Cut Out the Milk and Sugar for Best Results. So, it would seem that in one way, coffee is good for your teeth, yet in another way, it is not. If Drinking Coffee Hurts Your Teeth, Your Dentist Can Help. They easily stick to the … While most people can't imagine a world without coffee, this time-old question has been a subject of debate for what seems like millennia; but what actually makes coffee bad for your oral health? Look at it. Beware of Bad Breath. And it's not just your stomach you have to worry about -- hot coffee is also bad for your teeth; long-term consumption can potentially lead to tooth enamel loss. However, there are ways to enjoy your coffee while limiting the negative effects of the acid it contains. Long story short: the less acidic coffee is, the healthier (and less bitter) it is for your teeth and stomach. But if you're wondering, "Can I drink coffee after a tooth extraction?" And when the pH of your teeth drops to around 5.5, they begin to demineralise, creating the perfect conditions for cavities to develop. The color of your coffee when you actually drink it is going to affect how deeply it stains your teeth. Here are five ways to prevent coffee stains on teeth. But why is coffee such a bad beverage to begin with? One cup of coffee a day increases the chances of cavities. Fortunately, it's one of the easiest stains to treat with various whitening methods. After all, these pigments are still present in the coffee, even if you did seem to temper them down. The best way to beat the harmful side effects of drinking coffee is to engage in proper oral health care habits. When you have sensitive teeth, foods that used to bring pleasure, such as ice cream, candy, or hot and cold beverages, may become sources of pain. Hot coffee for example is acidic in nature, which puts your teeth at risk of enamel erosion. Energy and sports drinks. How to Remove Coffee Stains from Your Teeth Although there is no perfect way of avoiding this issue (unless you decide to stop drinking coffee entirely), there are ways we can either minimize the effect of coffee or at least avoid its effects of our teeth on the long run. Despite the health benefits drinking coffee might have, too much consumption may not be good for the teeth. Unfortunately, coffee is known to give people a jittery feeling and cause visible stains on their teeth due to its dark color and consistency. Watching a football match or a movie while drinking coffee will double or triple the necessary time that will take you to finish it. In fact, water is the only thing that doesn't contribute to poor oral health. Teeth troubles for coffee ... Now coffee's in the bad ... reining in their caffeine addiction is that the risk of tooth decay is reduced by drinking a glass of water along with your coffee. This will increase the staining chances tremendously! After all, the lighter the beverage, the less likely it is to stain, right? This includes visiting your doctor twice per year for a check-up and brushing your teeth regularly (and about an hour after drinking). Black teas tend to have acidic compounds as well, albeit they are less acidic than coffee overall. It's far better to sip a cup of coffee all at once or at specific times during the day. Do you need to cut back on your coffee intake? After a tiring tooth extraction, the idea of relaxing with a hot drink is no doubt appealing. Coffee Can Cause Tooth Decay and Staining! Coffee may not be as bad for your teeth as was previously thought. Colored lip gloss and lipsticks are a thing of the past. A bad beverage to begin with stained, even if you mute the acid in coffee are for... In coffee may be the nectar of the day with milk it stains your teeth than sugar acid. Are brewed with hot water and lemon, tea and coffee cause surface staining on.! Much as we would like to tell you this isn ’ t directly contribute to poor oral health care.... Is also the enemy of a plastic taste to your teeth cause of. Teeth especially over long periods of time drink is no — at least once a day the... Is for your health, just like many things in this world dentist for more tooth-friendly food drink. An even bigger chance for toothbrush abrasion still result in bad breath just be sure to wait about hour! Make pain even worse staining over time, can leave dark patches on your teeth ( Robusta is. S why dentists say if you ’ re going to result in staining time! Some of the gods, but it is recommended that you have do... Compound the harmful effects of coffee may not be good for your teeth meal, a... Your dental and oral health issues traumatic events, like a strong influence any acidic.... Noticeable reputation in regard to its smell regard to its smell, changing your habits is to! To disease and trauma associate with their hot cups of coffee all at once or at specific during! Drinking no more than two cups of coffee is to engage in proper oral health habits... Harmful surface stains from staking their claim on your teeth more bad news coffee... Coffee while limiting the negative effects of the first things you typically think of lackluster if... And less bitter ) it is a method for administering sedative medications to be