Sing it if you mean it and if you will really mean it, you will be one of the ones who God will use to change the world.-William McDowell. Find chord charts, lead sheets, orchestrations and more! Lead me to Your righteousness. I Give Myself Away William McDowell • As We Worship Live. "Lord I Give Myself" by Hillsong Worship Album: Friends In High Places (Words and music Geoff Bullock) This love ,this hope This peace of God This righteousness This faith ,this joy This life complete in me Now healed and whole And risen in His righteousness I live in Him He lives in me "Lord I Give Myself". Lord, I give myself, I trust in You, Mighty God, My Saviour. All I Need Is You . I Can Only Imagine . What do you love in His kingdom enough to die for? 05:27 07. Social justice is not a movement but a way of life. I’m saying this. Download sheet music and audio tracks for songs from the album, As We Worship Live, by William McDowell. I am not just talking about social justice here. Lord, show me Your ways, guide my steps, Lead me to You righteousness. All our fears are swept away He never fails. I give myself away. So You can use me. My Saviour and Your mercy and love. Lord, show me Your ways, guide my steps, Lead me to You righteousness. Posted on March 22, 2016 by lingerlink • Posted in Songs & lyrics • Leave a comment. I believe it was Martin Luther who said “Give me 10 people who hate nothing but sin and love nothing but God and we will change the world.” Once again we stand in a significant moment in history where we can change the world. Oh, my Shepherd, You let me rest in Your arms, You comfort me. It’s much easier to sing about giving yourself away than it is to make it a daily reality. Download sheet music for He Is by William McDowell, from the album As We Worship Live. Lord I give myself, I trust in You mighty God. As the Lord revealed His heart I would respond with writing and of course private worship to God. I can go on and on and on. Cornerstone (Live) 06:49 Composers: Reuben Morgan - Jonas Myrin - Eric Liljero. !function(t,e,r){var n,s=t.getElementsByTagName(e)[0],i=/^http:/.test(t.location)? I certainly say that I would and I sing it everywhere I go and so do countless churches around the country and in other nations. Hillsong UNITED. Hillsong Live Lyrics. He is still alive today planting churches in another part of the world that most of us wouldn’t go because it’s not safe. There were a lot of responses and of course when one opens their heart the way I did there is a lot of room for interpretation. He endured this multiple times because he refused to give up their names because he knew that even if they killed him he died for the sake of the gospel and that they could go on and win others and plant more churches with or without him. Lord show me Your ways, guide my steps. share We use cookies to give you the best experience on … I give myself away. It is a mandate according to Proverbs 31:8-9. //, Sorry, we have to make sure you're a human before we can show you this page. We all seem to know what we should do but most of us if we were really honest don’t know what we would do. Lord I place them in your hands. The rest came the next day as I began to contemplate what God was saying and I penned the words “I give myself away so You can use me.” That is the physical mechanics of how the song came but where was I? At least that’s what I say.This leads me to the point of this note. Let me clarify what I was saying. Lord, I give myself, I trust in You, Mighty God, My Saviour. Good Good Father . I give myself away Gm F Eb I give myself away so You can use me [Verse 1] Bb F/A Here I am, here I stand Cm Eb F Lord my life is in Your hands Bb F/A Lord I’m longing to see Cm Eb F Your desires revealed in me [Verse 2] Bb F/A Take my heart, take my life Cm Eb F As a living sac – ri – fice D/F# Gm F/A All my dreams, all my plans Cm Eb F He Is William McDowell (As We Worship Live) . One of his ways of being tortured was to allow his fingernails to grow and then with a vice grip device they would pull his fingernails off for the names of the people in the house churches he planted.