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The point of the device is to protect everything below it from rain and melting snow and ice. Common problems with a chase cover include: If installed incorrectly, a chase cover can allow water to flow directly into the chimney, lowering efficiency, raising risk of fire, and causing damage and rust to parts within the system. The covers are similar to a lid on a shoe box and are commonly used with pre-fabricated fireplaces that have a wood-framed chimney chase. Blue Sky Chimney Sweeps installs custom chase covers that are made to fit your chimney chase perfectly. Neither of those things is true, however, if your chase cover is starting to fail. When a cover is rusted, warped or ill-fitting, water can seep into the chimney flue and lead to significant component and structural damage. Chimney chase covers (also called chase tops) offer a solid layer of protection against water at the top of your chimney. Each installation also includes new collars and storm collars sealed with NPC terpolymer sealant as extra protection against leaks. Chimney Chase Covers . | Service Areas | Web Marketing by Brandtastic. The chase cover is designed to protect the chase, the chimney system, and your home, from the effects of the elements — specifically, water. It fits on top of the chimney like a shoe box and is screwed in from the sides Northeastern Chimney LLC. When professionally installed, these components come with a lifetime warranty that covers rust, corrosion and manufacturer defects. Our Chimney Chase Covers. All Rights Reserved. Copper chimney chases are considered top-of-the-line but their high cost usually makes them impractical. None of these examples were due to deterioration of the chimney. West Hartford CT 06110. We’ll make sure your new chase cover is installed properly and ready to protect your prefabricated chimney, season after season. When we install a beautiful new chimney chase cover for you, you’ll have many years of top, safe performance and a true stylish amenity at the top of your chimney. The clearest signs of a deteriorated chase cover are rust streaks on the sides of the chimney. A chimney chase cover is installed at the top of the chimney to protect the entire system from the elements. Chimney caps vary in function. Chimney Chase Cover Replacement and Installation. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Stove, Fireplace & Insert Sales, Installation & Repair. When chimney chase covers become rusted or otherwise damaged, your chimney structure is at risk of major water intrusion. A chimney chase cover is a cap that seals off the top of a wood framed or brick laid chimney chase. 860-233-5770. The Difference between a Chimney Crown, Chase Cover, and Chimney Cap. If your chimney has multiple flues, choose between a set of small caps or one large multi-flue cover for a cleaner look. Custom Size Chimney Pad / Chimney Chase Cover. Which type of cap you need. The chase installed around your factory-built chimney serves a dual role. If you’re in need of a new chase cover or would like to have yours inspected for proper fit and condition, call ChimneyTEK at 410-796-8450 or click here . A professional chimney inspection performed by our certified technicians is the first step in determining the condition of your chimney chase cover. Do you need to have a damaged chase cover replaced? The majority of the time when a chimney is leaking, it is caused by the chimney chase cover. These are also designed with a slope for optimum water-shedding ability. None of these … The chase cover is the “roof” on the top of your chimney chase. ... masonry repair, chimney caps, fireplace cleaning, fireplace insert and wood stove sales and installation in all of central Connecticut. A corroded or damaged chimney chase cover can no longer perform an especially essential function. Here are some examples of improper installation of chimney chase covers. Protect Your Chimney & Prevent Rust Stains With A New Stainless Steel Chase Cover. If you have a factory-made chimney, you likely have a chase cover. When chimney chase covers become rusted or otherwise damaged, your chimney structure is at risk of major water intrusion. Chimney Chase Covers, in addition to Chimney Caps, keep your fireplace safe and dry. Stainless steel is one of the strongest metals which makes it an excellent material for a chase cover. Call Mountain Home Chimney and Flame today at 870-481-5977, and make an appointment with our experienced technicians! Call (716) 907-4914 in and around Buffalo or (585) 308-4914 in the Rochester area. The majority of the time when a chimney is leaking, it is caused by the chimney chase cover. Home » Chimney & Fireplace Repairs » Leaky Chimney Repair » Chase Cover Installation. Products. Chase tops … Damaged chases also have a noticeably negative effect on a home’s curb appeal. Any pre-existing damage. The chimney chase top, (chimney chase cover) is usually metal, constructed of formed aluminum or stainless steel. Chimney Chase Covers If you have a pre-fab chimney with wood, metal, or vinyl siding, a chase cover is the lid that keeps water and animals out of your chimney. Water will leak in old and rusted metal covers, causing damage to your fireplace and chimney. While these rust stains are unsightly, they’re a good first clue that there’s a problem with your chase top that needs addressing. Copper is another very durable choice, and although it’s generally the most pricey option, it can’t be matched for looks — when weather starts to create that unique colorful patina that you only get with copper, it’s hard to deny the beauty these chase covers add. