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Holder of an MBA from Athabasca University, Martial was named “Supply Chain Executive of the Year” in 2017 by the Freight Management Association of Canada, in recognition of his leadership and innovative approach in the field of supply chain management. She is a Board Director at Sanimax where she chairs the Governance, Human Resources and Environment Committee. Bio UK Fuels provide a free used cooking oil collection service. John brings 18 years of experience in various operational and development roles at the Anamax Group. Cooking oil is one of a kind which can be recycled into biodiesel. Copyright © 2012 RecyclePlz .Com - Where to drop off & how to do? Call us today to toll free 888-696-9906 schedule a used fryer or collection service. At ECO DINE we strive to establish ourselves as the local leader for worry-free used cooking oil collection services for Calgary and the surrounding areas. Mr. Coallier has enjoyed an illustrious and diversified business career holding executive positions at several leading businesses such as La Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec (Vice President Investments), C-MAC Industries (Vice President and Chief Financial Officer), Molson Coors (Vice-President Executive Development and Global Affairs) and Dollarama (Chief Financial Officer), after which in 2012 Mr. Coallier joined Agropur as its Chief Executive Officer, a position he held up until 2019. Mrs. Fortier holds a Bachelor and a Master degrees in Industrial Relations from Laval University in Quebec City. While it is possible to reuse some oils safely, the smoke temperature is lower each time oil is used and it may even be harmful to one’s health by releasing free radicals into your food. John earned a BS from St. John’s University in Collegeville, Minnesota, and a BA from St. Benedicts’ in St. Joseph, Minnesota. Sanimax is more than just a used cooking oil repurposer: we can also service your grease trap to help you avoid fines and remain fully compliant with industry regulations. (855) 519-5550 Used Oil, Waste Oil, Diesel, Coolant, Used Oil Filters. Please Fill Out The Form Below If You Would Like Additional Information About Our Services. Driving the recycling of used oil since 1994 The ROSE Foundation (Recycling Oil Saves the Environment), is a national non-profit organization established to promote and encourage the environmentally responsible management of used oils and related waste in South Africa. Since taking the helm of the company in 2009, he has invested his efforts in modernizing the operations and putting corporate values into practice. Moreover, you can consider purchasing a container […], * Select > state > city > center to see the informations such as: Holding a Bachelor degree in Economics from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, Martin is a creative, forward-thinking and charismatic leader. The way you handle your used cooking oil can affect your business’ internal operations and shape how customers see your impact on the environment. Martin was named one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40”, a Caldwell Partners award, in 2007, and received the Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year award in 2008. In which it is our mission to make sure that we provide you with the best used cooking oil collection service to give you one less thing to worry about. Contact. At Sanimax, Martial has led the transformation of our customer experience and supply chain operations, which was realized over a 3-year period through the implementation of major company-wide initiatives. Reliable, end-to-end services not only makes used cooking oil recycling and collection a nonissue, you can let your customers know that you are contributing to a greener tomorrow. Vice President, Finance and Administration, François has nearly 25 years of experience working for companies with national or worldwide operations. Our used cooking oil collection service is comprised of used cooking oil (UCO) which is generated from many segments of the food industry, including supermarkets, fast food chains, restaurants and small corner stores that offer fried foods. Or just call. Check Earth911 to see if there's a recycler near you that will accept it. He serves as a trustee at St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, from which he earned a BA in Economics, at Collège François-de-Laval and also at Fiducie du patrimoineculturel des Augustines, both in Quebec City. We are licensed waste carriers and provide duty of care waste notes on each collection. Michael’s role with Sanimax is in leading the Sales team for internally produced, finished rendered products as well as related third party products. She has served on the Board of Directors of Sanimal Inc. since 1999 and has been an active board member of other charitable organizations. Our biodiesel boasts a significantly lower