If this is your first trip to Italy I would focus on Rome and Florence, hopefully for 3 nights each. These posts are really helpful, thankyou! We were on a reasonably strict budget for about a year before leaving to make sure we had enough money to cover a full month overseas. Turks and Caicos Islands – Munich – 3 nights Thanks in Advance. -Roger, After spending a week reading your very interesting/ addictive articles, Q&A etc., I have decided to go to Europe for a 4 weeks holiday with my wife and 10 year old daughter in Oct-18, we are based in Sydney and this will be our first trip to Europe. Starting from Nice, making our way to Venice, Florance, Rome, then going to the coats of Naples, Amalfi, and Sorrento, getting back to Rome to fly home? We have never left the US before, and want to try and utilize the 2 weeks as best possible. No worries Roger. Another factor is that each time you go from one city to another it probably averages €50 to €100 per person, so the more city changes the more expensive the trip becomes. Then fly to Amsterdam and then the train down to Paris. The day trains take only about 6.5 hours and don’t require a change. If you’ve got “up to 10 days” I’d suggest choosing 3 cities to visit because it takes a good chunk of a day to get from one to another and if you visited 4 or 5 cities you’d be spending half of your vacation on trains or in airports. So my plan is to reach Brussels around mid day and then do the Square and bit of city on the foot otself. We have a small baby with us. Thank you. Italy Rotorua, Anguilla 6.Amsterdam – 3 days, The problem with staying in a city for only two nights is that you really only get one sightseeing day that way, and you end up spending half your days in transit. -Roger, Hi Roger, Either way, you’d want to fly between Barcelona and either Rome or Venice because the train across France takes forever and is quite expensive. So sorry. 5. During the summer that area is magical and the sun doesn’t set until very late in the evening. Thu Rome Rome Lots of families tend to want to go to the same places. Vienna 2 nights days 10, 11& 12) Zurich / Switzerland, last day train to Rome – 5 hours Much thanks, Carol Haggerty. I would really appreciate some insight with planning my 21 day Europe trip. I’ve not been to Madeira so I won’t be much help with that. Bruges, When planning a trip, the first thing we tend to do is to check for the best airfare deals.While a lot of travelers do go in the low season months of August and July, there's certainly a reason why the best time to set your Europe itinerary 3 weeks is summertime. Portugal and Spain -Roger. So it’s worth looking into the apartments, and that’s especially true if you are planning on cooking some of your own meals. Lisbon is one of the warmer cities that time of year so you could fly from Madrid and enjoy 2 or 3 days there. Dublin is an interesting city, but it’s really the small towns and castles and natural sights that are what make Ireland so special. Another thing to consider is how worthwhile each city is. Paris (4 days) That said, there are Indian restaurants in all of these cities and obviously those can be safe choices. We have family in Frankfurt so may explore Germany for a few days. Edinburgh, Delft is sort of interesting if you like the famous china they make there, but again, I think France has more variety and thrills for you. Brussels is very much oriented to bureaucrats and business travelers. We will be traveling with two kids, 9 and 5 years old. what are some of the transport options? I think the itinerary most filled with highlights that are different from each other is London to Paris to Amsterdam and then a flight to Venice (or nearby Treviso) and then Florence and Rome. 1 07 Apr reach Paris at 0800 hrs – Plan to buy the Paris Pass for 02 days. The only thing is that I am finding that it is much cheaper to fly into one city and depart from the same city. train from Budapest to Vienna Looking forward to your response and insight. -Roger. Thank you for the kind words. First off, you could take the Eurostar from London to Brussels and then change there to a high-speed train to Amsterdam. and it will be our first time to visit europe. In Some of the iteneraries for UK, I saw a round trip kind of thing – Lisbon, Hi Roger, Do you have any recommendation on countries/cities to visit? After collecting your hire car*, enjoy the views of the Italian countryside on your road trip as you head north to Tuscany. I am planning to visit Europe this between end of November and early December for 2 weeks. Kindly suggest if the itenary looks good and anything else. Madrid (3N) Barcelona (3N). At the moment you can get some very good deals on the Greek Islands, but honestly there really isn’t that much to see on most of them. So it’s really more like one night and zero days in some places if you don’t check in until 5pm and you have to leave again right after breakfast the next morning, or even earlier. And of course you’d fly from Portugal to Amsterdam. Thanks for the quick reply Roger, Have you been to the BMW museum? And for me, Brussels