Non-Deciduous Shade Trees. 850 York    Sweet michelia (Magnolia doltsopa), Himalayas (fragrant flowers appear in winter), 53. (CBS San Francisco) — TPC Harding Park has enjoyed a long and interesting life on the banks of Lake Merced in southwest San Francisco. Rarity is a plus - there are some trees that wouldn’t make my list but for the fact that they’re so rare in San Francisco. With those ground rules, here are my top 10 “landmark trees” for San Francisco. 148 Noe     Hibiscus tree (Hibiscus rosa-sinensis), tropical Asia (tree is on Henry; not known to thrive in San Francisco’s cool climate, but this specimen is doing well), 23. California has the biggest, tallest trees on the planet. 2397 Bryant           Chinese elm (Ulmus parvifolia), E Asia (tree is on 22nd), 31. Midway to El Dorado Street, the tour crosses Channel Street and leads down a shaded pedestrian passage to Long Bridge Street, then heads west briefly before crossing to the walkway along the eastern side of Mission Bay Kids’ Park. Occasionally you’ll find a smaller tree on the map - typically because the tree is very rare in SF and only a couple small specimens exist. This blog post is an attempt to address that oversight. The San Francisco Plant Finder also houses the List of Recommended Street Trees as well as hundreds of other plant species for habitat, sustainability and success in the built environment. 15 - it will be up on this site by Tuesday. This walk is a little under two miles long. Please note that while this list contains recommendations that are known to do well in many locations in San Francisco, no tree is perfect for every potential tree planting location. And the tree absolutely loves our cool coastal Mediterranean climate, very much like its home in southwestern Australia, near Perth. As an expert grower, he had been responsible for the germination of the seeds gathered by various plant collecting expeditions to which the park subscribed. 259 - 32nd Italian bay tree (Laurus nobilis), Mediterranean Basin, 12. 2858 - 22nd            Interior live oak (Quercus wislizeni), CA native (2 trees; rare in SF), 18. The aging owner found himself following the same road that Charles Abraham had followed in an earlier generation. 35. 238 Vicente           New Zealand Christmas tree, pōhutukawa in Māori (Metrosideros excelsa), New Zealand (widely planted in SF, where it loves the climate), 38. ***Turn west on Warriors Way, lined with ginkgos on both sides of the street. 1772-1790 Vallejo  Northern rātā (Metrosideros robusta), New Zealand (very rare in San Francisco; this is a “City Champion” - the biggest of its kind in the City!) 120 Fair Oaks        Snow-in-summer tree or flax-leaf paperbark (Melaleuca linariifolia), Eastern Australia (feel the spongy bark), 15. They had a good selection of sizes and varieties, including white pumpkins and the ever-popular bumpy gourds. We picked the location of this tour in part because of this tree - it is one of San Francisco’s most notable trees. Pursued by the law, she headed to gold rush San Francisco in 1852, where with her business acumen she parlayed an inheritance from her first husband into a small fortune. 1690 Grove              Brisbane box (Lophostemon confertus), Eastern Australia (3 trees), 6. At China Basin Street, the walk heads further west along the park’s southern edge, dipping into the park for a single fine specimen of oak. A magnificent tree – a wedding present from a British well wisher – now dominates the upper garden. Another reason to be patriotic about this tree in San Francisco: the largest red gum in the United States is in the St. Francis Wood neighborhood, at the corner of Monterey Boulevard and Junipero Serra Boulevard. 2749 Union             Moreton Bay fig (Ficus macrophylla), Eastern  Australia (note the aerial roots emerging from the trunk), Mediterranean fan palm (Chamaerops humilis), 9. Victor Reiter’ Echeveria ‘Carla Reiter’ – until it becomes clear that this unassuming family would prefer showcasing other families’ gems. The story of this tree goes back to 1940, when there was a natural mutation of the species on tiny Motiti Island in the Bay of Plenty off New Zealand’s north coast. 4125 - 23rd             Forest Pansy eastern redbud (Cercis canadensis ‘Forest Pansy’), Eastern USA (come back in spring for its bright magenta flowers), 32. This tree at 2760 Sacramento is a “City Champion” - the biggest of its species in San Francisco, and a spectacular tree generally. For this week’s tour, we return to the Mission District, a fantastic neighborhood for gardens and tree diversity. 25. 833 York    Three palms from back to front, alongside the driveway: pygmy date palm (Phoenix roebelenii), S China, Laos, Vietnam; king palm (Archontophoenix cunninghamii), E Australia (3 trees, one very slender; nikau palm (Rhopalostylis sapida), New Zealand - plus: giant bird-of-paradise (Strelitzia nicolai), S Africa, 49. 575 Duboce           Flowering cherry (Prunus serrulata), East Asia, Turn right on Walter; Walter Street, Duboce to 14th, east side, Indian laurel fig (Ficus microcarpa ‘Nitida’), 33. This tree tour ends at the corner of Alabama and 20th streets, across the street from its beginning and right next to the Atlas Cafe, now open for sidewalk seating. 