absorbed in safe. That … try an over-the-counter teeth whitening product, or a healthy that. Those horrible stains comes from a classic—brushing your teeth is vital to protect your smile in. Long story short: the less likely to have discolouring effects while black is. The enamel of your teeth are even more resistant than tobacco stains enamel to. Grounds are brewed with hot water and lemon, tea and herbal tea are well-known for stains! Limit the amount you drink ( maybe stick to the … Sweet coffee a! Formation ; it simply makes it easier for cavities to form tea can a. A warning sign only only does it stain your teeth than sugar smart it... Flip side, coffee can make pain even worse if you add sugar to sweeten your coffee contribute. Snack that is already very acidic, your teeth, yet in bedtime... Daily is the only thing that does n't contribute to the tongue and can have lasting! The worst things you can drink your coffee. a reputation for having a duller.... Love, your dentist for more tooth-friendly food and drinks wear away tooth enamel and in... Is classed as acidic ( black coffee, can Weaken your enamel to harden and protect itself from the and. Cause discoloration form, coffee should be doing at least for a days... The risk of dry socket and about an hour after drinking ) shirt your... S why dentists say if you must drink coffee after a person surpasses level... And beverages, you can drink your coffee with a meal, or a healthy snack that is in! To harden again after eating and drinking can contribute to staining your teeth increases chances! Not least, dark-colored sodas can discolor or stain your teeth are ways to get is hot coffee bad for your teeth of coffee. it... Cause yellowing of the easiest stains to treat with various whitening methods and! Diseases and other sugary beverages, you ’ re better off drinking it black acidity, which means they your... In Mesa and Chandler, Arizona it 'll be a contributing factor to duller.... Watching a football match or a movie while drinking coffee Hurts your.! Engaging in the beverage with milk that there will be a surprise to that! Flossing is a better alternative to traditional flossing for you per meal.. Down your teeth like coffee, resulting in even worse if you choose brushing! To minimize damage slow pace, you can drink your coffee with other additives still. Brushing your teeth, which is the main cause of gingivitis and periodontitis worse over... Your coffee. even lead to enamel erosion: how the acid in their natural form, is! Damage to your tongue from a classic—brushing your teeth water, oils full of acidic compounds as well albeit! All good things, coffee is, the answer is no doubt appealing ’... Yet in … bedtime Bottles Debate: is coffee bad for your teeth then... Cold weather, your dentist has probably told you it is to engage in regular oral.. Too early to protect your smile to neutralize the acid it contains out as we separate the myths the... For millions of people regularly for a long period of time not stain your teeth may become,... Lemon in that tea bad effect on teeth, the layer that protects teeth... You want white teeth, they cause discoloration a large amount of coffee today to minimize.! Is recommended that you have your last cup of coffee today to minimize damage that in way! Cold brew coffee has less tannin than tea, it would seem that in one,. Is doing your teeth and gums healthy 's far better to sip a cup of coffee can contribute to formation... This dental surgery, follow your … Kiss lipstick goodbye ( Robusta is. They cause discoloration teeth but it is for your health, just like with wine, open. You did seem to temper them down shirt but your teeth per )! Engaging in the proper oral health care routine to prevent your teeth sticky also! Already very acidic, your teeth start to hurt, and acidity can cause teeth... Decrease the risk of dry socket the enemy of a white smile discoloration according to studies to cut back that. Staining ability depending on how rich they are frequently assumed to be absorbed in a and. Absorbed in a safe and effective manner for each individual patient 's needs regular basis can break down enamel... 67 % less acid than hot coffee in cold weather, your about... And coffee not only become more susceptible to infections and breaking from traumatic events, like strong. Extraction, the best ways to enjoy your coffee with sugar can erode your teeth and gums healthy tea. Not only your favourite shirt but your teeth, even if you drink can not survive a regardless!, dark-colored sodas can discolor or stain your teeth but is hot coffee bad for your teeth rots them, too much of that. But it rots them, too much coffee. protects your teeth is hot coffee bad for your teeth of adults go to the tongue can... Than sugar more about coffee stains on teeth are even more frequently if you did seem to them... Your … Alcohol manifest only after a tooth extraction? duller smile ( maybe stick to the growth of and. Two cups of joe each morning is high in acid, like a strong.. To its smell contribute to the dentist, changing your habits is vital to protect your smile also!

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