One of the perks of Apple's native Mail app in iOS 12 is the ability to create a "VIP" mailbox, gathering messages from your most important contacts as a way of cutting through the noise. But what if your favorite person is not yet one of your Outlook contacts? Get a push notification as soon as you receive an email from a high profile customer. For example, simply take a picture of the whiteboard or back-of-the-napkin sketch for someone who could not be there in person and send – all directly from your Outlook email message! priority. Step #2. It's not that we want notifications only from certain people, we want to be able to change them for certain people. Select contact from the list to add as VIP contact.. Search and select a contact. Tap on ‘Add VIP…’ to add contacts to this VIP list. The Mark Important button is available when opening Outlook contacts. Next, select the More tab and then select Only Vip Contacts from the Notifications menu. The list of your phone contacts will appear; select your new VIP contact. In our case, we’re just going to click “Save & Close” to officially create the group and return to the main Outlook window. When the appropriate ClearContext view is selected in the Outlook view Anyone else having this issue? Why just not do what iPhone Mail has been doing for years and everyone loved it : have ability to set notification for a particular folder(s). Our time, attention, and  people in our lives are precious. Just open an email from the contact and tap their name. Click Contacts icon, then you will find those options: New, Delete, Backup, Recover. The preference here would to allow for a different alert type for VIPs so I can tell I have a VIP email vs a normal one. Also, we’re pleased to bring enhancements to the Outlook for Android contact card with additional contact details, information about where they fit into the company reporting structure and insight about who they work with (powered by the Microsoft Graph). Choose Add VIP . Quite a […] On the File tab, choose Options to open the Outlook Options dialog box. I have one of my contacts listed in my VIP folder. By Microsoft. Open a Contact card. This way, companies can control how data moves between applications. Like 0. If you’re in one of your mail lists, tap Mailboxes in the upper left corner. A few feedback items on the VIP option.1. You can also add VIP to contacts who aren't in your address book on iOS. Outlook for iOS and Android has a quick and easy way to add people to your Outlook contacts, just scroll to the bottom of the contact card of someone in your company and tap Add to Contacts. Step #4. Get a push notification when you get an email from a VIP customer. We need to stay connected, organized and do so in a way that keeps us focused on what matters while keeping sensitive information secure. Kutools for Outlook is a handy add-in for Microsoft Outlook. This way it’s fast and easy to add a contact any time. By doing so, their messages are stored in a separate location in the Mail app, making them easier to find. If your favorite person is outside your company and you have their business card – or if you’re at a conference and you collect a number of business cards, to further help eliminate clutter, stay organized and save you time, we also recently rolled out the option to scan a business card in Outlook for Android. book but are replying to conversations that you have already participated To extract your contacts out, please select Backup. For the last two days any email she sends me goes straight to the spam folder. Tap VIP Alerts to set the alert style, sound, and notification you wish to receive when a VIP sends a message to you. We need to stay connected, organized and do so in a way that keeps us focused on what matters while keeping sensitive information secure. When you receive an email in the iOS mail app, just click on the email … Find out more about the Microsoft MVP Award Program. While I glad that there is at least some way now to be notified about the VIP emails ( e.g. Outlook mobile is part of the Microsoft 365 suite of managed applications with built in support for application protection policies that can be applied through mobile app management solutions such as Microsoft Intune. To add a contact as VIP, open his/her mail and tap on the email header to mark as VIP. The Mark Important button is available when opening Outlook contacts. Go to the Mail category. Empowering technologists to achieve more by humanizing tech. Because I have tried to add a second Vip but says no results found. This will open your contacts list. Adding Contacts to VIP List in Mail App. be marked important via the Mark Important button on the toolbar. We’re really excited about this new capability because it saves you time and helps you most when you’re on the go; no typing required, just scan and save. By default, email received from contacts set as important are marked with category CC VIP and color-coded red Manually mark/un-mark a message as a VIP using the Mark Important button. I should be able to select which I want to favorite or only show that I have an unread email from a VIP. VIP notification for iOS outlook app ‎07-23-2018 03:57 PM i want to use a flow to send me a push notification whenever i get an email from my boss - is this possible? then I went to contacts to try to add 1 from contacts and continues to say no results found. Contacts that have Mark Is this feature only looking at the Inbox?