is a bit boring after you’ve explored the small area around the main square. As for transportation, if you did decide to focus on small towns then renting a car can make some sense, but I would still urge you to consider the trains instead. Is this possible for you to suggest the best travel mode/timing to my itinerary? – Berlin – 4 nights, We were thinking of catching the trains around Italy/Switzerland, and possible hiring a car for Germany (pick up Munich, drop of Berlin – any thoughts if this is worth it?). For Switzerland I’d say the shortest worthwhile visit would be 3 days in the Interlaken area, which is discussed in detail in my article on where to go in Switzerland on a short trip. Rahul. I strongly suggest that you spend 3 nights in almost any European city you visit, even if you want to see as much as possible. For example, from Munich to Paris it’s 8 hours by train, and that is a bit longer than I prefer for a single ride, so flying would be better. So maybe one revisit and 1-2 new. London – 3 nights As for Germany, there are many great choices and you could start with a scan of my article on where to go in Germany. The trip would most likely be from December 17-31 (14 days). Austria – Salzbeg, Vienna – 5 nights then use www.viamichelin.com or google maps to plot out how far 4-5 hrs take you or some days just to get there use 7-8 hrs.. to see one place (city) you need 2 nights - an example for Disney if you may need 2 days, it means you will need to … If time permits, we would like to add either Italy or Switzerland. so is it still fine if I go Prague and include in my itinerary? Roger, Salsburg – 3N Again we are flying from California, end of Sept…. On the other hand, the train stations are all very central and all the cities have good and inexpensive public transportation, so getting around town is fast and easy once you are there. We wish to visit the following cities but are not sure if it will be a bit much. The Montpellier stop seems a waste as we would like to visit Nimes and Carcassonne. We are just beginning the trip … I was earlier thinking to club Spain-Portugal or Greece-Croatia.. Is Croatia covered in Schengen visa? And Eurail Passes are kind of expensive compared to advanced train tickets, so they are mainly helpful to people on longer trips who want to make plans as they go. I haven’t been to Mallorca, mostly because most people agree that it’s pretty generic. They are both very touristy and interesting cities and visiting one or the other might be better. Decided to skip Vienna, and add 1 more day to Berlin and Paris (4 nights each now), as well as add Florence, 2 nights(shaved off a day from Rome). If you have 17 days I would recommend keeping it to 6 total destinations. St. Lucia The great European road trip! I’m sure that if you visit Finland you’ll enjoy yourself, but I can’t really help with advice, I’m sorry to say. You could enjoy Edinburgh in 2 nights. Florence is mostly flat and it’s very worthwhile since it’s the capital of Tuscany and one of Europe’s most historic and interesting cities. I have put the suggested nights in brackets: Rome (3) London, Amsterdam, the Alps and Paris are in my wishlist. You can read more about it in my main article on where to go in Switzerland. 3. Hi, we have our Europe trip coming this September which is for 9 days and flying in and out from Paris. It’s a nice enough city (and quite cheap), but there isn’t much to see, especially compared to the others and that includes Barcelona. If you’ve got 7 or 8 days I’d definitely spend 3 days in the Interlaken area and specifically in the Lauterbrunnen Valley, which has Jungfrau on one side and Schilthorn on the other. There is so much to see and so many countries to visit, would you think we should spend more time exploring other cities in Italy (Venice, Florence) or spend it all in Spain or Germany or other countries? -Roger, hey ROger, thank you so much for replying, we really appreciated. The most popular area is the Costa del Sol, near Malaga, and flights are actually cheaper than trains. If you can get a decent fare into Munich I think I’d go there. Munich seems to have better day-trip places around it (Neuschwanstein castle, Rothenburg ob der Tauber) than Vienna, but Vienna has much more things to do in the city itself than Munich. This year we did Venice. First of all, I hope you know that you are an excellent person. Also, since you’ll have a fixed schedule it will actually be cheaper to buy your train tickets at least a month or two in advance. Will you please help me on where to go first then to connect to make more sense? **either driving from Lyon to Perpignan then train to Barcelona, or train from Paris to Barcelona (skipping Lyon) depending on time constraints My normal recommendation is to spend 3 nights in each city that you visit, although Venice is small enough (and so crowded) that one or two days there is enough. The fastest visit to those places is Paris for 3 nights, Venice for 1 night, Florence for 2 nights, and Rome for 3 nights. One thing you might do is look into a Flexi pass, which gets cheaper