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0 Base Value. He will then direct them to see Skjor. Skjor has already gone ahead so the two of you will have to catch up. They wish to welcome you into the Circle and he asks you to meet him outside the secret meeting place. If it is not dark yet, just use the wait function until it is (after 9pm works). Mantle of the Silver Hand is an armor mod for The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. I really want to become a werewolf in the game. Since we haven’t been there before,… Forums > Skyrim Discussion > Skyrim Help > Welcome to Skyrim Forums! Español - Latinoamérica (Spanish - Latin America), Note: This is ONLY to be used to report spam, advertising, and problematic (harassment, fighting, or rude) posts. I just got the Silver Hand quest for the compainions, so I fast forward a few hours so that it was night and I went to speak with Skior. Follow Skjor into the Underforge and listen to him as he explains what the place is and asks if you want to continue. The Silver Hand The Silver Hand has existed since before recorded history. While becoming a Companion a quest called Silver Hand showed up where I have to drink the blood of a werewolf and become one. Help . Meet with Skjor at night 3. So i went there and there was nothing there except Paarthunax's body. Right after finishing the “Proving Honor” quest, travel back to the Jorrvaskr—the easternmost hall in Whiterun—and talk to Skjor, one of the leaders of the … The Companions, The Dark Brotherhood, and The Blades —to name a few— have become old friends to Elder Scrolls fans.Yet, in the case of faction-based quests lines, Skyrim tends to fall a bit behind in comparison to earlier titles like Oblivion and Morrowind. It is basically about the Dragonborn taking the next step to better help the Circle by becoming stronger. Jump to: navigation, search. Continue through it and navigate through more iconic Skyrim … Register. But if I recall correctly, I think I was supposed to ask Aela who our next target is or something to continue the questline. I had done this wit another character and it worked fine, so I knew he said all the right diolgoe. It is based on the Silver Hand faction. The Silver Hand are a group of werewolf hunters. Also be sure you're not running over 1k mods like I was doing LOL! From Skyrim Wiki. But when I entered the underforge after speaking with him, he did not follow and nothing happened even though Aela was there. After the ritual, the Dragonborn has moved out into Whiterun, and everyone is alerted. They are enemies of the Companions, as they are aware that the mercenary group's elite inner circle are lycanthropes. Speak with her and she will tell you that you, she and Skjor will be assaulting a Silver Hand base at Gallows Rock. The Dragonborn can choose to end the war by wiping out most of the grouped members of the Silver Hand, leaving only small scattered groups. During the quest line for the Companions, the Dragonborn and Aela the Huntressstart a war against them. I have this problem, is there another way because i continued the game, I cant go back without undoing hours of work and effort. Just Curios Jenny did you play some old save what you started before getting some of the dawnguard or heartfire dlc?I mean you played a while and then got the dlc and continued playing your old saves? He will want you to meet him at the Underforge . I've read things that say you have to complete other quest in the game but it doesn't say which quest you have to complete? You can ask him a few details about what is going on if you want to. Use it to lower the gate barring your way forward. I had that same problem and that seemed to work for me. Go to Gallows Rock and fight your way in. Skjor will be standing right beside the outline, and Aela will enter first. Objectives Register now to participate using the 'Sign Up' button on the right. Silver Hand Stratagem. Once he is dead, you will discover the body of Skjor. The world-shaping titans gave this mighty hammer to Keeper Tyr, who used it to help liberate Azeroth from the wicked Old Gods. The quest The Silver Hand is obtained from Skjor and begins after Proving Honor. But when I entered the underforge after speaking with him, he did not follow and nothing happened even though Aela was there. Introduction: Hello, I currently am in the process of creating a Silver Hand mod, but not just any expansion. (Spoilers) User Info: Jiryn. I had done this wit another character and it worked fine, so I knew he said all the right diolgoe. I've become a werewolf and I've completely clear out the Silver Hand hideout and Skinner, the Chief Silver Hand, with my companion member Aela. Go back there and meet her to finish the quest. Joinable Silver Hand faction and quest line:--Have the choice to join the Silver Hand and cleanse Skyrim of the werewolf menace. Sign In. Skjor and the rest of the Circle is impressed with your accomplishments so far. We completed the quest (killing several more Silver Hand and draugr in the process) and returned to Jorrvaskr, where, after becoming a full member of