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Installing a tap mount flue damper and new cap. We sell top of the line Aluminum, Copper, Galvanized and Stainless Steel caps that are built to withstand the toughest elements. If you are looking for Chimney Balloons or replacement damper parts, you're in the right spot! Top Mount Dampers prevent heated air loss through the chimney or down drafts when the chimney is not in use. Galvanized Steel Fixed Chimney Cap in Black The GAF Master Flow Chimney caps provide The GAF Master Flow Chimney caps provide protection against dangerous sparks while reducing downdrafts, clogging, soot, and creosote build-up. Premier Damper Cap National Chimney's Premier Damper Cap is made of 304 stainless steel with a Lifetime Guarantee. Buy It Now. Lock Top Dampers. A damper is a device which slows down the flow of smoke. These new cap dampers allow easier access for cleaning and increase draft. Chimney Dampers. The beauty of the Top Mount Chimney Damper is how much more efficient it is compared to the traditional style throat damper. The oxygen needed for the fire can be cut off as a result of an obstructed chimney cap. CHIMNEY DAMPERS REPLACEMENT & INSTALLATION. Outside mounting provides greater free air space. Damper for Gas BurningThese do not exist due to building code. Heat loss up the fireplace chimney accounts for an average 8% of your home heating costs! This is the main purpose of a fireplace damper. Many of our dampers come with a lifetime warranty. Top Mount Dampers are used to seal a wood burning fireplace when not in use - preventing outside air & animals from entering the home, Stove Pipe Dampers are installed in single wall connector stove pipe to help control draft, Chimney balloons are a great option for wood fireplaces - easily inflate to block off the flue and install from within the home, Proper sealing chimney dampers make your home more energy efficient and weatherproof. The "Ice Breaker" Chimney Cap-Damper3/4" MESH SINGLE FLUE CAP-DAMPER (LIFETIME GUARANTEE) Chimney Product's Lifetime Guarantee Cap-Damper. All dampers include the required hardware and mounting brackets. Cap it. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney provides expert chimney cap and damper repairs and installation throughout Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Hamburg NY, Pittsford NY, Cheektowaga NY, Webster NY, Amherst NY, and other Western New York communities. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. Chimney Flue Caps and Chimney Dampers Repair Service and Installation MN - These caps are the most adorable cap we offer. Only 17 left in stock - order soon. Several sizes and styles available. A chimney damper is essentially a door inside your chimney that can be opened and closed with a lever or pulley. Proven more reliable than bottom mount cast iron dampers. All Premier Damper Caps have a removable lid for easy access for cleaning. When your damper has failed and you are also in need of a chimney cap we have a solution for that too. The reason being if the damper is closed and the pilot light is on or if there's a gas leak, the gas will spill into the house and not up the chimney. Chimney caps, flue cap covers and dampers often get overlooked, but both are critical to the safe and fluent operation of your fireplace and chimney. Is there a large hole in your living area that is directly connected to the outside? From United States +C $51.66 shipping estimate. Steel mounting clamps for easy, durable installation. Many people, especially those who just bought their first fireplace-equipped home, completely ignore the existence of dampers, caps, and their use. Top Mount Dampers are dually puprosed as they are a chimney cap and an energy-efficient way to seal off a drafty traditional fireplace. © 2018 Rockford Chimney Supply. These covers are important for the safety of your chimney as well as keeping pests and other issues from occurring inside your chimney and preventing the … Anytime firewood is burned, some creosote is deposited in the flue lining; and it can also become attached to the mesh of the chimney cap. Elite Chimney offers high-quality solutions to help you lock in heat, reduce energy costs, improve comfort, and prevent damage that occurs when water, mold, or little critters get into your chimney. Chimney Caps. 100% stainless steel. The cap is covered with 3/4 in. CHIMNEY-TOP DAMPER replaces WOOD FIREPLACE DAMPER… The Top Flue Chimney Damper is a low-profile top mounted damper that also serves as a chimney cap. Check out our large selection. Throat, spin, barometric, top, enervex