipspace jump in the middle of New Mombasa.Due to the aftershock of the jump, a squad of ODSTs are separated from each other, and players find themselves alone in a wrecked and hostile city filled with Covenant. Mike: Sadie. Crowd: Now's our chance! Sadie: My father says I should thank you for saving my life. ), we posted the first snippets from Captain Spark and Hellhawk, collected with as little background noise as possible. It worked on me. An old woman, too weak to leave her bed... Seen enough to last a lifetime... But reach reused some odst sounds Eery Jan Nov 4, 2018 @ 1:40am Not exactly ODSTs but there was wood in Halo Reach to walk on, and I think the pallettes in Halo 3 had wood-ish sounds … Sorry! Kinsler: Branley! But it's heading our way. [Edited on 03.02.2011 4:40 AM PST], :O [Sound: Mike punches Kinsler, knocking him to the ground.] What do you want? Mike: Not everything. Mike: Ex-cop. Crone: {Shotgun pump} Forty years I've been coming to this place. Kinsler: As police commissioner it's my job to uphold the law. It freezes you! Daniel Endesha: But why are you dressed like a police officer? Now! Mike: (groans) I think I'm gonna puke... I'm going... there! By clicking 'Accept', you agree to the updated policies documented at, Our policies have recently changed. Audio logs are sound files found at various types of data terminals in Halo 3: ODST. Propaganda: (from PA) Reports are coming in from all over the city! I don't think so. Really. Of course you do! As far as Vergil is concerned, you just disappeared... Mike: My job. Marshall: Stay right where you are! [Sound: Jingle of slot-machines, groaning car metal.] This is also where Tom the salesman reveals Sadie's position. Post, Download on the AppStore Its not a virus or a scam link, i pinky swear. Sadie: Right... well, tough! None of it is true! [Sound: Sparks fly from the train's control-panel.] Sadie: The biggest man I've ever seen! [fires] Daniel Endesha: Listen to Vergil, Sadie! Mike: Sure. Passenger: You know... train's got a point. Our noble militia is hitting back hard! I'm sorry. They tell " Sadie's Story," about a Kenyan girl named Sadie Endesha during the Battle of Earth on October 20, 2552. Look how big they are! What do you mean? Halo 3: ODST is a 2009 first-person shooter game developed by Bungie and published by Microsoft Game Studios.The fourth installment in the Halo franchise, it was released on the Xbox 360 in September 2009. {Superintendent: [Vergil chime]}. Sadie: You can't just give up -- throw away your life! Mike: Maybe, maybe not. Kinsler: Branley. Break the law for me!' They've shut down the tether!? Sadie: I think I'm the only person in this car who needs to be thinking about my ass! {Crowd: Hurry up! Tom: You! Kinsler: What the devil are you doing out in the old city? This one is mine! Sadie: Vergil? Let me see what I hit... [Sound: Marshall dies in a hail of bullets.] Comm Cop: No way we can get everyone out! We will prevail! Mike: Keep talking. Kinsler: What the hell is that?! They're right on top of you! Crowd: The Covenant! Jonas: (biting into a kebab) my dear... Kinsler: Too bad her last client really was a sick, murdering bastard. Some sounds arent from ODST due to the fact that some sounds arent in ODST, like sounds for walking on wood. We've lost a lot of men. Vergil correlates to Virgil, who led Dante through the Nine Levels of Hell, just as Vergil leads Sadie, and then the. Sadie: Tom, don't you get it?! ], [Sound: Crowd climbs onto the train.] Guarded by corrupt cops with machine-guns. [Sound: Stephen turns-off his microphone.] Brute: [Angry growl.] Kinsler: Not a bad way to go, all things considered... So I went into ODST, recorded a few minutes of different stuff (mostly UI sounds), then I tweaked and remixed the sounds in Garageband to get 'em sounding right. Crowd: Move those animals! Sadie must be very impressed. Mike: Tom. This soundtrack brings a return of many of the strong themes present in HALO and HALO 2, as well as Marty O'donell's talented use of variation, just like a master composer. [Sound: Covenant plasma fire slams into the market.] Daniel Endesha: It's a whole new species, Sadie, and they're actually quite... beautiful. Up here! But I think you and Vergil have talked quite enough. Sadie: I'm ready. Sadie: That's very kind of you, Commissioner. Sadie: (opening her door) Thanks for saving me