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Magnificent flowers from December well into April. Evergreen and impervious to tough garden conditions! Extremely vigorous plant with unsurpassed flower count at very young age. ... Ciemiernik "HGC® Ice N' Roses® Red" (Helleborus) Dodaj do koszyka Ciemiernik HGC® Ice Breaker® Fancy (Helleborus) 39, 99 PLN. Helleborus x glandorfensis ‘Ice n Roses Dark Picotee’ • Use: One of the easiest perennials to grow, Hellebores are indifferent to environmental stresses from heat and humidity to poor soil and even drought. Flower color: Pink-UPOV Brown purple-RHS 186B. 39, 99 PLN. Lenten Roses are wonderful plants for the early spring garden. Boasting more blooms than most other Hellebore cultivars, Ice 'n Roses® Red is a fine addition to the shade border. Producent: Zymon Cena: 38,00 z ł. szt. Sun Needs: Partial sun or shade. The Helleborus Ice N’ Roses won’t disappoint the consumer! Pink. Waga produktu: 2 kg. Noted for its long blooming season, Helleborus 'HGC Ice 'n' Roses Red' (Hellebore) features single, rounded, rich ruby-red blossoms adorned with a crown of creamy stamens. Watering Needs: Let dry between waterings. That is why Ice N’ Roses sets the standard for true floral genius. The Ice N Rosés is available with red to deep red flowers but also with white and pink. Watering Needs: Let dry between waterings. From the Helleborus Gold Collection® (HGC). Waga produktu: 1 kg. White, pink-rimmed blooms – charming bicoloured flowers as those of Ice N' Roses® Picotee have been only a rare appearance among Snow Roses up to now. Cultivars / Varieties: H. croaticus Croatian Hellebore H. foetidus Stinking Hellebore H. lividus subsp. Helleborus. Genus. Additional information. corsicus Corsican Hellebore H. niger Black Hellebore H. orientalis Christmas Rose H. x glandorfensis 'Ice N' Roses' Ice N' Roses Hellebore H. x hybridus hybrid Hellebores Jej intensywnie czerwone kwiaty, wystające nad foremną kępą skórzastych, ciemnozielonych liści przyciągną wzrok każdego. Mulch to maintain summer moisture. Poinformuj mnie gdy produkt będzie dostępny. This variety sports beautiful icy pink flowers that are front facing and boy do they put on a show! Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Rose' is a slightly darker pink version of Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Picotee' with light pink outfacing flowers, edged in dark pink, with a dark pink back. Size: 1 … Podczas łagodniejszych zim, gdy pokrywa śniegu jest cienka jego pierwsze kwiaty możemy zobaczyć już w styczniu i cieszyć się nimi aż do maja. Bardzo ciekawa, większa odmiana o dwubarwnych kwiatach. Plant database entry for Hellebore (Helleborus Gold Collection® Ice N' Roses Rose) with one image and 25 data details. Poinformuj mnie gdy produkt będzie dostępny. Very compact. They had a beautiful selection of flowers and quickly found what I was looking for. Flowering month(s): February. Find us online: Don't miss out - Sign up to our newsletter to receive the latest news and offers straight to your email. They are poisonous, keeping diseases and pests at bay, and very hardy in almost any climate. Exposure. Flowering month(s): March. They are poisonous, keeping diseases and pests at bay, and very hardy in almost any climate. This new collection is bred from Christmas Roses for their winter blooms, Snow Roses for their robust habit and Lenten Roses for their variety of colors. Down turned blooms are blush pink shade with white veining. Buy 3+ at $20.95 ea Buy 6+ at $19.95 ea Snow Roses flower unfailingly from December until well into March, producing a myriad of blooms in white, pink, or cream. Helleborus ‘Ice N’ Roses Barolo’ Snow Rose Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Barolo' SKU: TL-hellice55. USDA Zone: 4 to 8. Product Information. Variety. Flower Color is Pink and blooms in Winter. Helleborus x ballardiae 'HGC Cinnamon Snow' (=Coseh 700) £15.99. Flowering month(s): January. They belong in every part shade garden and should be planted more often. Helleborus Ice N Roses Rose aka Winter rose New 2 Us from the latest Ice N Roses collection Ice N Roses Rose hellebore will flower tirelessly through winter and well into spring producing gorgeous rose pink, outward facing blooms, held above the leaf. read more . Ice ‘N Roses Pink Hellebore combines the early flowers of Christmas Rose with the colors of Lenten Rose, and the robust nature of Snow Roses. These sparkling ruby-red gems are a treasure in the late winter/early spring garden. USDA Zone: 4 to 8. Synonyms Helleborus 'Coseh 4100' . Podczas łagodniejszych zim, gdy pokrywa śniegu jest cienka jego pierwsze kwiaty możemy zobaczyć już w styczniu i cieszyć się nimi aż do maja. Helleborus Gold Collection. View Schedule $22.95. From the Helleborus Gold Collection. Ciemiernik 'HGC ® Ice N' Roses Early Red' (Helleborus 'HGC ® Ice N' Roses Early Red') Atrakcyjna długoletnia bylina, o zaskakującym terminie kwitnienia. Ciemiernik' HGC® Pink Frost' (Helleborus) średnia: 0.0 ocen: 0. Foliage Color: Marbled Gray-Green. Flowering month(s): December. 