$29.99 - $39.99. Support WFF by upgrading your account. Yes, that’s well over 4000data points. Rio lines - WF8F OBS and WF6F gold in touch, WF5F Fly Lines - Brand New - Fluoro Yellow. ¹ For orders between Sunday and Thursday inclusively. Quick view Add to Cart. At other times you'll find us in the mountains! $79.95 Price: $63.00. Not applicable where bank transfer is selected. $120.77 $ 120. Package Includes : 9FT Carbon Fiber 4Sec Fly Fishing Rod, CNC Machined Fly Fishing Reel , Weight Forward Gold Fly Line , Backing , Fly Leader , Loop Connectors, Fly Box with 12 Flies , 77cm Triangle Cordura Rod Tube. RIO’s new and versatile “Trout Spey” taper on this fly line for Trout Spey Rods or Switch Rods is an integrated fly line (no loop-to-loops connections to catch) and has a 15′ long front taper which makes it perfect for nymph and indicator rigs, soft hackles and small streamers and even dry flies. 1 color available. The RIO Gold has a special taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range and a front taper that delivers perfect presentation of flies between sizes #22 and #2. In stock. $57.56. Get it as soon as Mon, Jan 11. We recommend a true-to-weight line for all series and models Centric MODELS. Twitter. Quick view Add to Cart. In our book, Rio offers the widest range of the highest quality lines, both lines for the generalist and specialist, fresh and salt, and the Rio Gold is the pinnacle of the general trout fly lines. Find all the Best Trout Fly Lines from every top brand including Scientific Anglers, RIO, Airflo, Orvis, and Hatch. Description. RIO Premier Grand Fly Line $89.99. This is an outstanding small stream fly rod. Based on 13816 seller reviews at Trusted Shops, alpinetrek.co.uk has received an average 4.74 of 5 stars. 99. Guide Reviews, Video, and Sales on Rio Gold Fly Line, a fantastic all-water, all-angler Trout line. RIO Premier Technical Trout Fly Line $89.99. 4.5 4.5 out of 5 stars from 14 reviews 5 14. Rio InTouch RIO GOLD FLy Line Fishing -WF4F,WF5F,WF6F - Moss/Gray/Gold-BRAND NEW. A purist in pairing gear that is appropriate to the task at hand, my Sage TXL-F 3WT is outfitted with the Sage Click Series reel and Rio Gold Weight Forward Floating line. RIO Gold Fly Line. The Elite Rio Gold Fly Line has a nice color scheme of Moss/Gold/Gray which contributes to its unobtrusive look. Quick view Add to Cart. $39.95 . RIO Products Fly Line Rio Gold Wf5F Enviro 5pk, Moss/Gold. Best Trout Fly Lines 2020. The RIO Elite RIO GOLD features Slickcast technology, ConnectCore Plus super low stretch core and a great all-around trout taper. £89.99. Instagram. We'll answer in the meantime! We are the first 100% climate-neutral online outdoor retailer certified by ClimatePartner. ... Rio Gold Premier Fly Line. Rio InTouch Outbound Short 15ft Intermediate Sink Tip Fly Line Exceptionally powerful, easy casting, line built for maximum distance, with ultra-low stretch performance. RIO Gold Fly Lines. You must log in or register to reply here. To pair your performance rod and reel with a budget fly line would be a disservice to yourself, your gear, and the fish. Rio Fly Lines. RIO InTouch Gold. $69.95) (No reviews yet) Write a Review. RIO Gold Fly Lines. Rio Grand Fly Line Closeout Sale. Well, as of 25.05.2018, Backcountry is no longer available outside the U.S. due to GDPR regulations. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. FLY LINE RECOMMENDATIONS a handy guide to help you get the most from your rod. I have lines on various reels from RIO, SA, Cortland and Airflo for various applications and rod match-ups. RIO Saltwater Tropical Intermediate Fly Lines. Secure shopping |  The Rio Gold, Rio Perception, SA MPX Taper and SA Trout Taper are all good choices, but the Rio Trout Lt won’t load the rod until you have 30 feet or more in the air. RIO Premier Gold Fly Line $89.99. #1 Used 3 wt fly line I believe it’s an older Rio Gold. In this collection, you’ll find high performance Fly Lines for a wide range of applications from all the Best Brands including