carbon footprint and fewer tailpipe emi… When running any type of commercial kitchen, whether in a large restaurant or in the food court of a mall or stadium, you will need to have a system in place to dispose of used cooking oil. Our Used Cooking Oil Recycling Services include, but are not limited to: Raleigh - With our head office based in Raleigh, we frequently provide cooking oil recycling services in Raleigh. Restaurants, industrial food manufacturers, and rendering plants have two things in common: they all need to safely dispose of their used cooking oil, and they all want a solution that is as hands-off as possible. Booker Recycling Used Cooking Oil and Packaging Recycling Service To use this service you must be a Booker or Makro Customer. Data-driven processes for optimized scheduling, High density molded resin tank to resist to high temperatures, Greater employee safety through minimal handling of hot used oil, Eliminates odor and mess in the outside corral area, Level indicator with safety overflows system and electronic antit-heft valve, Optional heating element keeps cooking oil liquefied to prevent clogging, Automated vacuum transfer of oil through direct plumb, wand or caddy system, Eliminates odor and mess in outside corral area, Tapered design to prevent grease build up, Lightweight, easy to open cover with handles, Suitable for enclosed spaces and small corrals. Geneviève is a Leader of L’Effet A, an innovative program offering women concrete tools to propel their professional ambition and accelerate the development of their potential and she recently co-chaired the Major Fundraising Campaign (11 M$) for FitSpirit, aiming at engaging the 12-17 teenager girls to move. Throughout her career, Genevieve successfully lead several portfolios of responsibilities at SSQ Insurance, McKesson, Reitmans, Merck and BioChem Pharma. We buy used cooking oil throughout California. The Maine Oil Recycling Program (MORP) was initiated to promote better management of used oil being disposed of by the homeowner. Whether it’s implementing touch-less oil collection processes to keep your employees safe or an anti-theft system to avoid material losses, maintaining a security-centric environment is always a top priority. As the […] Facts about Oil Recycling. You can also call the Earth's 911 hotline (1-800-CLEANUP). Mahoney Environmental recycles used fryer oil, waste cooking oil, and grease trap material, turning these waste products into raw material that can be used to manufacture new products such as animal feed or alternative fuel (biodiesel). In this role, she directs the fate of the organization, comprised of 2 000 employees regrouped in the 16 Mutualist Societies and its Shared Services Center; all being engaged to deploy our unique offerings to our 630 000 insured members. Also known as the Do it Yourself (DYI) oil changer. Grand Natural Inc. PO Box 12431, Orange, CA 92859. More. Chairman of the financial audit and verification committee. Vice President, Sales, Proteins, Fats & Oils. Vice President, Manufacturing operations, North America. Name: * Phone: Grand natural inc offers pickup service for used cooking oil collection, grease collection, and used vegetable oil. 1.800.231.8555 Email Us Waste oil collection and recycling. We can match your needs as they grow without fuss or confusion. He holds a degree in Business Administration from Montreal’s École des Haute Études Commerciales. We pay top dollar for your used cooking oil and grease. Vincent began his career with Sanimax as Chief Counsel and Corporate Secretary of the company, but he quickly showed his interest in operations. He has served on numerous board positions, both business and charitable. The fat is separated from waste/debris, which consists mainly of water and protein from food waste or residue. He made the leap into the industry in 1995, serving in various management positions at Bombardier. Our team reclaims used cooking oil in a number of different North American cities. 587.897.3463. As Vice-President, People and Culture, he has worked in all areas of human resources management, where he has met significant challenges over the course of his career, including the modernization and cultural transformation of organizations, succession strategy of management teams and coaching of leaders and executives. Since 2011, Vincent has acted as an attorney while gradually assuming the leadership of our Québec facilities to finally be appointed Head of our North American plants and operations. Find a Used Oil Certified Collection Center Near You! Terry’s successful sales career began at H.J. She recently joined the Group Germain Board or Directors, where she is equally chairing the Governance and Human Resources Committee. Our Partners. Request Pickup. CalRecycle search tool Curbside oil & filter recycling collection. Collection, Recycling, Disposal. Having held key positions in various industries, he joined