Monier Centurion concrete roof tiles. Peace of mind is part and parcel when you choose Monier. You want a roof that completes your home design. Substantial discount for bulk purchase. We Supply Roof Tiles From Australia's Most Trusted Brands. Builders, designers and architects are an integral part of your decision making so we make sure you find the right person at the right stage of building or replacing your roof. Monier, which has been putting roofs on Australian homes for 100 years, launched its Solartile made with monocrystalline cells five years ago. As the name suggests, a slim, continuing Roman-style roll gives Centurion its attractive, classical profile, a look suited to all forms of roof design. We’re here to help: 445x275mm. Monier Elemental roof tiles can support weights of up to 300kg, even though they are approximately 10 times lighter than tiles composed of concrete, terracotta or other materials. All tiles are tile clipped and verge clipped. Leftover from build. Call Higgins Roofing: (03) 9842 7577. Unit 26, 25-37 Huntingdale Rd, Burwood, VIC . C-LOC™ is exclusively available on our Concrete roof tile range. The following restrictions apply for Centurion tiles at this pitch; the roof is not in an exposed location, it is a single storey lean-to with no hips or valleys with a rafter length less than 5m. Terracotta isn’t just orange and concrete needn’t be boring. Within weeks of sunshine roofing installing monier Georgian roof tiles they began cracking. We know that quality and durability are important to our customers so we offer a 50 year performance guarantee on its products with confidence. Roof pointing and bedding are essential parts of a roof’s structure and require regular maintenance to ensure your house stays in top condition. Email: Concrete Roof Tiles Elemental™ Roof Tiles Solar Roofing Terracotta Roof Tiles. SKU: TM1790 Category: Roof Tiles Tags: concrete roof tiles, monier centurion. When you engage the expert services of Higgins Roofing in Doncaster East, Victoria, you will receive top quality advice, roofing tiles and installation of your new Monier tile roof. Monier prides itself on delivering the highest quality roofing solutions which offers durability and longevity that will ultimately protect the people we love from the harsh Australian conditions. – Concrete tiling for roofs will have a stronger resistance to fading than both metal and solvent-based roofing materials. They can also be used as a low-cost skylight system or to provide natural light to your roof cavity space which makes access to your roof space safer & easier, as well as, deterring vermin as they are attracted to sealed & dark roof spaces. Superior Monier Tile Roofing Supplier for Melbourne Area. Today, Monier is part of the CSR Bricks and Roofing group, and continues to be one of Australia’s leading suppliers of concrete roof tiles. For colour matching purposes, second hand Boral roof tiles are usually the best option rather than new ones. Visually, your roof contributes significantly to the overall appeal of your home. Monier tiling has proven over time to be a highly effective, cost-efficient and attractive roofing solution for Melbourne’s home and business owners. Our clients can rest assured that their roofs are covered by the very best products available. Accompanied by a selection of colours, Monier has a range of profiles from the traditional Concrete Elabana to the sleek Terracotta Nullarbor to help you achieve the look you want. Monier Roofing Specialists are a trained, professional and experienced network of Roofing Specialists who can advise and consult on ALL your roofing needs. Tel: 03 9801 3069 Higgins Roofing in known as the premium supplier of Monier roofing tiles throughout the greater Melbourne area. To achieve this, we use the best materials and the latest technology in the industry. These fine caliber roofing supplies offer a variety of excellent roofing tile materials, styles, patterns and colours that ensure long-term durability and elegant, stylish curb appeal for your home or business.