and seal tight dampers are all designed to keep cold air from coming down the flue and entering your home and air conditioning from going up and out of the flue. Caps come in a variety of different styles and sizes, complete with assembly instructions and a warranty. Free Shipping On Orders $45+. Our 316Ti flexible chimney liner and chimney liner components have passed the rigorous testing at the Underwriters Laboratories with best in class status and are UL Listed. Chimney Cap. It makes a great deal of sense to install a chimney cap, when you look at the benefits.There are, however, some problems which can occur because of a chimney topper, particularly involving wire mesh. Lindemann Chimney sells the highest quality chimney caps and dampers in the industry. A closed chimney damper limits outside air from entering home when the fireplace is not in use. Chimney Caps Dampers in New Jersey. It has the tightest seal of any damper in the industry. The Premier Damper Cap-13X13 is the first of its kind to offer an insulated damper cap with 1/2" thick insulation. This unique combination features the best of both worlds. Chimney Balloons are a great way to stop a down draft from inside the home, simply inflate the balloon above the damper. In addition to top sealing dampers, we also offer chimney balloons, stove pipe dampers, and more. We have taken a Sealtight Damper and incorporated it inside our premium cap. Chimney Cap Maintenance. Chimney caps can also keep rainwater out of your chimney if the chimney damper is open. Brand New. A damper prevents your heat or air conditioning from escaping through the chimney, and it keeps out cold air or heat and humidity. Top Sealing Chimney Damper Caps Top Sealing Chimney Dampers are used to seal your chimney flue from the outside. C $375.28. We also offer a variety of other dampers including stove pipe dampers, chimney balloons, damper handles, and more. Note: Do not use top mount dampers with gas logs or pre-fabricated metal box fireplaces. Dampers prevent air loss and down drafts, making sure that hot air does not escape from your home and cold air doesn’t get in. x 13 in. A fully functional chimney cap can help keep water, leaves, animals, and any type of debris from getting into your chimney flue. Well it's that time of year again....enjoying the warmth of a fire burning in our home. If you are tired of feeling that cold draft coming down your chimney, a Top Sealing Damper is perfect for you. Most times, traditional brick wood burning fireplaces allow down drafts of air into the home and the air inside your home to escape - this is a waste of energy and money. If you don’t have a cap, we can install a new one. Chimney Dampers. The second is making sure critters don’t crawl down your chimney. But many older homes may not have a damper installed. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. The damper is an important part of your wood fireplace chimney. Lindemann Chimney sells the highest quality chimney caps and dampers in the industry. This decreases creosote build-up and produces a better functioning fireplace. Most times, traditional brick wood burning fireplaces allow down drafts of air into the home and the air inside your home to escape - this is a waste of energy and money. A chimney damper is a system that helps insulate your home from heat loss through your chimney. $247.00 $ 247. Liner Insulation Blankets and Accessories, Ventinox and DuraFlex Chimney Liner Components. Chimney Dampers. We are here to answer all of your questions. x 8 in., and arrives fully assembled. If you’ve ever seen the top of your chimney you’ve probably seen a cap or damper covering the chimney flue. The cap is sealed tightly to a high temperature silicone and gasket, both able to withstand temperatures from -85 to +450 degrees F. Shop chimney dampers and a variety of heating & cooling products online at Caps and Dampers. Consider a Top Sealing Damper Cap. The CHIM-A-LATOR line of Chimney Cap Dampers easily mount to the top of a masonry or clay tile chimney top with a simple screwdriver. prevent heated air loss through the chimney or down drafts when the chimney is not in use. Caps come in a variety of different styles and sizes, complete with assembly instructions and a warranty. Dampers are a critical part of any modern chimney system. Fireplace had no flue and was letting tons of cold air enter the house. FREE Shipping. Much like our chimney caps, our complete inventory of chimney dampers are easy to install, come with installation instructions, hardware and are rust-proof.
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