for like, three minutes! During the Covenant invasion on October 20, 2552, the Superintendent declared a "Metropolitan Emergency" on the city of New Mombasa. Man down! Halo 3: ODST placed an emphasis on the more human, relatable tale of its subjects, delivered in small doses. Mike: Take my hand. Sadie: You and Vergil know what you have to do? Duty Officer: [Sees Sadie and groans.] Dead! EDIT: Checked the download date for the files on my computer and was easily able to locate them on Bungie.net =) (enters car, slams door) Kinsler: I don't want any of that on board. Kinsler: (from console) That was truly inspiring, Officer Branley. Remove it from your holster. Superintendent: Warning! Loading, please wait. Mine! Crone: Step away from that cash machine, or I'm going to blow your pretty head off! Sadie: Fine! Jonas: My brave warrior princess, riding her fearless fork-lift! I have here in-studio, uprising commander, Harris 'Two Shot' Kibaki. I can see you making those sounds. He's a propaganda officer. Marshall: Remember how often I asked you not to use my half-and-half? [Sound: Loud Engineer whistle.]. Means Vergil can't see it... [Sound: (from PA) Engineer whistle.] Go ahead. Wait! Sadie: Shut up, Tom! Sadie: You know, for a cop, you make a pretty good guardian angel. Sadie: Vergil, you can't stop the train! Sadie: I need you to divert a city vehicle to my current location. Kinsler: The police department has an emergency bunker outside the city limits. Sadie: Hang on, dad... Sadie: The whole city's crawling with Covenant, and we're killing each other! Mike: Yes, sir! At the back. Or the waterfront -- it's much closer! Married, right? Crowd: Yeah, give us your car, cop! Sadie: Escalation. Just like all your customers need you! Crowd: Help her up, c'mon, there we go! Give us your car! [Sound: Brutes exit the drop-ship and walk to the ATM.] Corrupt Cop: Yes, sir! Mike: What!? Crowd: Up we go, baby! Superintendent: (as Sadie) 'I need you to live... for me.' I'll call you back. Kinsler: It's a pink, airborne octopus! Duty Officer: (talking into chatter) As I've been trying to tell you, Captain, I don't have the authority to override -- [Sound: Honking car horn.] Rush the train! Superintendent: All aboard! SWAT pussies finally woke up. [Sound: A Brute shoots the Crone then they all march down the street] What are you doing here? Mike: (muffled) Listen to me if you want to live! [Fires pistol into the air] Each log is accompanied by a slideshow of still images. {Crone: It's mine, damn you! The enemy has begun to retreat! Kinsler: Listen to me Vergil, or whatever you are now! Superintendent: [Loud Engineer whistle] Sadie! Sadie: This looting is just the beginning, dad! You have no idea how much it pains me when you act so incredibly stupid. Sadie: This one! That's a serious offense. They're searching for something under New Mombasa. [Sound: Mike lowers the privacy partition.] But I mean, DAMN, Marty, this doesn't even sound like Halo, more like Lord of the Rings! Get her inside! Control this crowd before they trample her into the sidewalk! Kiosk: Please collect your ticket. Sadie: Everyone! Stephen: On the air... [Turns-on microphone.] Kinsler: There is nothing you can do to hurt me that won't kill her! I don't want you coming anywhere near the security zone! Scare them all the way to the river! Sadie: OK... Kiosk: (from speaker) Please state your destination. Superintendent: And beyond. Jim: You? Mike: We'll ask him when we see him, OK? Come on! SWAT Commander: You! [Sound: Police car accelerates away from the station. Hold momma's hand! Circle 1: Limbo: This is the start of the story. Wait! Almost-- Kiosk: All passengers must depart from Platform Fourteen -- [distortion] Kiosk: I'm sorry, I don't recognize that -- (distortion) You OK? Get that table out of the road! Daniel Endesha: (from radio) I'm not sure what just happened... Six of the aliens are dead. It's a Wraith! Probably a Brute kill-squad. Sadie: Stop it, Vergil! There are two particular sound clips from the terminal's audio logs that are perfect for text notifications: Virgil In. Mike: Emergency Communications department. 