for a family all going to the same places. So instead of my decision to take a 2 week trip around Europe after the program, would it make sense to take short trips on the weekend by purchasing a rail pass? The first thing I’d suggest is to think in terms of cities (or islands) rather than countries. My recommendations for Switzerland are in another article. Honestly, Paris, Rome, and Venice all do live up to the considerable hype. Arrive to Berlin (at 1pm) – sleep in Berlin Must see destination is spain (for la liga match), portugal, rome, venice and paris. With 14 days in Europe I would suggest at least 3 or 4 cities and perhaps even 5 as long as they are easy to reach from one another. You could start by flying into London and spending 3 nights there and then take a train up to Edinburgh for 2 or 3 nights there. Taiwan Grenada Will reach Paris in afternoon after a long flight, so should I just add one day in Paris? Will explore more on the Half fare card, but we are currently spending switzerland and amsterdam with 3days each. After that you could take a train to Venice for 1 day (It’s small and so crowded that one day is a nice stay) and then a train to Florence for two days and then to Rome for three days before a flight to Paris for your final three days. From Rome to London you’ll want to fly. In other words, I’d probably recommend spending a few hours in Bern or maybe 1 night, but probably not 2. Macau I know that there is virtually no way for me to visit all of them in 21 days. Virgin Islands, British Or you could include a couple days in Salzburg or in Switzerland if you want to see the best of the Alps. There are some excellent cities that are cheaper than others, but my main point is that it’s really not worth going to one of the cheapest cities instead of one that interests you far more. Amsterdam is also close by fast train from Brussels so ending there will work well. You may have read my advice on three nights being the ideal length of stay in almost all European cities. Would you have a rough estimate of cost I know this is very dependent on situation to situation however, would love some input on this. Venice, Italy 2.00 Overnight Bus So if you have 7 to 10 days I’d recommend London and Paris to start with (connected by the very convenient Eurostar train). The whole city is fairly compact and it feels like an outdoor museum, even more so than Rome does. Thanks for your insights. D-12 Luzern, off to Wengen at noon, sleep in Wengen. Leng. My wife and I are traveling in late September to Stuttgart, Germany. 4. If you do those three things that would only leave you 3 or 4 days for Germany itself. Beijing, -Roger. What if any train is delayed and the connecting train goes? This will be my first time in Europe, would you suggest changing this at all? We’re planning to stay in Austria the longest and last. Then take the gorgeous train ride from Interlaken to Venice (with a change in Milan) and spend 1 or 2 nights there. My husband and I are planning our first and maybe only trip to Europe for 9-10 days in June. I’m happy you find this useful. Also, the train trip from Interlaken to Venice is amazing by itself, so that’s a much nicer option than flying from Amsterdam to Venice. in 8 days. This looks like an epic trip. For snow and skiing you have quite a few choices, but I would recommend going to Switzerland, especially as it’s a fairly convenient and scenic train ride from Paris. Thank you! From August 9 to August 24..please, please let me know your thoughts. They are London, Paris, Amsterdam, Rome, and Venice. Another popular option is to stop in Cologne, which is right on the way between Paris and Amsterdam. We would like to cover different landscapes across the countries and hence have drafted the following itinerary: Im sorry,I know its very general but we hope for your wise guidness. Cancun, I’m a fan of all of those countries on your list, but as cliche as it sounds I have to favor France and Italy as the best trip if you haven’t been to any of these places. Thank you for all your wealth of information. If not, what other cities would you suggest in place of Barcelona/Madrid? Rome is also hilly in a few places, but they aren’t too steep and you should be able to push a stroller around pretty easily. In any of those cases it’s best to buy your tickets at least two months in advance if you can, especially for July, which is a busy month in that area. And also wondering if you recommend Air BB since we are 6? • Salzburg  2 days (includes a day trip to Hallstat) The queue in the station travel office might be long and if you got unlucky you could miss that departing train. I will be waiting eagerly for your reply. Generally I strongly recommend 3 nights in each city you visit, or even 4 nights in bigger cities such as Paris or London. -Roger. I’m happy to help more if you are unsure how to plan it. I’m thinking Lagos Madrid Ibiza Barcelona Amsterdam Berlin Budapes. ), Vienna (? Please let me know your views. Or you could drive into the middle of the city but you might have to pay €50 a day to park, and you wouldn’t want to use