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Think intimidating! “I think when they see their moms on their skates they definitely look up to them. OC Roller Girls was founded by Heather Shelton (“Disco Dervish”) in 2006. If you're a team player, you love skating, you don't mind getting bruised, and beating the heck out of the other team sounds like a fantastic amount of fun, roller derby may be for you! Lucky for you, we have a list of good, dirty, and funny names to spare! Jan 28, 2015 - Explore Skylar Sitser's board "Roller derby names" on Pinterest. The is an alphabetized list of Roller Derby Names claimed by roller derby athletes and registered on this site. Getting through the blockers isn't easy; the jammer faces an often-fierce phalanx of hips, butts, and shoulders! A snippet of derby life, by Athena Latina, a roller derby girl in Wasilla, Alaska. Here are some tips for coming up with the perfect roller derby team name: I don’t know about you, but if I were playing against any of these teams, I’d be pretty intimidated by the sound of their names! Most players skate under pseudonyms, also known as "derby names" or "skater names.". Save Last Name. Internacional WFTDA Playoffs – 2018 – LR. We get to vent our frustrations in a healthy way on the track; we also get exercise! Randomize. As of December 2004, the Bob Sedillo-owned Roller Games International (RGI) league still operates a single team, the Los Angeles Thunderbirds (T-Birds). “I’ve been with OCRG’s derby league for just over two years and have absolutely seen a shift," says Maria Delgado Charnell (a.k.a. SportsAspire comes up with some really cool roller derby team name ideas. Today is National Voter Registration Day! 50 Cool Roller Derby Team Name Ideas That are Very Impressive. Roller Derby Names and Team Names Roller Derby also adopted the notion of giving players and teams colorful names just like Professional Wrestlers. Do You Know Your Roller Derby Name? “Rolla Chola”) who competes with the Orange County Roller Girls and leads their recruitment. Coming up with a name for yourself can be tricky, so unless your team can bestow one on you naturally, here are some tips for choosing your own roller derby name: Your team name should make other teams quake with fear. Finally, as Adrian Nole says, being a Latina and competing in roller derby can mean that both worlds enrich each other. Most players skate under pseudonyms, also known as "derby names" or "skater names." By the 1960s and into the 1970s, women’s roller derby began to devolve into a cheesy, fake-fighting form of entertainment, not unlike Hulk Hogan-type wrestling. I remember SKINNY MINNIE MILLER and DYNAMITE DARRYL DAVIS from the 1970s and possibly the 1980s. Anyone can find a woman on our league to identify with.”, Freshman coach Albert Garcia (“Dos Pesos”), who has been volunteering for five years, says, “We start skaters at 18, and we have women who are in their fifties; one of whom, Rolla Chola, is one of our fastest skaters. We love roller derby because it was founded on self expression and creativity just like us. But the sport itself is very inviting to all walks of life. All the women are beautiful, intelligent, and strong. Once you've decided on a derby name of your own, we'd love to make you a custom sticker as unique as you are. The rules of roller derby are schoolchild-simple: knock each other down. She has more than succeeded: she now has about 180 skaters – with awesome names like “Pulp Friction” and “The Wheel Housewives of Orange County” – up from just seven contenders five years ago. Click here to submit your Roller Derby Name ***A Quick Note*** Some users are finding that their name already exists in the database search. Look no further. Here is 101+ fantasy hockey team names to help your team kick the competition's ass! "I see all the new women coming in. If you’ve ever witnessed the sometimes brutal competition of a derby bout, then you know just how tough you need to be for the sport. Aug 6, 2018 - Explore Elizabeth Majka's board "Roller Derby", followed by 294 people on Pinterest. It was broadcast for one season (1989–1990). The Men's Roller Derby Association (MRDA), which started in 2006 as a group of guys inspired by the women's game who wanted to play roller derby for fun, has grown to 31 leagues in the U.S. and beyond. Women’s roller derby began when sportswriter Damon Runyon noticed crowds going wild for women who collided during standard skate derbies, which began in the early 1930s as pure endurance competitions. Looking for some help creating a Derby name. I hope this article has given you a few good ideas to help you brainstorm the perfect derby name for yourself, your teammates, and your team as a whole. Well after I rented Whip It, that Drew Barrymore-directed movie about a roller derby team, I totally wanted to come up with my own roller derby girl name. This article will look at some of the most famous and prestigious football (soccer) derbies which take place across some of the best leagues from around the world. RollerGames is a U.S. television series that presented a theatrical version of the sport of roller derby, and featured a number of skaters who had been in the Roller Games league (1961–1975), as well as younger participants. List of funny and clever team names for your 2021 fantasy hockey team. Name was given by Farmer's Slaughter of Central New York Roller Derby. I sometimes think that it’s Latinas that don’t accept ourselves in this kind of sport,” she says. she added. Modern roller derby, an amateur, full contact sport on quad roller skates, represented various women’s issues such as roles in society, identity, and community. The rise of the Roller Derby Roller “Derbies” originated as either amateur or paid roller skating races which remained popular up until the 1920’s. "Being a mom of a two-and-a-half-year-old, myself, I hope to inspire her to follow her heart and to be a strong, confident women who knows she can succeed with anything she does and maybe play derby someday herself.”. Often, names are plays off of female names. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. I sometimes think that it’s Latinas that don’t accept ourselves in this kind of sport,” she says. If you're great on roller skates and comfortable taking an elbows-out approach with others, then roller derby might be the contact sport for you!
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