This archaeological site has been the center of attention for researchers since the eighteenth century and even today scholars rush to ancient Thebes to study and explore the history behind one of the most important locations in ancient Egypt. There are 63 tombs in the area, built there between 1539 BC to around 1075 BC. With a name that encapsulates all of the grandeur of Egypt ’s ancient past, the Valley of the Kings is one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. 2021 All Rights Reserved. function escramble(){ The Valley of the Kings is located on the Western bank of the Nile River, opposite modern-day Luxor, and was previously known as Thebes. Even though exploration in the Valley of the Kings started roughly 200 years ago, and despite 65 tombs having been discovered during this time, only eleven of them have been completely recorded. The Valley of the Kings is divided into two main branches: the more famous East Valley and the West Valley. Most of the tombs of the Valley of the Kings are not open to the public. f='Contact' Even though most of the tombs that are located in this valley have been robbed and looted the remains of these ancient burial sites give archaeologists and historians an estimate of the power of ancient Pharaohs and noblemen. Unfortunately for modern archaeological explorers, most of these chambers and tombs were found to be looted by ancient grave robbers. To the south, towering over the valley, is a peak shaped like a pyramid, known as el-Qurn (the horn). The Valley of the Kings, like almost all of Egypt during the pandemic, is practically empty. e='' The tomb of Horemheb is one of the most unique tombs in the Valley of the Kings exhibiting unique features compared to other tombs in the Valley, it is rarely open to the public. These recent discoveries are as fascinating as the ones found earlier in the 20th century, though KV64 has yet to be excavated itself. Here we have about the Valley of the Kings: The Valley of the Kings has been a royal burial complex for almost 500 years. The Valley of the Kings was a great burial ground for the Pharaohs.