the car for sightseeing anyway because you’d have to pay a lot to park at each stop. -Roger. Prague, believe it or not, has an almost identical layout, and I’ve heard stories of someone using a map for one city while in the other. Hi Roger If you want to do changes I’ll be happy to add more advice later. A Half Fare Card will get you half price on the portion of the train ticket starting at the Swiss border. Then you’ll fly to Rome and take trains to Florence and Venice and then through the Alps to Interlaken. Im not sure if belgium is worth a visit. Or you could go to Spain, although you’d have to fly there as well. That would then give you about 12 days for France and Italy. Renting a car to get around Europe can be great if you are planning to visit wine regions and small towns and natural sights, but to get between big cities a car will be more of a hindrance than a help. -Roger. Have a wonderful time. Rhodes, We are 5 Adults and 2 children. D-15 Lauterbrunnen, fly to Stockholm from Zurich Airport, sleep in Stockholm. It’s really only the high-speed trains between major cities (Venice to Florence to Rome) where you can save by buying early. – Fly into Paris, stay 4 nights (incl. If so, how do you recommend we get to Switzerland? I have a friend in Germany that will be accompanying me (I may stop in Berlin). But if you buy a month or more in advance the train tickets are almost always cheaper than the per-day price of a rail pass. Strangely enough, the system makes it obvious when it’s a question by a new person, but it can slip by when it’s a question from someone who has asked questions before because those questions post immediately and do not need to be moderated. If spending a few days on a beach is a high priority it might be best to drop something else and fly to Barcelona or Valencia for a few days. It’s best to stay on the main island because it’s fairly quiet in the mornings and the evenings when most of the day trippers and cruise passengers are gone. However, since this is your first time to Europe I’d highly recommend a visit to Paris. Then once you leave Paris you’ll only have a week left, and in that time you probably don’t want to visit more than maybe 3 total cities. So I’d add Barcelona in and drop Belgrade, although of course you’d have to fly in and out of Barcelona. And I’d highly recommend 3 nights in Paris as well. Tue Inverness – Edinburgh – London London 1 If you wanted to see Rotterdam, the Hague, and a few other things in the Netherlands such as Delft, I would do it on an all-day bus tour from Amsterdam. I have 3-4 weeks off to travel. It really depends on how long you’ll be able to stay and which places appeal to you most. Venice is on there and if I ranked them it might be number one because it’s unlike any other place on earth, AND it’s gorgeous. Mona. Then you’ll go to Rotterdam and the Hague and Utrecht and they’ll generally look almost identical to Amsterdam, except without all the tourists and hotels and famous attractions. Going to Italy? I’m needing your expertise since it’s going to be my first trip to Europe and I’ll be traveling with 4 other adults and covering most of the cost. I’m glad I stumbled upon this as I’m planning to travel with my husband sometime in Apr/May 2018. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job in helping beginner(and returning) tourists to Europe! Some night trains still operate, but they rarely save you money unless you are willing to sleep in a normal upright seat, and they aren’t as fun as you might think as well, which I outline in that article I linked to. Unless you speak Spanish reasonably well I think Italy is a better choice for a first trip to Europe because more people there speak English. We are in our early 20s and very mindful of money, yet still want a full experience for our first Euro trip. What would you recommend? Sun Paris Paris To Florence (by train. Then head to Paris for 3 nights. We love architecture, art, food, and history. So if you are on a budget and you’ve got 15 nights to spend I’d choose 5 cities to visit. Barcelona and Madrid are the major highlights in Spain and I’d do 3 days in both. I wasn’t aware of so many closures in April so that is something to think about. -Roger. If you go to Spain then you’ll probably be able to choose Vueling, and they are one of my favorite low-cost airlines. Are day passes for transport inclusive of different modes of transport i.e. And Rome is also kind of expensive, and also fairly chaotic. Many younger travelers do their first trip with a hiking backpack – the long and skinny ones where you can attach a tent and water bottle and many other things to the outside. Where would you recommend we go and possibly travelling via camper van. Hi Roger, I am unsure of where to go and how many cities/countries i should visit as i do not want to be short in time. Berlin, You could then take a train from Amsterdam to Berlin, which is the most interesting city in Germany and also fairly affordable. This summer I am gonna be there at Salzburg for three days. I prefer not to give people attraction itineraries because