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney provides expert chimney chase cover repair and installation throughout Buffalo NY, Rochester NY, Webster NY, Amherst NY, West Seneca NY, Lancaster NY, Grand Island NY, Lewiston NY and other regional cities and towns. Available in Copper, Lead Coated Copper, Freedom Gray, Stainless Steel Aluminum and Steel. Chimney chase covers are only used with factory-built chimneys made of metal, wood, or vinyl siding, rather than masonry chimneys, which rely on chimney caps. Any rusted part of the chimney or a spot covered with rust stains is always the sign for a chimney cap replacement. When you count on us for chimney chase cover replacement or installation, you are investing in quality. These units function similarly to chimney caps, which sit atop masonry chimneys. A corroded chimney cap will last one to three years maximum. When a chimney chase cover degrades to the point that it can no longer keep moisture from penetrating within, it will always be wise to replace it right away. Home » Chimney & Dryer Vent Services » Chase Cover Installation Chimney Chase Covers Are A Must-Have Chase covers fit over the top, outermost opening of chimneys with wood, metal, or vinyl siding, and are designed to keep precipitation, debris and animals out of your chimney. You can also request an appointment online – just click here! Your chimney chase is the decorative surrounding that covers the flue on the inside of your chimney. What does a chimney cap do? Water damage from rust and rot will make the fireplace and flue pipe a fire hazard. The chimney chase cover on prefab chimneys often is the culprit in cases like this. Click Here to Visit Holiday Fireplace Shop. Call us first for all necessary chimney services including: If you live within the Buffalo or Rochester regions including the Allentown neighborhood or the Delaware District neighborhood, we’re ready to help with all your chimney projects. When they break down, it’s generally in the form of rust and corrosion — and when you look up at your home, the eye is immediately drawn to the unattractive rust lines streaking down the chase cover and chase. Improper installation is often the biggest reason why the chimney cover is leaking. If you need shorter-term protection, galvanized metal can certainly work. What is a chimney chase cover? The chimney cap goes on top of your chase cover. The chase also has visual benefits that are well worth noting. A factory-built chimney is a simple pipe, but when it’s enclosed by a chase — finished with siding like the home, or a facade that looks like masonry — that chimney becomes a beautiful addition to your home. First is function: It helps that chimney last longer by providing protection against the elements, keeping rain, snow and sleet away from its surface, and bolstering it against harsh winds. If it rusts or begins to fail, you’ll likely have a leak on your hands. All of our covers are constructed with cross breaks and a drip edge to facilitate water flow away from your flue. These devices feature creased tops to keep water from pooling on them. We recommend stainless steel chimney chase covers. A broken liner then puts chimney masonry and combustible materials of the home at risk of fire and decomposition due to acidic smoke gasses. Some optimize airflow while keeping out pests, wind and debris. You’ll also have the guarantee that the work was done safely and correctly. Over time, chase covers can become damaged and need to be repaired or replaced. A New Chase Cover Stops Water Leaks on a Prefab Chimney . Stainless steel liners for your chimney may be the best way to repair certain chimney problems. We recommend replacing your rusted chase cover with a new stainless steel chase cover with metal ribbing designed to maintain a convex shape and shed water away from the chimney structure. But if you want something that will really last, we can talk about some other options. When this happens, you need certified chimney repair professionals to handle the job. We can quickly tell you whether your damaged chase top needs repair work or replacement. If you have a factory-built fireplace and chimney system, you should have a chase cover at the top of your chase, performing a function much like that of a chimney crown on a masonry chimney: protecting it against rain, snow, sleet, ice and other unfriendly elements. Copper and stainless steel chimney chase covers are higher quality and most durable. This economical chimney cap is the obvious choice to protect a chimney on a budget. Additional cost factors include: Type of chimney flue. Chimney chase covers are typically made from low grade steel, which will rust over a short period of time. Factory-built fireplaces are hugely popular with a lot of homeowners. Chimney Chase Cover Installation in Thomasville, NC. Chase Cover Installation. High’s Chimney installs aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting stainless steel chimney chase covers. It keeps water, debris, and animals out of your chimney chase while allowing the free passage of smoke and gas. If you have a newer home in Manchester, Nashua, Candia, or another neighboring community, chances are you have a vinyl-sided chase surrounding your chimney, rather than a brick and mortar chase. Home » Chimney & Fireplace Installations » Chase Cover. Felgemacher recommends sturdy, long-lasting stainless steel chimney chase tops. Like the chimney crown on a masonry