2ft Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Rose' | 4.5L Pot | By Helleborus Gold Collection [PL52022] 2ft Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Rose' | 4.5L Pot | By Helleborus Gold Collection New The unusual flower colour delights the eye from December into spring, especially if Ice N' Roses® Picotee is planted in Other common names hellebore [HGC Ice 'n' Roses Red] . The foliage is thick, leathery, and dark green forming valuable evergreen mounds. The flower colours ranges from white to yellow, pink to blackish–purple, often with exquisite internal markings. Ice n' Roses 'Red' -- The big, bold and impressive Helleborus Ice 'n Roses 'Red' offers large, outward-facing flowers in a rich, velvety, deep red colour that is incredible when back lit by the winter sun. Lenten roses are hardy and easy to grow. Helleborus. Genus Helleborus can be rhizomatous, herbaceous or semi-evergreen perennials forming a clump of pedate basal leaves, or evergreen with erect, leafy stems. Growth Habit: Mound. 1-Quart Item # 38378. Szczególnie jesli zobaczymy je na tle szarego przez wieksosc czasu o … The deer resistant evergreen foliage is dark glossy green. Helleborus HGC Ice N’ Roses Picotee. Ice N' Roses® Series ‘Rosado’ The Ice N' Roses® series from Heuger is a new line of genetics that have produced several vigorous and robust varieties in vivid colors. Its large, boldly colored rosy-red blooms carry the garden beautifully from winter to spring -- and also make excellent cutflowers for the vase. Helleborus HGC® Ice N' Roses® Picotee Helleborus Gold Collection® Lenten Rose. Wysyłka od: 22.00 PLN. Dorasta do 50-60cm tworząc gęste kępy zimozielonych liści ponad którymi barwnie królują skierowane ku górze kwiaty. From the Helleborus Gold Collection. 70,50 zł z dostawą. Helleborus niger HGC Snowfrills (=Coseh 230) £19.99. Zapamiętaj. Bicolor rose pink and white, upward-facing flowers in great profusion, even when young. Helleborus HGC Pink Frost =Coseh 710. Family Ranunculaceae . 39, 99 PLN. Snow Roses from the Helleborus Gold Collection ® are particularly free-flowering and easy to care for. Ice ‘N Roses Pink is very vigorous and flowers profusely with showy pink blooms. Hardiness zone 5a, 5b, 6a, 6b, 7a, 7b, 8a, 8b. Full Sun to Part Shade. Flower color distribution: Unicolored with trace. Grows in Part Sun to Light Shade. ... Ice ‘N Roses Rose – Pink. Unlike most hellebores, the flowers face outward attracting interest. Hellebore HGC® Ice 'n Roses® Red Add Winter Interest to the Shade! Magnificent flowers from December well into April. The Ice N Rosés is the first Helleborus that can be planted in the garden in full sun. 24" Description. Blooms from early winter to late spring. 5.0 1. Latin Name: Helleborus x glandorfensis. Flower type: Single. Helleborus. The flowers in this series range from pure white to rose-pink as well as deep reds and even some with picotee edges. Stunning when backlit with the sunshine. Ciemiernik 'HGC ® Ice N' Roses Rosado' (Helleborus 'HGC ® Ice N' Roses Rosado') Atrakcyjna długoletnia bylina, o zaskakującym terminie kwitnienia. Long-lived, they slowly spread into Ships in Spring at the proper planting time for your zone. For a long time, it was thought that the winter flowering Helleborus varieties could not be crossed with the spring flowering Helleborus varieties. Long-lived, they slowly spread into glorious colonies. do koszyka dodaj do koszyka. Helleborus HGC Ice N'Roses Rose (Ciemiernik) HGC® Ice N' Roses® Picotee. Helleborus orientalis Double Pink 3l (Ciemiernik w. 45, 50 zł. Beautiful upward facing flowers. Needs well drained soil. Deciduous/Evergreen: Evergreen. Hellebore ‘Ice N’ Roses Pink’ Lenten Rose Helleborus 'Ice N' Roses Pink' SKU: TL-hepi1-3. Helleborus glandorfensis Ice n Roses Picotee PPAF aka Ice n' Roses Pink Picotee Hybrid Lenten Rose. 13-24" Spread. The mixed varieties are robust, have a … Because of their strong growth, they need plenty of space in the garden. A seedless variety. Most of the color choices in this series bloom from December to March with many holding their flowers well into spring. 1 Reviews — Write a Review. Helleborus Ice N' Roses Red - Common name:Lenten Rose, Hellebore - Outward-facing deep-red flowers reign supreme! Opening from dark purple buds, these charming and dainty beauties bloom heavily for weeks from late winter to mid spring.
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