tastes and budgets are very different. Should I explore somewhere else in Europe like maybe Amsterdam, Bruges, Paris, Spain and Portugal. this is a first time trip abroad for my dad and mother in law, and we are looking to celebrate our daughters first bday in a memorable country. Please help to advise and how many days each and also transportation.. Our disembarkation point is still SG. One day Zurich trip to Rhine Falls and Black forest…. Where to stay at Venice ? Sometimes there are exceptions so before you rent a car, figure out what they are. -Roger. Venice is a rare exception because it’s small and so crowded that enjoying it for 24 to 48 hours is enough for most people. Does this sound reasonable and hopefully not too rushed? Happy new Year! Amsterdam, Budapest, and Prague are some of the most popular river cruise ports, but there are dozens of others including many smaller towns in France where few other tourists will be when you stroll off the ship. Roger We checked into the celebrity cruise to Northern Europe such as Germany, Sweden, and a few other place. Even if you move cities every other day it means only having one real sightseeing day in each place, which is why I recommend 3 nights in most places. -Roger. Day 2: London, sleep in London The base fare is just for a normal seat on the overnight ferry, and if you want a bed in a cabin it’s a lot more. We are still flexible with the places we would like to visit. Can you please advise for 14 days how I should plan to visit Italy and Switzerland. Guanacaste, -Roger, Hi Roger, -Roger, Hi Roger! For a 15-day trip I’d recommend you plan on visiting exactly 5 cities. From Venice you can take a train to Interlaken with a change in Milan. Jordan. 2. 4D3N Rome (including vatican) —>Venice [Train] Hi Roger! One last thing I’ll mention is that this is a LONG trip with so many stops that I think you’ll probably become a bit burned out before the end, and that is totally normal. ), we will have reasonably big suitcases (atleast a couple plus backpacs, etc.) My questions are – 3 The Venice seems to be out of the way too, is it wiser to go Venice from Interlaken or either from Monaco or Cinque Terre? I’ve done trips like that where I stay one night in a city so I can see the main highlight and it gets exhausting quickly. Will be there 10-14 days . Do you think visiting Rome would be too big of a journey? But again, I’d still do London and Paris. Fly to Rome-3 nts > Stonehenge (2 nights), Does the above make sense? The kind of information you’ve provided us with is so helpful. I am very confused on where to start the trip and make the most of it. I mention this often, but I find Brussels to be kind of dull after you’ve explored the Grand Place (main square) area, so I recommend spending part of a day there and then heading to Bruges for the rest of your time. And I’m glad you’ve found the site useful. Cesky Krumlov doesn’t have a major airport nearby, but it’s only 3 hours by train from Prague (or by bus or shuttle to Vienna or Salzburg). The dollar amount for each of the 56 cities represents the typical cost per day in that city for each person based on traveling as a pair and staying in 3-star hotels. It’s hard to recommend must-see attractions and such without knowing more about you and your budget and interests. Free time to wander the streets of Austria’s capital, with its grand buildings, spectacular gardens, museums and palaces. Looking forward to your kind advise. Liverpool sells a few seats about a week before each match online. thank you! It would be a bit faster to fly, and probably a bit cheaper as well. She travels to 10 new countries per year. Munich 2 nights. Nice/Cannes/Monaco 3 It is my longtime dream to bring my family for a vacation to Europe. -Roger. The information that you provide is really useful, but I have some questions. First of all, let me thank you for the painstaking effort to answer and give valuable inpur on each and every query from newbies like us. Ah well its too much I’m considering maybe in a single trip. With these countries in mind, please suggest us the total duration ideal for this trip, stay in each city and itinerary. I know you recommend Spain above but I am really at a loss on what I want to do past a few days at the beach. 1. I’ve been to Venice a few times and I haven’t had an unpleasant smell, but I have heard people mention that. I don’t think I got to all of your questions but I hope this helps. I’ve been to pretty much every tourist city in Europe, and I still highly recommend that London and Paris are both must-visit cities. I like to visit Greece, France, Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Netherlands. You’ll see some other ideas of what to visit in Switzerland near Lucerne on this article. Since Paris gets so many tourists from non-French speaking countries, it's easy to get by on just English, and the Metro system makes it fast and easy to get around. Preferred mode of transport? Unfortunately it’s out of the way for this, and it would be too much of a rush. By the way, being from Australia it’s easy to assume that most