chimney, a chase pan is performing an important protective function, working to keep water away from the flue. The chase tops we’ll provide for your chimney are made of rugged 24- to 20-guage stainless steel with welded seams. It normally features 3.5" tall sides, with an x-bend to add rigidity. The cover (sometimes called a cap) protects your flue and is at the very top of the chimney. Chimney Chase Cover or Cap Replacement Cost Expect to pay $150 to $200 with installation for a new chimney cover. The chimney cap is installed onto the chase cover in the same way as with a chimney crown on a masonry chimney. It costs between $150 and $700 to install a chimney cap. Improper installation is often the biggest reason why the chimney cover is leaking. A chimney chase cover is a chimney top covering which seals it off, preventing moisture from getting in. A rusted and corroded chase cover, however, soon allows water to access the chimney, access the flue and, often enough, access the home’s interior. If your chase cover is damaged, it’s possible that it’s made of lightweight aluminum or galvanized steel, both of which are susceptible to rusting and corrosion. Usually made of wood or metal, chimney chases tend to rust, rot, and damage over time—exposing the inside of your chimney to animals, debris, and water. A chase cover keeps rain, snow, pests, and debris like leaves out of your chimney and helps prevent damage to the chimney itself, the fireplace and the framework of a home. Browse popular brands like Forever Cap before making your choice. If you have a chimney leak, or have just noticed that you have a rusty chase cover that’s clearly past its prime, contact us — we can replace the cover and have your chase back to its functional, beautiful best. Find out if this is the best solution for you when you give us a call. They come with various collar heights, side skirts and drip edges that prevent water from running down the chase siding. Even small rust stains make the metal to start corroded, which finally causes chimney damages, through letting rainwater inside the chimney and destroying wooden construction. Chimney liners can eventually suffer decay if water and moisture stay in constant contact with them. Inferior chimney chase covers contain areas that collect water, causing rust to form quickly. 37 Cody Street. Stainless steel chase covers are sleek, beautiful, and incredibly durable — we highly recommend moving up to stainless steel if you don’t want to have to deal with chase cover issues any time in the near future. While galvanized metal is the most affordable option, it doesn’t provide the most durability — we’ve seen galvanized metal begin to corrode in as few as five years. The price goes higher depending on the chosen material for the chimney cap and its size. The chase also has visual benefits that are well worth noting. More often than not, when Mountain Home Chimney and Flame technicians are called to replace a chase cover, we’re replacing a galvanized metal chase cover. Chimney services companies like Admiralty Chimney gives their chimney caps installation costs at $85 an hour excluding the chimney cap price. Here are some examples of improper installation of chimney chase covers. Resealing the chimney flashings is a common maintenance item which should at least be checked if not repaired every few years. Chase Cover Installation. The smallest gap or hole on the chase cover can lead to expensive water damage. Chase Cover Installation. Protecting the chase, on top, is a chase pan, generally made of galvanized metal, stainless steel or copper. The chase cover is the piece of metal that covers the entire top surface of your chimney housing and extends over the exterior edges of your siding. A chase cover serves a role akin to the chimney crown on a masonry chimney, directing water away from the top of the flue and protecting the surfaces at the top of the chimney. Sort By: SKU Product Price Default Sales Add date Rating. © 2020 Felgemacher. How much does it cost to have a chimney cap installed? Chimney Chase Installation Contractor. Easy Installation Besides being budget-friendly, chimney caps are easy to … Water is a destructive force against bricks and mortar as well as metal fittings such as the fireplace damper. The chase installed around your factory-built chimney serves a dual role. Chimney Chase Cover Installation in Gaithersburg, MD. As with a masonry chimney system, water is a huge enemy to a factory-built chimney system. First is function: It helps that chimney last longer by providing protection against the elements, keeping rain, snow and sleet away from its surface, and bolstering it against harsh winds. When the reservoir overflows, ugly, rusty water runs down and stains everything it touches. Despite this difference, the purpose of both is the same: To protect the fireplace from the elements and to keep wildlife out. Felgemacher Masonry & Chimney has been inspecting chimney structures and all their components for homeowners in the Buffalo NY and Rochester NY regions since 1953. We find leaks here especially where the top is framed and enclosed "flat" and the top flashing lacks adequate pitch and stiffness to avoid collapsing, … It’s a fact of home ownership – most chimney chase covers rust out and need replacing. According to figures from the Hearth, Patio & Barbecue Association, more than half a million factory-built fireplaces are installed every year (and that makes up over 75 percent of total fireplaces installed)..
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