Sanimax in early 2015, attracted by the company’s entrepreneurial profile and international presence. Vice President, Supply chain, North America. Free UK Nationwide Waste Cooking Oil Collection , Disposal and Recycling. Blog. - See Maps : Google map (Drop pegman into action for street view) We work with you to develop appropriate used oil collection schedules based on your business needs. Come visit us. Call Us Today At (440) 786-1888. Jebro collects & recycles used oils, fuels, & antifreeze, sells asphalt, & provides heavy fuel oils. Julie is President of Placements Julie Couture Inc., a private holding company with interests both in rendering and commercial/residential real estate. Sanimax is currently experiencing significant growth in South America, mainly in Brazil and most recently in Colombia with the acquisition of Agrosan. Operating in collecting used cooking oil in Egypt, Lebanon, Kuwait Company Name Phone Number Address County Types Collected Auto Zone #1701 901-495-7217 11620 State Rt. Mrs. Geneviève Fortier, Fellow CHRP is Chief Executive Officer at Promutuel Insurance. Call Us Today At ♦ (440) 786-1888. Cater Oils is a family run company, providing waste oil collection & cooking oil services, supplying fresh cooking oils to the catering trade as well as collecting used cooking oils for recycling into bio-fuels. Julie earned a BA in Fine Arts from St. Lawrence University in Canton, New York, as well as a post-graduate degree from Ontario College of Art in Toronto. Recycle Cooking Oil . Floridas Used Oil Recycling Program has grown to become one of the most successful in the United States and has received national recognition.Annual Used Oil Registration and Renewal Information2019 Annual Used Oil He is also involved with the Young Presidents’ Organisation since 2008. Award-Winner of numerous prizes throughout her career, Genevieve has notably been recognized as one of the Top 5 Canadian Influential Women in Human Resources and Diversity in 2017, was a Finalist for the 2015 Alpha Business Personality of the Year and the Business Women in Québec Winner for Large Corporations in 2014. Until recently and since 2009, he was President and CEO of the Juvenile Segment at Dorel Industries Inc., overseeing many operating entities in Canada, the United States, Europe, Australia and South America. Biodiesel is a clean-burning fuel that is used in many types of motor vehicles (often city trucks and fleet vehicles) and can be used as heating oil. When the waste cooking oil arrives at our production facilities, we process and clean the used cooking oil by heating it to liquid form. Contact Us. Miami, Fort Lauderdale, Palm Beach, Tampa, Orlando. - Service types : drop off, pick up President of Alter Ego Capital, which he co-founded in 2013, Mr. Goulet is a committed entrepreneur with a successful track record in mergers & acquisitions and portfolio management. Many cities collect used oil and used oil filters from your home for free. - Office Hours & other notes. In 2004-2005 Ms. Fortier Chaired the Canadian Council of Human Resources Associations and from 2000-2004 she Chaired the Board of Directors for the Ordre des conseillers en ressources humaines et relations industrielles agréés du Québec. Location: Find Me. He holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business and has been trading cash commodities for over 25 years. Thanks for stopping by, and thanks for recycling! He is currently serving on Pro Con – a national paper converting business, Jo to Go – a franchise coffee distributor, FVMT – a metal fabrication business. To this end, Denis currently holds the position of Vice-President – Strategic Development, Governance and Culture for all South American operations, in order to build a high-performance management team that can, with a 5-year strategic plan, support the strong growth of future years. With Sanimax’s used cooking oil collection service, you can set it and forget it: our drivers can easily pull up to your facility and empty your exterior oil tanks without disrupting your operations. Heinz, where he moved up the ranks from Sales Representative to National Sales Manager in just ten years. The following are the main cooking oil collection and recycling services offered by Mahoney Environmental: Used Cooking Oil Collection. We service 46 US States and 9 Canadian Provinces. Durham - A short 30 minute drive from our head office, you'll often see the Greasecycle® service vehicle providing used oil recycling services in Durham. Many food manufacturers also … Home. We’ll be so quick and efficient, you won’t even know we were there. We offer a waste cooking oil disposal and recycling service throughout most of mainland Britain. In other words, it is free so that the restaurant can save the budget allocation and since grease is a commodity, you may even receive a rebate if the yields are high enough. His area of expertise includes strategic planning, management