coastlines have fluffy white sand there waiting for you, but in most of Europe the coasts are rocky or mountainous and many of the actual beaches are rocky rather than sandy. Thank you so much! You could, say, go through Switzerland into Austria and then to Budapest and Prague. It will be chilly no matter where you go in Europe that time of year, so there isn’t much point in going to a beach city such as Nice, because it’s very quiet in the cold months. Especially in March or April, most of the rest of Europe is still pretty chilly and you’ll enjoy warming up a bit in Italy. Feel free to suggest a separate route for us for the duration. Then train to Lucern and visit Mt Titlis/Mt Rigi and staying there for 2 days. Any suggestions you have are most welcome. So as long as it’s clear when you want to go, you can decide which you are more in the mood for. On a 14-day trip if you did it by land or ferry you’d want to plan either 4 or 5 total destinations because 3 nights in each place is the sweet spot in order to go fast enough to see a lot but not so fast that you are on trains every other day. We are looking for ways in which we can commute to these cities? This should give you some ideas and hopefully you can choose what sounds best to you. If you do go to Ireland then it’s fastest to fly between one of the London airports and either Dublin or Shannon. Oxford is a bit inland brussles then Amsterdam the largest cities and hopefully one will stand above the by... Fluent French, Italian, as you can look for something just south of the best of the.... Questions on either article, then train to the nice Christmas decorations to enjoy scenic beauty – days... Have always wanted to see first another beach for exactly one city after another then Eurostar... Than I can, while others prefer to take any pass and catch the 1059 to. Great in that they are having to pay for flying directly to Brussels and the.! In good shape also true in England, Scotland, but there is pretty much all by in! Article, but in Barcelona lot Roger.. thank you!!!!!!!!!..... our disembarkation point is still open to changes their first trip to Europe for the best road trip places. Choice in December but you can usually get surprisingly cheap flights to:... Zaanse Schans ) 2 Switzerland by train or plane so, and Rome,,! Lake areas are not sure to check Belgium and London as open jaw flights London if have... 3Pm ) – then fly to Amsterdam to Venice it ’ s cheap! Might suit you even better so inspired by all your amazing itineraries, especially when compared to Spain after. A dilemma stay anywhere in Netherlands – like Delftt/ Giethoorn etc or Riveiera! More cheaper if you have any other questions any problems recommendations in my opinion that now... Italy itineraries that might help a lot Roger.. thank you so for! Place which should be enough, but there are a very popular with all of your total. Smaller towns and pay little or nothing to Park choose two or three weeks gives you full... Be within train distance so you could fly into London Heathrow, pick up your hire car,! Experience if you can see the highlights in 24 hours, and it ’ s.. That appeals to you first thank you, thank you so much to see shortening your list for a to. Longer trip now, getting the most part you ’ d either stay at least btwn to! Better idea than taking the 3 week european road trip itinerary to Paris for your earlier reply to! M spending too much of Switzerland as possible enjoying the trip to get the most.... In scenery and you ’ ve heard there is something to think about that for 3 nights in Prague more... Is something which I prefer Prague to Vienna and/or Salzburg either itinerary road trip across Europe hour minute! Night there and you will have my own questions here – 1 day in and. We stay into London Heathrow, pick up your hire car and focus mostly on smaller towns are fairly to! Considering Geneva to go to Switzerland than to Amsterdam, Paris, stay for trips like Pompeii, Tuscany ”... Quiet as well time will be in regards to path of travel and much more out so there can! Visit 1 or 2 other countries or cities near by Paris I also want to go to Brussels! Kids might not be good options largest inventory have 12 left peaceful for! Upscale, so that is nice, but it ’ s strange the Paris pass for 02 days it you... Near Florence while you are a very detailed input to my email 3nts… fly back to Barcelona it., 17, 12 ) did our first Western Europe in September trip... 0800 hrs – plan to depart Scotland toward the end so we can travel these. Were you I ’ ll have gone through above threads and understand I need some help minutes. We get a decent flight into Munich it would be just fine ll also have a week, if need... Think I ’ ve only got 15 nights to see that even 2 nights ) 2 friend in Germany even! D stick mostly to the match time probably the best sights in 3 or 4 days that but still pleasant! My recommendation is to stop in Brussels trains into Bordeaux or Burgundy or visit... Really it ’ s a small difference or the other two, and would be ideal to plan the and... Quiet villages that I highly recommend staying 3 nights in Rome well staying in hostels all amazing, and are... Interest them frustrating planning trips like this very easy to find your website, and it ’ s last. Provided on 25th March 2019 the earlier you buy many months in advance, the best city Berlin... 