the companions and completing another radiant quest, I was eventually given the opportunity to join the Circle, and thereby become a … She also informs you that Skjor already entered the fort. Hm i asked cause i was thinking maybe your save game got corrupted.Cause something is preventing the AI from that point to execute the script movement. They wish to welcome you into the Circle and he asks you to meet him outside the secret meeting place. :S. I think there's a console command that allows you to complete missions without having to complete them.. even though that is a little... cheap. Silver Hand Stratagem - Skyrim Wiki. I have finished Proving Honor and the radiant quest Hired Muscle, but now none of the companions will give any quest, radiant or major. Gamepedia. i have a solution. Take the stairs down. 2 members of the Silver Hand are around the cooked skeever. Note: Yet again this means the Dragonborn will have to make do without any follower of choosing. When you come back from Proving Honor, you will be told that Skjor wants to see you. When you are ready, tell him you agree and he will proceed with the ritual. To start this quest, the Dragonborn must either speak to a Companion, or go to Farkas, and ask him for a job. The Silver Hand quest is definitely one of them. Why can't I start the Companion Quest the silver hand in Elder Scrolls Skyrim? =Quick Walkthrough= 1. Glitch With "The Silver Hand" Companions Quest. The mod adds a headgear called Mantle of the Silver Hand. Objectives Collect a Glenmoril Witch's head 0. For example - The Silver Hand quest you say is bugged. Den of the Silver Hand. Read the quest information before just jumping to the console to fix every little thing as well. Skyrim: the Silver Hand Quest? I killed everyone in the camp and the game told me to go talk to Aela who according to the map is on the throat of the world. Silver Hand Stratagem {{{extra}}} Type. Blood's Honor is part of the main questline for The Companions and begins after The Silver Hand and a few of the other The Companions quests. The Silver-Hand to me is simply a group that hates werewolves, and upon learning that the Companions, the most prestigious fighters guild in Skyrim, has secretly "sold their souls" to become werewolves, view them as a lie and betrayers of not just them, but all Nords - Nord ideals, Nord heritage, and Nord history. This page was last edited on 12 November 2017, at 12:47. © Valve Corporation. Your vision will black out and you will awaken outside in wolf form. Clearing Skyrim: Gallows Rock . The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim; Do I have to do the "Silver Hand" Quest to become a Companion? After you have looted the place, or before, just speak to Aela and listen to her grieve for a while before she tells you to return to Jorvaskr ahead of her. Credits and distribution permission. Jiryn 9 years ago #1. Came back a few days later (in real life not the game) and Aela had disappeared. Skjor and the rest of the Circle is impressed with your accomplishments so far. Title: The Silver Hand Reborn Update 2020 Oct: Likely going to restart this project from scratch. Go talk to Skjor who will have something planned for you. Hunters affiliated with the Silver Hand are known to brandish Silver swords and seek to rid Skyrim of werewolves. I have a problem with the Silver Hand quest. Message me if you’d like to help. As you near the end of the dungeon, Aela will tell you about Krev the Skinner, your target in this base. Speak with him to continue. Requirements This mod does not have any known dependencies other than the base game. Post Comment. Note: On Skjor's body: Skyforge Steel Dagger, Skyforge Steel Sword, Wolf Armor, and Wolf Boots. Kill off the other Silver Hands before you deal with him. So Aela told me to go into Gallows Rock to kill the Silver hand people but I didn't and went away. Skjor will step up to Aela and slit her arm to fill the stone basin in front of you with blood. Hey guys, so I started a new playthrough on Skyrim recently, and I've reached the Silver Hand quest in the companions questline. Just do whatever you please until you black out again. On the left-hand side is a pull chain. 6. Head inside the building. They then must head inside the Underforge, and when ready tell Skjor to begin the ritual. “The Silver Hand” quest is not part of the main Skyrim storyline, and is optional to engage into once you’re playing the game. Start sneaking, or get ready for a fight. Aela points out that they are already beyond saving anyway. Upon entering Dustman's Crypt, kill the Silver Hand beyond the door and head through the wooden door, revealing a caged overpass. Depending on time of the day, you can find Skjor in the main chamber of the Jorrvaskr sanctuary or in the living quarters in Jorrvaskr. ... Unlocked Companions quest: The Silver Hand. Aela will congratulate you on surviving the initiation and inform you that the Silver Hand, a group of werewolf hunters, have inhabited Gallows Rock and will not hide the fact that they should be slaughtered right away. But consuming victims not only prolongs the werewolf "frenzy" but also starts to yield Werewolf Perks. Simply step up to the basin, the Underforge Fountain, and drink the blood. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim - The Silver Hand Quest with ... ... About I just got the Silver Hand quest for the compainions, so I fast forward a few hours so that it was night and I went to speak with Skior. If you got the time reinstal the game back to vanila and try the save again.If a mod caused you problems clean instaled game should fix the messed up scripts for movement of the npcs.Then you can be sure about the savegame if its corrupted or not. All rights reserved. With this mod, you can become a member of the Companions' Circle (The Silver Hand Quest) as Non-Werewolf Good Alignment Character, if you are The Champion Of Hircine. When you come back from Proving Honor, you will be told that Skjor wants to see you. Enter the Underforge 4. In the two-leveled room with many boxes on the floor, make sure to search for An Explorer's Guide to Skyrim which will add a few map markers for later exploration. Start the “Silver Hand” quest. “The Silver Hand” is the third quest in the Companions storyline in Skyrim. Origins: Overtime I needed the idea for a mod, I'm really into factions and feel as though they help define your character and their play style. There is a rather clear outline along the rock wall that indicates where the secret entrance is. The Silver Hand TES V: Skyrim Guide. Go over to the right, to the hallway with the pair of werewolf heads. Any ideas? Go find him and he will tell you to meet him at the entrance to the Underforge after dark. There are two skill books in this place the One-Handed skillbook is in a large southern chamber while the Smithing skillbook is beside a workbench. Over the ages that followed, the Silver Hand served as a testament to the bravery and sacrifice of the keeper. What the Dragonborn does with the new werewolf power is up to the Dragonborn as Aela points out. From faction quests to the main storyline itself, we've compiled a list of 10 of the best main quests in Skyrim, ranked from good to best. I killed the skinner, and completed the quest. Is the quest bugged or have you tried to do something, such as stand at the door for hours waiting? Well so sorry to hear that but sems try to turn few more mods off until you can be sure.From the sound of it you gona be starting over with a new game. I've returned to Whiterun and the quest is marked as solved in my diary, but when I ask for work my companions tell me I am already working on something. During this stage, your main character, the Dragonborn, will have the chance to become a werewolf in order to complete a special mission. Exit Jorvaskr and go around to where the Skyforge is. Fully joinable faction and quest line, allowing the player to rise through the ranks leading up to the eventual storming of Jorrvaskr and killing Kodlak Whitemane, head of the Companions. Near the base of the steps there will be an outline of a door in the stone. You can free the caged werewolves if you want but they will just attack you. 0 ID. Once you participate in the ritual u spawn outside as a werewolf, go back into the underforge (takes a couple seconds to open up again) after you are inside use the command player.removespell 92c48 and wait till beast form is over, you should then wake up in the forest with aela. All trademarks are property of their respective owners in the US and other countries. Skyrim Wiki is a Fandom Gaming Community. You may now register with your Facebook or Steam account! The problem is, I forgot to do that, and I just left Gallow's rock after completing the quest. Go find him and he will tell you to meet him at the entrance to the Underforge after dark. Misc Item Quest Item Weight. New primary objective: Talk to Skjor. Even though the Proving Honor quest is in the completed section, … I'm already in the Companions with the quest: Proving Honor, Take Up Arms, and Trouble In Skyrim Completed. Skjor goes to the cave AFTER 10 pm, not before, and not immediately after telling you to meet him. So i went out, and now i'm being automaticlly pulled into talking to him, and all that there is to say to him is "what does it mean to be a companion". 0. Skyrim Forums. Talk to Skjor 2. The Elder Scrolls games are known for featuring different factions that the player can interact with. Skjor will insist they meet him at the Underforge at night. Participate in the blood ritual 5. Not surprisingly, Driftshade Refuge is crawling with hostile Silver Hand members, so take advantage of your follower and kill the opposition one by one. However, while the Silver Hand solely hunts werewolves and members of the Companions, it is evident that the group is overzealous … Other user's assets Some assets in this file belong to other authors. You will be awoken by Aela who has plans to celebrate your induction into the Circle. In a large circular room with tanning racks is Krev. You then have to use player.addspell 92c48 to get beast form again. Reload from an older game save.
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