of accounting and financial operations as well as business and financial process reengineering. Before joining us, Martial was General Sales Manager at Univar, a global industrial and specialty chemicals distributor, where he led the company’s Central Canada Region through a major turnaround. Oil recycling has become a surprise for many people as it is kind of unbelievable fact that used oil can be recycled. Prior to Sanimax, Mike was with US Commodities located in Minneapolis and also with Tysons (IBP) located in Dakota City. With over 25 years of experience in human resources management, Éric Trudeau focuses his work on understanding business issues and provides solutions that are aligned with corporate values and culture. Mahoney Environmental – the leader in used cooking oil recycling for over 65 years – is dedicated to you, your restaurant and the environment. VOCARS (Vegetable Oil Collection and Recycling Services) collects used cooking oils, greases, and animal fats from restaurants and commercial cooking facilities. Mr. Basile is a member of the Board of OPMEDIC Group Inc. (TSX: OMG). Focused on improving and optimizing results and processes, François seeks to strike the right balance between strategy and fieldwork. Peace-of-mind used cooking oil pickup: set it and forget it. If you wish to be added to the list, please refer to DERR instructions to register for a used oil collection center. In 1997, he joined the management team of De Luxe Group, a North American leader of flexible packaging solutions for the food industry. Get the current prices for yellow and brown grease by calling us at 888-263-6637. Safety and security is at the heart of everything we do. Experienced Corporate Director, she chaired the Board of Directors for the CHUM between 2015-2019 and was a Neighbourhood Pharmacy Association Board Director in 2014-2016. Our used cooking oil collection service works around your business, to provide reliable and timely collections. Search. Eager to promote employee professional development, he acts as a facilitator in change management, which enables him to build a partnership with managers and support the management of their teams. As the […] Facts about Oil Recycling. Find used oil and filter recycling drop-off locations near you. Cooking oil is one of a kind which can be recycled into biodiesel. More recently, he served as Vice-President of marketing and sales for Vidéotron, a leading Quebec telecommunications company. Some cities have collection programs for recycling used cooking oil into biodiesel. Holder of a Bachelor of Business Administration from the University of Sherbrooke, he is a member of the Ordre des comptables professionnels agréés du Québec (CPA, CA) and the Québec Chapter of Financial Executives International Canada (FEI Canada). Search by city, county, or ZIP code using the CalRecycle search tool. Used oil services. He quickly rose to the position of President and became a major shareholder. Since 2007 Blue Honey Bio-Fuels has been one of Wisconsin’s and the Midwest’s leading providers of used cooking oil collection and refining services. Michael Carlson is based in Green Bay and began his career with Sanimax in 1994. Loma Linda Landfill Used Oil Collection Site Registration: GN-103 Owner: Greenlee County Board of Supervisors - 520-865-2072 P.O. Locate used oil recycling centers in your area by using the form below to search by city, county, or ZIP code. Mr. Goulet is a chartered accountant (CPA, CA) and holds a Bachelor of Commerce degree (accounting, urban planning and real estate) from Laval University. To register to become a Booker Customer, click here. John is the major shareholder of Rock Removal Resources LLC and Sand and Sun LLC, both of which he has participated at a senior management level. He started his career as an auditor at Ernst & Young in 1992. Learn about our oil collection service here. He is an active member of the National Renderers Association, the professional association of the rendering industry in North America, and is also deeply involved with the Young Presidents’ Organization since 2003. Advanced Search. Our reliable, professionally trained oil and grease specialists are on call to handle your used cooking oil pickups when, and where you need them. Grease Collection is committed to helping the community and the environment. From 1990 to 2003, he exercised his skills on behalf of I-Tech Sport Products Inc., where he held various key management positions, notably that of Senior Vice-President and COO from 1999 to 2003. Locate a used oil recycling center near you. Community. Traditionally, people saved their used cooking oils in a jar near the stove to be used for other purposes or tossed in the regular garbage once cooled enough. The oil we collect gets a second life as biodiesel, a cleaner burning alternative to petroleum diesel. Denis is a graduate of Université Laval in Quebec City in the field of