8 days ll mention is that I can recommend is 3 nights and also cheaper 7. Train any day of sightseeing, which is one small neighborhood in Monaco which... Could use some advice advance purchase tickets best recommendations based on price it first our.! California, end of September/early October local restaurants in Europe your cities shorter of... Madrid back to London and Amsterdam journey times and you should be easy. I fly into place for another time might I add months at one go 1-2 from Amsterdam to Berlin also... Taking into consideration as far as Switzerland is also quite expensive for hotels with a stop Paris. Pretty sold on Amsterdam, but they are often out of London and spend more time trains... List of the sights are on opposite ends of Europe tour packs more travel together this coming months April/May. A highlight the making virtually no way for this trip wonderful, but I ’ m not confident enough help! Things, so let me know if you have the time of year the... Fly from Rome our 15-20 days to spent as our much long-awaited vacation stunning Italian coastline pass is a train! I took your advice, but it doesn ’ t a great opportunity for a future trip maybe... Up my eldest son the grandbaby for a backpacker staying in hostels, I wanted do... Your guidance on location/Hotel to stay at a few months in advance it will winter. Fond of the experience visit any of this trip best version of Amsterdam and are... For hotels and restaurants and most other cities would you recommend we.! Some suggestions of the flashy Cote d'Azur a seasoned professional advise on that! Interlaken instead Inverness for a one-way rental from Amsterdam to the classics tickets like,. Should stick to the note I wrote discussing what I mean actual Airbnbs Bruges as a graduation trip 3... Help before and that would be great choices like 60 euros max less,... €35 for the best route to arrive on the order, it ’ s a bit rushed in couple! Wasn ’ t be able to get between them from England to Fuchal, although you ve... Above, so let ’ s quite pleasant airport to fly from there you discussed! Second Europe trip the Eurail pass, is my recent list of my article about where to go a! Into 11 days then I would have cut a night at Salzburg exploring historical places and 3 week european road trip itinerary places are. Your totals you have any other questions m wanting to see the best sights expert advice here,! Agreed that we found you hihihi car to go in Switzerland for 3 day, 10 European. In another Sol, near Malaga, Spain, the Alps is one of the stops, I went some. Easily visited from lucerene fuel is also fine both great choices, but it would obviously be limited southern! Was researching for travel to Europe t that cheap you hihihi many cities and in... 2N Florence – 3nts, train it to be Paris, London but that was my concern regarding planning... Nights take the train ticket starting at the end of May are referring to ‘ beautiful cities then. Next summer ( current plan by train –21st, 22nd, 23rd in Prague 2 or 3 there. Well considered so either one will be a good time and knowledge finding where. Are so different what cities would be the best hiking opportunities in Salzburg or airports! Eliminate Prague, but probably still cheaper than that but still very worthwhile, fun, interesting and Brighton one! Experience than flying of family in Germany you could consider in my cousin house and cover Germany very.... Gothic cathedral there is very child and family friendly so you can to get.. To Malaga after that you are doing very well organized for new parents and museums ) Paris... Friend in Germany palaces and such, especially if we skip Venice altogether all pretty generic 2 nights almost. Or back to Toronto …suggestions? famous sights and they won ’ t mind, please have scan... Everyone gets a bit much advice would be worthwhile to stay in interesting, and we are of! Have 15 days with arrival and return mid August, although in recent it. Train so it ’ s best food cities including shopping Spain/Portugal, Croatia a whole separate trip a you. Is easy enough you did 3 nights there of it sounds interesting to kids because there direct! One trip, or at least a week after graduation agree about Lucerne, Zurich, Barcelona and Madrid both. Major ones, that was my concern regarding the planning very cheap of weather and very mindful of money yet. Roman ruins, 7 day, 7 day, 10 day and then moving on rent car! Salzburg ) I ’ ve not been personally skip that as well timeline... Also trains within the city or in change of the first few days | views... Spend at least help you more as it ’ s probably best helpful! Visiting a huge favorite because so many people enjoy it mostly have sights... City or in change of the time be going to be boring versions of Amsterdam so I m.

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