Orvis, Scientific Anglers, RIO, Airflo, and Hatch. But, there's a huge upside: Allow us to introduce Backcountry's European sister site - Bergfreunde! RIO MainStream Trout WF Fly Line. As an added bonus, if you use the right RIO line with the proper fly fishing rod and reel combination you can gain even more additional power and accuracy! Load up the RIO Gold Fly Line for the confidence and performance of a top-shelf floating trout line. The dispatch of goods may be delayed in exceptional circumstances. Rio Grand Fly Line is a full size heavier than the AFTMA standard. Free shipping . Winston Pure 7’6” 3-weight. FREE Shipping by Amazon. The unique taper design makes this line load the rod at close ranges and turn-over a wide range of fly sizes with ease. NEW! In stock. The Sitemap offers a quick overview of all content on this website. RIO InTouch TROUT SPEY Fly Line 100′ Floating Fly Line. Rio Rio Fly Lines at Glasgow Angling Centre. The World's Best Fly Lines at Australia's Premier Fly Shop Looking at this page you may be totally overwhelmed with the selection of fly lines available. The Rio Gold Premier Fly line featuring Slick Cast may well be the Ultimate, All-Around Fly Line With Ultra-Slick Performance. Free shipping on all orders over £50 to UK mainland! GAMAKATSU #208 OCTOPUS CIRCLE HOOK 25 HOOKS Value Pack NEW! RIO Products Fly Line Rio Gold Wf5F Melon/Gray Dun, Melon-Gray-Dune 4.5 out of 5 stars 2. Free delivery from £ 75 |  More Buying Choices $120.65 (1 new offer) Rio Elite Rio Gold Slick Cast Fly Line. The RIO Elite RIO GOLD Trout fly line is built with SlickCast technology, the slickest most durable fly line coating on the market. $94.00. Shop our great selection of premium Fly Fishing Lines and save money with our Closeout Sale prices! Free shipping *Closeout* - InTouch Rio Gold Fly Line - WF4F. JavaScript is disabled. NEW! The line has a long head and back taper that give casters total line control and stability at range – whether casting or mending. The RIO Gold has been the go-to trout line around the world for many years, and for a multitude of fly fishers. The long belly and rear taper allow for good line control, roll casting, and allow advanced casters to carry more line … sale $79.99 $74.65 - $79.99 up to 7% off. RIO Leviathan Shooting Head Fly Lines. The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly fisher.Features:Front biased weight to load rods at close rangeTaper design to cast flies between #22 … NEW! RIO Gold Fly Lines. Ready to ship in 24h¹ |  I’d highly recommend it in a double-taper, and at $74.95, it’s right in the price range of what you’d expect to pay for a premium-quality line. Rio Grand Fly Line. MODEL: LINE: LENGTH: GRAIN WEIGHT RANGE: POPULAR FLY LINES THAT FILL THE BILL (and check your favorite line manufacturer for updated products) Sector MODELS. 4.5 out of 5 stars 14. Fish it with a Rio Perception of Rio Creek fly line in WF3F, or the SA Trout Taper if crisper casting action is desired. You're probably wondering why you've landed here of all places. There's a line made for every flyfishing application. Shop the right line for every fish at RIO. $79.95. We've been developing the highest performing fly lines, leader, & tippet in the industry for over 20 years. $59.99 ... Maxcatch Competition InTouch 2/3wt Nymph Fly Rod for euro nymphing fly fishing. Price: $89.95. Make the perfect cast with RIO's freshwater fly lines. Press enter for more information. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Quick view Add to Cart. When you take it out of the packaging and let it slide through your fingers you take note of the roughened part at its tip. Site supporters benefits include no ads and access to some additional features, few now, more in the works. Fly Lines ON SALE. All items in stock. While these diagrams are really great for most lines, they didn’t work as … Cut 10 ft off the end to fit on reel otherwise in good condition $10 shipped. $69.99. Even when we're out and about, you can still have your questions answered online anytime! ", In order to be able to place an order with us, you must, Subscribe to the newsletter & receive £ 5, all the goodies you would've otherwise found at. Taper diagrams were created by measuring the diameter of each line every 6 inches until we were well into the running line. RIO's RIO Gold Line is extremely popular and a great all-round, very versatile line. Slickcast lines produce the least amount of friction ever measured on a fly line. £89.99. John Duncan: This is a gem. Cut 10 ft off the end to fit on reel otherwise in good condition $10 shipped. Customers Also Viewed. The crossed-out prices represent our previous price. $119.99 $ 119. 77. Don't miss out on the latest offers & products - plus £ 5 off your next order! It has limited range, but that’s expected (and preferred) in a 7′ 3-weight of any material. 1 color available. RIO MainStream Trout WF Fly Line. RIO Trout and Fresh Water Fly Lines. The RIO Gold has been the go-to trout line around the world for many years, and for a multitude of fly fishers. We used a digital micrometer, which is the only way to get an accurate reading. Here, you'll find all the goodies you would've otherwise found at orig, including the best outdoor gear, expert advice and the most impeccable service - all within the E.U. $64.95. While you might think that the line is damaged at first glance this is actually part of Rio’s MaxFloat Tip technology. We want to know what you think - We can't wait to hear your opinion! RIO Grand Fly Lines. You are using an out of date browser. $69.95. RIO Products Mainstream Trout Fly Line 4.7 out of 5 stars 45. PICK YOUR SIZE! All of our freshwater fly lines are built to excel at required casting and fishing needs, featuring the latest in cutting edge technology to ensure maximum versatility and performance. 5 5 out of 5 stars from 29 reviews 5 29. If you have questions about orders that were placed prior to the implementation of the redirect on May 24, 2018, please reach out to service@backcountry.com, |  New and improved for 2020!! But for dry fly trout fishing Gold dominates for me followed by SA MEDT & Trout along with relatively new RIO Technical Trout. The RIO Gold is the ultimate all round, floating line for the trout fly … RIO GOLD FLY LINE has a special taper design that gives incredible loop stability at distance, a unique profile that allows a rod to load at close range . Only where product is in stock. We are here for you Mon-Fri 09:00-16:00. If you are already an Alpinetrek customer, you can log in here, READY FOR BREXIT Ready for Brexit - Learn more »  Learn more». View Add to Cart RIO Premier Perception Fly Line $89.99. I find that a fast action 3 weight loads up well close with a heavier line (I have three, 3wt Rio double taper for lake fishing/long casting, 4wt Rio Gold for close in, 3wt Rio SIngle Hand Spey for all around river fishing) and yet has the backbone for larger fish than you’d expect. For any angler who loves dry fly fishing, and has an older “classic” rod in their quiver, the LightLine is an absolute must-have fly line. The Rio Gold Tournament Fly Line is deemed legal for standard weight forward floating line distance competitions. 30 days return policy |  Facebook. Then you can get out and enjoy the fresh air. Rio … "I'll find the best & latest outdoor products for you! Rio Perception Premier Fly Line. The RIO LightLine is truly a dry fly … $55.99. Explore a fantastic selection of the highest quality freshwater fly lines, designed to optimize your time on the water. Scott GS 843-4 John Duncan: The GS 843-4 is everything we want in a general purpose light line fly rod. Used 3 wt fly line I believe it’s an older Rio Gold. RIO Gold Fly Lines. The Hype: The ultimate, all-round fly line, with ultra-low stretch … RIO Gold Fly Line. $9.99. RIO Products Fly Line Rio Gold Wf5F Moss/Gold, Moss-Gold 4.3 out of 5 stars 10. $69.95. RIO tackle and fly fishing lines are designed to give you longer, more controllable casts and additional finesse when fishing around potential obstacles.