7. Sadie: (whispers) Vergil, I am going to enlist! [Sound: Slot-machines jingle inside the casino.] Sadie: (running) How does a level one blackout work? Sadie: Dad, I just met my first Brutes. Sadie: And I just pissed-off the only person willing to help me out. Stephen: Commander, tell our listeners the latest news from the city center! SWAT Commander: OK. Take her up. Hey! Daniel Endesha: I'm sorry! [Sound: Covenant plasma fire hits the station, rocking the train.] Sadie: Flood the data center with argon! [Sound: Sadie and Mike run down a broken escalator.] Wait your turn! Coins, need coins... [places coins into kiosk] Sadie: If you stay here, you'll die! I think there's something stuck in the... Oh. [Sound: Crackling roar of a Covenant Slip-Space rupture] Sadie: Vergil! Yeah. {Crowd: Get him!} What say you and me make a deal? Kinsler: (panting) Not as much as you're going to hurt when I -- Jonas: (burps) This lamb would be perfect with a twenty-three Ida Sirah... [Sound: Bleating goats and hoking car horn] Meet me there, ok? See? Sadie: Well... Vergil is part of the Superintendent -- a sub-routine my Dad wrote to look after me when I was a kid. Straight ahead! Coming this way! Sadie: Uh-huh. Daniel Endesha: Amazing! Daniel Endesha: Yes, I might be able to re-configure his traffic congestion cameras to isolate known Covenant vehicle profiles. Crowd: Why?! [Sound: Series of loud explosions.] Mike: Now where are you supposed to meet the Commissioner? Where are you going? Crowd: Mommy! But I ain't so stupid. Mike: Don't be stupid! Crone: {[}gurgling scream{]} This is a down market! Superintendent: [Vergil chime] Incorrect password. What you feel is hope. Stephen: But maybe you can do better... [Exhales cigarette smoke.] Please don't shoot. Angry Driver: Move you oaf! Stephen: No. We can save the city. ATM: (from speaker) Welcome to your African Trust automated teller machine! Jonas: (laughs)You could carry me, perhaps? [url=http://www.bungie.net/images/News/Inline09/100209/virgil_out.mp3]Virgil Outbound[/url] - right click and save as Not yet. Where should we go when we're off the bridge? Endorsements. Jim: (into Chatter) Mmm-hmm. Sadie: Tom? {Crowd: No way!} Sadie: Vergil. [Sound: As the Crone continues smashing, a drop-ship flies toward the casino.] He's just doing his job. Sadie: Great. Mike: Oh, no... No, no, no! Daniel Endesha: Who's "Mike"? Sadie: Vergil, get me dad. Propaganda: Made from nothing more than and old leaf-blower and a can of gasoline! Sadie: Give me your hand... Mike: Now what? Kinsler: But please, no sudden movements. Sadie: Excuse me! [Sound: The car door opens with a groan.] -- get across this bridge a lot faster! Sadie: There was... something wrong with the train. Crowd: Hey, why don't you help us? Kinsler: (laughs) I know all about Vergil and his overprotective urges, Sadie. Over here! Crowd: The Covenant's getting closer! Daniel Endesha: This is a video connection, Sadie. Corrupt Cop #1: The tunnels are crawling with Buggers, Commissioner. Mike: Uhn... Be gentle I don't know. Daniel Endesha: It's the Covenant. I can't seem to find it anywhere, and I really want to go back and use it again. Sadie: Let me go, Mike! Daniel Endesha: I'm in contact with an ONI officer. Mike: Thanks. Mike: (muffled) Do you want to live? Your neighbors are resisting! Hey, aliens! Run! Kinsler: (slamming down his drink) We wait! Marshall: I wrote! Propaganda: (from PA) Attention citizens! Tom: That's right! But we can save Vergil. Crowd: No! Run for it! Crowd: Says you! Kinsler: (pouring a drink) Please, get all your tears out now. The partition if you please. Crowd: (muffled) Stop the train! ], [Sound: Police car accelerates away from the station.] Daniel Endesha: They have some sort of automatic defense system, but as long as you don't get too close... Hey! They didn't listen, and now we're all going to die! Miss Endesha, is that you?! Daniel Endesha: Sadie, I think they gave their lives to free their companion. Crowd: Mommy, that's too loud! Circle 8: Fraud: There are numerous fraud allusions, including Sadie faking she has a gun to have Vergil turned back on, and the Public Service Announcer who lies to give hope. Crowd: No! Sadie: What? Sound effects are incredibly versatile and I can't wait to hear the immense variety of sounds offered in Halo 5. The audio logs will tell the story in order regardless of the order in which you pick them up. Let us through! Sadie: (whispers into Chatter) Vergil... a little help here! Mike: It's the end of the world... Nobody cares what happens to you.
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