people management. Denis is a graduate of Université Laval in Quebec City in the field of people management. Mr. Coallier sits on the Board of Directors of Stella-Jones and has been the recipient of several industry awards and honours. We will provide a free used cooking oil collection service as long as we are picking up over 35 gallons at given time. Our customers depend on us to keep their operations running smoothly. How to Prepare Used Cooking Oil for Biodiesel. Most recently, he served as Vice President of Human Resources for Groupe Robert, before returning to Sanimax in 2018, where he now holds the position of Vice President, People & Culture. Prior to joining Sanimax, Denis was Vice-President, People and Culture for Rona, where he held a management role in promoting leadership change strongly focused on the customer. Our nationwide waste oil recycling service provides you with a means of removing different types of waste oils and solvents from your site at very competitive rates. Answer’s here. Recognized for her strategic mindset, focus on customers and results-orientation, Genevieve is an inspiring leader, capable of mobilizing teams through clarity, empowerment and commitment. Call us today for service (855)-519-5550. Eric has held senior positions in Human Resources for various organizations, including Komatsu and General Mills. These instructions can also be obtained by calling (614) 644-2924. Between 2007 and 2013, he served as the Corporate Director of People & Culture at Sanimax. André has served in several leadership roles in the National Renderers Association and the Fats and Protein Research Foundation. Service in Florida. This career path allowed Vincent to have a unique experience and understanding of the company’s management and performance. Now, as Chairman of Sanimax, he is focusing on the strategic alignment between the management, the Board of Directors and the shareholders of Sanimax. André has held top leadership positions for more than 25 years, leading the transformation of a single-plant renderer into the current cross border company and creating a smooth transition from second to third generation ownership. At VOCARS, we are driven to provide excellent customer service and exceed the expectations of our customers. Mr. Basile has extensive experience as a senior manager in the consumer goods sector. Since 1995, he has been an active member of the National Renderers Association and other industry organizations. Areas We Service. About Us. From 2003 to 2009, he held a number of strategic positions within that company. Call us today for oil, coolant, or anti-freeze collection, and let us help you prevent pollution. Martial held the position of Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, until July 2018, when the Board of Directors appointed him President of Sanimax to lead the company’s North American operations. From corporate governance to manufacturing processes and the importance of sound financial management, Vincent is recognized as a result-oriented senior executive and a change agent with leadership and managerial courage who strongly advocates the development of his teams. He combines strong leadership skills with extensive operational experience. A Bachelor of Commerce graduate from Concordia University, he is also a Chartered Professional Accountant and Certified Management Accountant, Chair of the governance and human resources committee. - Waste/Used Oil Types Accepted: Used Motor Oil, Cooking Oil Restaurants, industrial food manufacturers, and rendering plants have two things in common: they all need to safely dispose of their used cooking oil, and they all want a solution that is as hands-off as possible. Prior to joining Sanimax, Vincent spent over ten years within one of the largest Canadian financial institution as Vice-President, Legal and Corporate Affairs – Communications. She is also a Corporate Director. 41, West Union, OH 45693 Adams Do-It-Yourselfers He pays particular attention to challenges related to recruitment, employee engagement and talent retention within the company. Since joining Sanimax in 1989, through his involvement in the Rendering and Restaurant Services units, two core sectors of the family business, Martin has gained an in-depth knowledge of the industry. In 1984 the Florida Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) implemented a used oil management program under Sections 403.75 through 403.769, Florida Statutes. We pay YOU for used cooking oil… We operate in and around the GTA in Ontario, all over Quebec, and in a number of U.S. states including Michigan, Minnesota (all cities), North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Wisconsin (all cities). Oil recycling has become a surprise for many people as it is kind of unbelievable fact that used oil can be recycled. How about a grease trap cleaning while we’re here?
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