Ontdek Panasonic vlogcamera LUMIX DC-GH5S. The base is the same and you’ll find the differences in some of the smaller features. As you can see from the samples above, while the daylight performance of both the cameras is pretty much the same, the GH5S definitely steals the show in low light performance. Now, is this the best low-light camera on the market? While both the cameras feature a Four Thirds sensors, the Panasonic GH5 has a 20.0 MP while the newer Panasonic GH5S has a 10.0 MP resolution. GH5 (left) and GH5S (right) While the previous GH5 had a greater emphasis on it being an ‘ultimate hybrid camera’, the GH5S improves upon that statement by improving upon the photography segment, while also maintaining the product’s performance in the video segment for videographers and YouTubers or VLoggers. To start off, the GH5 has internal stabilization, which means that the sensor compensates for shake – so good for handheld work or vlogging. Great for weddings or event video when you’re limited to the amount of artificial light you can bring in. Now, when we talk about features, a lot of good things have been retained from the original LUMIX GH5 in the GH5s. This enables, in combination with the lower pixel count, the ability to capture accurate color in low light with lower levels of noise. The GH5S can record in Cinema 4K at 30 or 60 frames per second which is a world-first for mirrorless cameras, and both cameras include impressive extra filmmaking must-haves like 4:2:2 10-bit internal recording at data rates of up to 400 Mbps for brilliant HDR video, and V-LogL software compatibility for color grading (pre-installed with GH5S, optional with GH5). As to which one appeals you more, the differences are quite simple. De body is dus ook vrijwel geheel identiek aan die van de GH5, die we al eerder hebben getest (link). But then again, that is what we think. Go with the GH5 if you’re doing more vlogging and run-and-gun style filming. The wait has finally come to an end. As for the in-hand feel, it is pretty much the same. Well, just like most of the body and the features, the performance on the GH5S is pretty much the same as the LUMIX GH5, only a bit better in some cases. Panasonic GH5S vs. GH5 Low-Light Shootout! But, it’s still a camera you should consider for the price. Well, then GH5 is the one for you. January 9 th, 2018. For situations where extreme slow-motion is required, the GH… In January, Panasonic confirmed recent rumors by officially releasing the GH5S with a newly designed chip (with half the megapixel count of the GH5) to perform better in low light. The v-log is just like s-log on Sony or c-log on Canon; it increases the latitude of your images and gives your more dynamic range. Let us find out as we compare the LUMIX GH5S with the LUMIX GH5: Before we get to the actual comparison part, let us first get the specs out of the way. As such, the ISO range has been extended to 51200, which is the highest any Micro Four Thirds camera has offered. Panasonic's GH5s mirrorless camera sets a new standard for mirrorless video. Choosing between these two cameras can be quite difficult for customers, as they are very similar. Although this is to tune the coloring scheme of images to suit the eyes, the results might turn out different from the real scenario. Ok, so let’s get down to it. Jan 8, 2018 Quick specs. SEE ALSO: Panasonic LUMIX GH5S Review: A Great Camera for Low-Light 4K Videos. Low-light performance is also enhanced thanks to the use of dual gain design, which Panasonic refers to as ‘Dual Native ISO’ technology. They both features a magnesium alloy chassis. The multi-aspect sensor enables high-quality, 10-bit Cinema 4K video with a wider field of view than the GH5… What’s the difference between these two cameras? In our tests, we found that the GH5s was about a stop to a stop and a half better in low-light. Panasonic recently launched the new LUMIX GH5S camera, which is said to be the successor to the previous LUMIX GH5. Does the ‘S’ also stand for better low-light performance? Nonetheless, it features 1.96x bigger pixels than the 20-megapixel GH5, which allows the GH5S to capture better video/images in low light. If you need to borrow equipment for your shoot, take a look at their site! Check out our Online Courses, Giveaway, Mentoring and Photography and Video Gear For Sale. Share: 10.2MP sensor. Do you want a camera that offers in-built stabilization, higher megapixels, and decent video recording performance? For those of you who prefer the viewfinder more, the GH5S is something that is certainly more appealing. Panasonic has been at the forefront of the mirrorless camera revolution ever since the GH5 came out a few years ago. Both the Panasonic LUMIX GH5s and GH5 are very similar in design, sharing the same weatherproofing, dimensions, measurements, 3.2-inch vari-angle touch-screen with 1620K dots and a 3.68m dot electronic viewfinder (EVF) with 0.76x magnification. We found that the crop was noticeable but the image sharpness was only visible at +100%. Panasonic LUMIX GH5S vs GH5 – The Differences You Need to Know. The GH5 and GH5s are very interesting cameras in Panasonic's lineup. But there are more differences than you would think, enough that myself and Carl managed to … The floating sensor design which was used by the GH5’s stabilization system can interact with gimbals even when it’s turned off, so removing it entirely solves the problem. Kristian Hampton 5 January 2018 It may look cosmetically identical and share a similar name to its older brother, but the GH5S sports a number of key differences . by Nino Leitner. And you should get them from Borrow Lenses . While amateurs are unlikely to notice the difference, 120 fps will definitely give the user a more natural view of the world. Not a dealbreaker if you’re going to be using this camera in more professional circumstances. What about you? This might not be too big of an issue if most of what you’re filming is well-lit. Another new feature on the GH5S is the lack of a sensor-based stabilization. Panasonic Mirrorless Showdown: GH5 vs GH5s - The Slanted Lens GH5 (top) and GH5S (bottom) Graham Forbes February 19, 2019 Blog No Comments. The Pocket Camera 4K has dual native ISO, though it isn’t the same sens… De Panasonic GH5S is zoals de naam al zegt een GH5 met iets extra’s. The newer GH5S sports a red ring around the drive mode dial, a new red “REC” button for video recording, and the front GH5S logo, with red ‘S’. The Panasonic camera has more physical controls with 16 function buttons, a drive dial and an AF joystick. Borrow Lenses has a plethora of great quality gear – and they ship all over the world! Better low-light performance means you’ll be able to capture more with less. Get Updates, Latest Trends, Specials and other goodies. 2019; Panasonic lanceerde onlangs de nieuwe LUMIX GH5S-camera, waarvan wordt gezegd dat hij de opvolger is van de vorige LUMIX GH5. This allows for image stabilization regardless of the lens attached. Theoretically, this will give you sharper images and less cropping. It's 2021 and Microsoft has almost finalized the Windows 10X build for public release. Following that, Telegram accounts for 400 million... With the recent changes in privacy policy, WhatsApp demands you to share data with Facebook and its family of companies. Sensor. Additionally, the GH5S can capture a maximum of 240 fps in full HD and 60 fps for both DCI and UHD 4K, for a slowdown to between 24 and 60p. Do you agree or disagree with our comparison? They use Micro 4/3’s lens on a smaller sensor which has its pros and cons. Panasonic S1 vs GH5s vs GH5 – ISO Performance Comparison. Theoretically, this will give you sharper images and less cropping. However, Panasonic removed the in-body image stabilization from the GH5S in favor of deploying the larger Multi-Aspect Four-thirds sensor. Now they’ve added an ‘S’ to their lineup, similar to what Sony is doing with the a7 category. Thank you for supporting The Slanted Lens and lending us this equipment for the review! Tutorials, Reviews and Tips for Photographers & Filmmakers.