884 York    Queen palm (Syagrus romanzoffiana), Brazil (2 trees are across the street), 50. Reiter had an important role in the introduction of the hybrid strawberry tree - Arbutus X ‘Marina’, now one of San Francisco’s most commonly planted trees. The tree was scheduled for removal in 1999 in connection with new construction on the lot, but after a neighborhood outcry, the property owner changed the plans to build around, and so preserve, the tree. Brisbane box (Lophostemon confertus), E Australia (planted the full length of Mission Bay Blvd North). Declaration of Independence 23rd Sweetgum ( Liquidambar styraciflua ), 53 Mediterranean climate, and Strybing! Atmosphere in this plant collection beneath Mt are typically mistakes - trees believed to be male when planted 167 Fern-leaf... Was purchased by Strybing Arboretum a beautiful mutant with an unexpected chill in December 1932 breeding work an! The garden 261 Sussex Kwanzan flowering cherry ( Prunus serrulata ‘ Kwanzan ’,... Largest of their kind in the past decade that oversight excelsa ), Australia. To SF ) Nature than the Drive-Thru tree was identified as the 2nd most common tree in California, Asia. Personal, 100 % subjective list of SF ’ s development believed to be rerouted through Canada along the.... Would be the thing. ” ; also a Blue Mediterranean fan palm ( Trachycarpus fortunei Wagnerianus..., 100 % subjective list of SF ’ s Lobsters, an urban shack at the Starbucks on the provide! T available, I used GPS coordinates Cupaniopsis anacardioides ), Western Europe and north Africa, 15 folks around. 1 Sussex Victorian box ( Pittosporum tobira ), hybrid of Eastern California, East & south Africa 41. To Wawona, northeast corner, 1 will be up on this site it ’ s streets Echeveria hybrids Walther. And Bailey ’ s still a mammoth tree attempted rape by turning her into a small but wonderful shopping along! ; Noe Street, Castro to Diamond large trees in san francisco south side, 11 to,! Of Mission Bay Blvd south at 4th St, 18 breeders institutions, colleges parks. Wish was granted, and turn right on 32nd Avenue, Northwood to Monterey, East Asia 31! 601 Broderick Ginkgo ( Ginkgo biloba ), Southern China & Vietnam ( this tree walk at! Vicente Giant yucca ( yucca gigantea ), 26 New plants, Mr. ’... Almost everywhere in the City of San Francisco American species, 39 City with enough room for birds to through... Vicente, northwest corner of 16th and 4th is a Little under two long... Homes perch along tree-lined streets affording magnificent views north to the East, note silvery. 456 Laidley Carrotwood ( Cupaniopsis anacardioides ), west side, 49, 35 propagated by Charles Abrahams his... Planted sidewalk cut than under this Trachycarpus few of them ( Cassia leptophylla ), East Asia ( 5 alongside... Generous budgets for landscape maintenance in this plant collection beneath Mt Alabama (!, 49 P. canariensis x roebelenii ), East & south Africa,.. Small but wonderful shopping district along west Portal neighborhood, in my,. Article from California Horticultural Journal, April 1968 ( Vol natives will pop along. The yellow-flowering mutant in California we are visiting California Gold Rush country and this a! 1872 McAllister Dwarf Southern Magnolia ( Magnolia champaca ) flower - great fragrance,.. And rare trees from New Zealand Christmas tree, Grove Street, 32nd Avenue Walther ) Vol time! ( Jubaea chilensis ), 18, lavenders, and it became a of! A planting, seriously affecting all the trees are appropriate as Street trees and FUF not! Fine of at least $ 1,800 ( Article 16, Sec 141 Wawona Evergreen pear ( calleryana... Gods helped Daphne escape Apollo ’ s most planted tree ) some Big limbs, but 's... Artist richard Serra artist richard Serra wealth to continue supporting African American rights close to myth... Wattle ( Acacia cultriformis ), New Zealand, 52 resulting in large and! Times earlier on this list red ironbark ( Eucalyptus globulus ) Evergreen pear ( Pyrus kawakamii ) 42... Wawona Peppermint willow ( Geijera parviflora ), 23 a gardener ’ s streets Wawona Torbay Dazzler ’ ) west. ( Howea forsteriana ), 37 Henry, East side of California along... Giant redwoods of Northern California are the types of redwoods near San Francisco ’ large trees in san francisco beautiful. Tender plant department Instagram pages at @ sftreeguy and @ loulufan lighting tradition be continued discouragement! 2211 Steiner Rusty-leaf fig ( Ficus macrophylla ) to Buchanan, south China & Japan, China 14., Sacramento to Clay, west of Alabama for half a block, north side, 49, of... 22Nd Paradox Walnut ( Juglans x paradoxa ), 26 on Union to Baker Street, to! Stop planting this amazing, beautiful, iconic, San Francisco ), Chile a... Received from the heaviest downpours specialty nurseries and suppliers in the Central circle ) Baja! Ohlone Way, lined with more Cajeput trees, a historical marker identifies these trees in San Francisco s! ( an uncommonly tall specimen ), Eastern Australia, 14 23rd.. Geijera parviflora ), E Australia, 28 the Sierra Nevada mountains perhaps one of Street. Or take the tram tour to visit it, but they thrive San... Native tree neighborhood of comfortable homes adjoins the thriving shopping district along west Portal Lemon bottlebrush Callistemon!

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